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dolphin techs hosting ?

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Hey Jay, you out there man? I really need you....
Just wishing happy holidays!
Upgrade on my Dolphin site went well as expected. No problems at all, Thanks Dolphin_jay.
Just passing through to wish you a great upcoming holiday and thank you for all your great work!
Going through my site, checking on what needs updated and figured i'd pay my respect to all the great developers that i have dealt with and dolphin_jay is one of them, great person to work with and great products. Great service!
I appreciate the outstanding customer service I received from dolphin_jay. The Dolphin upgrade from 7.1.2v to 7.1.4 was done in a professional manner and with zero post upgrade errors.
This mass mailer rocks!!!!
I just recently worked with Jay on his mass mailer. This is a fabulous tool, and the service is absolutely fabulous!! Great person!
Top! Highly recommended! Gladly again;)
THIS MAN IS AWESOME!! .. He helped me go from 7.09 to 7.15 on a huge site, go ALL THE BUGS OUT, and was very FAST about doing it!.. was no down time at all!.. THIS MAN KNOWS DOLPHIN!
Good day,
I have bought and installed the module.
However, I do not see where it is installed under the Dolphin Admin menu.
Is it supposed to be in the Modules?
You should see a new link on the left hand side menu in admin panel. I'll send you my email address in a PM if you still need a hand.
Dolphin_Jay is one you can reliably turn to when you need help. I was helping someone that had messed up his site and we had to try and do a restore. I was uncertain as to the best procedure and was reluctant because I did not want to make the situation worst. Jay formed a good plan of action and worked to get the site restored. You can not go wrong with Dolphin_Jay
Great guy he's been helping me for a year or so with problems and doing my upgrades I only need to say whats wrong and its fixed in moments!!! Also very reasonably priced so much so I wouldn't recommend anyone else - great friend - thanks Jay.
Very reliable and helpful individual, will recommend him as well as conduct future work with Jay! Thanks!
Thank you so much for your assistance! You definitely helped me get our website on the right track.
Thank you so much for your help :-).
I simply can't say enough good things about Jay. I hired him for some one on one time.. he delivers on time, he gets the job done the first time... Check out the template he made for me. :) Jay is my Dolphin go to guy....!!
Ok so it goes like this, dolphin_jay was recommended by another well known developer here to do the upgrade plus other fixes to my site. Mr. dolphin_jay did a great job and replied back quick and was very helpful. If your not sure on doing the upgrade and all that good stuff...its worth hiring dolphin_jay to do the upgrade for u. I don't think my site was easy either, so he did a nice job!!!!! Thanks Bro!!!!!
Amazing guy! I had trouble with my 7.0.9 upgrade to 7.1 and Jason worked with me for hours getting everything to work! I'm soooo happy with my site now, thanks to Jason's hard work!

Thanks again,
Hi dolphin_jay,
I just purchased the 7.1 upgrade service you offer. When will I hear from you and how long does the process take?
Jay helped me out tonight when my upgrade to 7.0.9 went awry and I couldn't get to the upgrade folder. Apparently part of the cause was due to the recent transfer to a new host. They somehow screwed up the transfer and it affected the upgrade process. Great job and highly recommend him.
Dolphin_Jay helped me with several issues, including an RMS install, we had a few hidden server issues during the install, but He did not give up and stood behind his work. After all was said and done, Jay had done his job perfectly from the beginning and instead was my host that was causing the issues. Excellent job Jay!

If anyone needs help with anything, I recommend Jay "Highly". Not only for his great services, but also his availablity, willingness and for being an all around great see more guy.
I recently upgraded from 7.0.9 to 7.1.0. and dolphin_jay performed the entire upgrade, Not only he did a great upgrade job but also helped me with many other issues. I can't be more happy! If you want someone that knows what is doing and do the job right, he is the men!


I highly recommend Jay for any of your Boonex/Dolphin needs. We hired him to upgrade us from 7.0.8 to 7.0.9. His prices are very reasonable and he does outstanding work. A++
I have been through many days of hell and was even worried about loosing my site all together at times. Jason has not only been a great friend but also a guy that has committed serious hours to helping my site and even educating myself along the way.

If your looking for someone to help you out .... Get honest advice .... At fair rates .... TALK TO JAY !!!
I was having trouble with my website - way beyond my capacity to fix - and Jay swooped in and came to my rescue. He clearly knows what he is doing & I couldn't be happier! Thank you Jay!
Best support!! He helped me very much (again!)!! Highly recommended!

Thank you my friend for all your help!!!
Awesome guy. Helped me out just out of the kindness of his heart to help solve a problem that ended up being a simple fix that I had multiple people looking at and hadn't had any luck until today. Thanks SO MUCH! :-)
I finally purchased the Mass Emailer and so far, I'm glad I did. Installed in minutes with no problems. Has a lot of good features and options and I believe it is a greatly needed module for me. Helps me connect and communicate to my members and reminds them to go back to the website. It also lets new members see something is happening on the network. Thank you, Good work!
In all those years I'm here at BoonEx I never really thought about writing into the profile review section of unity members :-)
Jay, first of all a great thank you to you for all the help and support which came along during the last years and secondly I need to mention that you are certainly a trustworthy person I would give my server info to any time.
You do a great job!

