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See my Dolphin Video Tutorial site at

Other new subscriber benefits coming soon. To request a tutorial be made if i don't have one then post your request here.

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NOTE: Not all of my modules are listed below. I have over 40 quality dolphin modules available. Take a look.

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thanks for update!
Deano's web site says he's been offline for a while and 'getting back online', though it seems as though recently (1-2 days ago) something with his licensing server went wonky causing downstream issues. Finally traced it today and found my 30-60+ second delays in page loading was due to his mods calling home in a blocking manner and basically taking my site down in the process. Removing his mod (or lying to my /etc/hosts file) instantly corrected the issue (for anyone who may be experiencing the see more same strange behavior on their site).
any updates ?
Deano, Are you still in business? Your excellent mods need to be updated to 7.3. I hope all is well.
Deanos Tools. I have been unable to upgrade past Dolphin 7.1.6 as I am so reliant on the site administrator function in Deanos Tools (plus others). Is there any news Deano on this front? Is your health good? Do you have a plan for Deanos Tools? Might Boonex buy it from you and integrate it into Dolphin? Happy to pay for Deanos Tools if it was available and supported for 7.2 and beyond. Cheers Tassieswingers
do you plan to update this for the new API?
Please, update to 7.3
yeah =) love it!
this is a super useful module and I really miss it on 7.3.3 please update this module to be compatible with newest versions of dolphin, the whole dolphin community would appreciate if this module was updated, hope it will happen soon!
Just wishing happy holidays!
Thx all work great!
Thx all work great!
Amit Choudhary
Kindly Have a look
Very well thought out and easy, I should buy this model for a long time.
Was really excited to buy this mod having read lots of great stuff. But unable to install on 7.3.1 as incompatible with my version of Dolphin Script. Damn waste of money
bought this on Monday, and it does not work with 7.3.1 - disappointed on money wasted
Great developer, and always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you deano!!
I can confirm that its working on 7.3.
Thanks for all your hard work. Waiting for updates is not as frustrating as getting them done and making sure they work as they should. Sometimes I wonder who is making it harder for whom. Dolphin or the 3rd Party mods?
eric2405left feedback on Yahtzee22nd of March 2016
Since months promised an update to bring it nothing happens
I can not recommend this developer because he respects no promise
Through this developer one is forced to use an old version of Dolphin
Not compatible with 7.3. This module was featured TODAY under featured modules and it isn't even compatible. I just lost $15 for nothing.
Saves a lot of time! Thanks! :)
This is working with 7.2.1
Deano is the one of the BEST dev here.
Thank you so much for the help Deano.
I would and will recommend him for all.
Hope this work soon on 7.2.1
Now i can't use it.
Great mod, and excellent service from Deano make this a no-brainer. Anyone with a Boonex network should have this. I was getting around 500 spammer per day, and since adding this mod - now maybe 1 per day. I can now dedicate my time to marketing instead of deleting spammers. Thank you!
Such a shame that this is not yet compatible with 7.2
Hi, is this compatible with dolphin7.2.1?
Agree, much better then FB, but that is my opinion. Thank you deano!!!!
Great person, developer, friendly and great modules, will always buy from him!!! Thank brother!!
This a vey simple mod to install, no code changes and works very well as described.
download ok, install ok, run ok, buto not happend. no reaction of setting maintenance mode! what ist the problem?
Do not use review section for support. You posted a problem in the support forum which does not match what your stating here.
Hi, is it possible to redirect to any page after "sign up" as well as "login"? We want new users to be directed to specific page right after they join.
Not with this mod. Redirecting after signup would have to be done in a different section of the site, and will be different if the avatar module is installed or not.
I bought this mod and as all of Dean's mods it works very well and quiet a handy add-on.
I needed this module like yesterday. I am glad that I find this , easy to install and very useful module.
Thank you works perfect !++++++
Just what I need to be able to remove items i didn't need displayed in my stats, this has made the stats more user friendly in more ways than one. Thanks for great mod. Cheers
phil1oooleft feedback on Web Comics.26th of May 2015
Worked like a charm, great mod. Thank you
Thank you Deanos , it worked for me , changing the 1 to 0 :) , Great mod !
Very useful module, thanks Deano!
This plugin is great, it saves bandwidth and resources exactly like it says. Like all of Deano's plugins, its easy to install and configure.
Like all of Deano's mods, this one is great. It works, its easy to install, and easy to configure.
medflyleft feedback on SMS Captcha17th of April 2015
Is perfect for two part join, great mod!
Hey folks, just purchased the Linkedin Mod v1.0.4 about an hour ago and got it done within an hour. Deano's step-by-step installation are very straight forward and not to mention the tutorial video he provided is very helpful as well. I also purchased FB connect yesterday, I had some questions & they were answered promptly. As result, I got the FB connect done successfully as well.

I just can't ask for a better service than this and not to mention the high quality of his products. I will see more certainly purchase more Mods from Deano in near future..

I found this really useful to get members back on the homepage.
Great mod and it is just what I was looking for. I am using itin combination with my Facebook "Like my Page" option. Work 150% . Great mod. Love it...
auto logozt is super. very helpful
No issue's what so ever and Deano is a stand up developer he has helped answer all my questions, he has a selection of spot on video guides for his mods and even helped resolve issues with my site that were not caused by any of his modules, i couldnt be happier with his mod or support
Do you have a upgrade for the black template for the new script?
Deano is a very helpful and knowledgeable member, he helped me with my purchase and even helped me fix my dolphin install - Top Marks
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