Thanks :-)
I can not thank this user enough, you cannot be disappointed with his products and his support, because he is the best!
hi my the video chat on my site is drastically slow even the site has become slow. do u have any suggestions.
I needed help creating a join form on a splash page I was making for my own website, Jay sent me a message out of the blue with exactly what I needed. Such a nice guy, thank you!
I would recommend Jay to anyone wanting help installing, moding or customizing D7 in any way. He was very helpful and didn't laugh at any of my dumb questions. He got the job done on time and exactly how I wanted it. I will definitely use his services again.
When i was stuck with an issue on my dolphin site dolphin_jay took the time to listen to my issue and helped me out when in a fix. It's guys like dolphin_jay that make working on the Dolphin platform a great experience!
As you peruse the other members of this site, you won't find me patting people on the back much. I'm a firm believer that the person has to excel or come to the aid above and beyond the call before they get my confidence vote. I don't even call firefighters heroes until they actually put themselves at risk to save another life. Then and only then do they get a pat on the back from me.

dolphin)_jay gets one of those pats on the back today. Through a quick misclick of my mouse, I literally destroyed see more my site (Thanks Dolphin, BTW). After 2 days of dealing with my host who couldn't seem to perform even the most routine backup recovery, dolphin_jay stepped in and had my site whole again in a matter of hours with virtually no loss of data.

Thanks Jay, I'll recommend you to anyone.
I beleive $75 is too much for 10-minutes work
Jay is outstanding in communication and knowledge; he upgraded and fixed my site within 1 day and for a very reasonable price. He kept me updated on each stage as what he was doing and asked if there was anything ales I needed. I would recommend Jay to anyone who needs help with their website. I know Jay will be the first person I would go to for any web issues. Great guy and outstanding work. Thank you Jay
I have been using Dolphin Jay's services for a few months now and I must say he is one of the best guys I'v worked with. When ever I ask to fix or change something on my site he delivers right away with great quality and a kind service.
If you'r looking for someone to trust and work on your site you should definitely contact him.
Thanks again Jason.
Jay did a full upgrade for me. At no point did I feel stressed with it - he simply got on with it, so thanks Jay! I recommend him.
I had a very big issue with my Mass Mailer and Jay was good enough to help me throughout !! On top of this I have one of Jays new Mods which I tried to add a review for but am not able to......

I have this mod from Jay and I must say it is AWESOME and well worth the fee he is asking for it ;) Infact it must be 'worth Double' and Jay is just being nice !

Jay's Mass Mailer Mod:-

This mod took 5 Min's to install and the best thing of all see more is it does not mess with any core Dolphin files whatsoever!

This mod does not replace the standard mass mailer but however work independently (along side it).

This is one of the most professional looking mods around and kicks ass compared to the standard Dolphin Mass Mailer....

If your looking for a professional, speedy and to be honest one of the best mods out in my opinion then THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY SERIOUS COMMUNITY and will ELIMINATE ISSUES WITH LARGE SITES AND MASS MAILING MEMBERS !!!

Get this mod and you will see exactly what I mean and Jay is Awesome for bringing this Unique Mod to Boonex

From a guy who has this mod working and is using it constantly...... CHECK IT OUT ;)

Regards, Josh @ Social Munch

P.S Thanks Jay and Good Luck with your adventures bro

He just fixed my splash page and gave it a classic touch just like I wanted.
This is not the first time I hire dolphin_jay's services and I'm so happy because he always delivers!!!!
You get what you want very fast with excellent quality and fair prices.

I highly recommend his services guys.

dolphin_jay is very nice and helpful! he have helped me again on a big problem!
highly recommended!!!

best reagrds!

I would like to thank you for the great work provided for my site. On 3 occasions, even if it was tricky, you spent all the time needed to fix the problems. I feel very fortunate to have found you !
I also recommend DolphinTechs hosting services. So far, only excellent work !
Fast worker who gets the job done. This guy knows his stuff and really helped me out when there seemed to be no solution to my problem. If you have a problem with your site and can't find answers in the forum, this is definitely your guy. Full marks.
This guy is a magician!!!
He fixed something on my website in no time and didn't even ask for money but of course I payed him for his help.
I recommend using his service!!!
Great guy!!
Thanks for your help.
DolphinTech is AWESOME! :) Had so many problems with my former hosting company. Dolphin_Jay and DosDawg straightened everything out. They migrated the site over without any problems or downtime. Very easy to work with, reliable and know dolphin very well. All of my future dolphin sites will be hosted with Terabyte-Hosting. And I got an SLA with DolphinTech which is great when the site runs into any "dolphin" technical problems. I'm set! :) Thanks again guys!
Dolphin_Jay is awsome, VERY knowledgeable, nice, and knows exactly what hes doing when it comes to Boonex/Dolphin. I would highly recomend him to anyone seeking assistance. I had a problem with my site, wrote a trouble ticket to support, tryed to troubleshoot with my hosting company and weeks later I was still in limbo with no answers., that is untill Jay came along. Thanks to Jay, I am know up and running again and back in the works. There should be a 10 star rating as this user goes above and beyond, see more very pleasurable to work with! Thanks again jay =)
Thank You for the kind words. Hope all is well with your site.
dolphin_jay is a very nice person! he helped me very much! thank you dolphin_jay!! best regards from germany!
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