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shaggy1left feedback on Mobile Chat26th of April 2019
installed the module yesterday and its working perfect as i will be using it for getting song requests i find it perfect and was offered help if any problems, of which i had none.
This install looks so simple.... So why is it not working for me??? It says that its 7.3.5 compatible... but it hasn't worked yet for me
It's sad when someone decides to write bad review first to harm my rating badly, then asking me for help and I do my best to fix it for you without even knowing you've left such review already.
Love this module, definitely has saved a lot of heartache when issues arise. One thing i would like to see is a way to set up automatic backups say daily, weekly, or monthly, etc.
Until the installation happened everything okay, when I create a new profile creates system normally but when I will determine the accesses, the system is not saving and the created profiles have access to all the modules
You asked me to help and I've made it work for you. The module wasn't installed correctly on your side. Please don't write negative reviews _before_ asking for help, it really harms developer's account score forever for no reason.
Having problem. Error:

"2017.05.10 21:34:12
An error occurred!
fopen(../backup/dumper.cfg.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied"

Please help
This is review section. Please ask questions via PM or email.
I have had this Mod for awhile now and cant believe I didn't leave a review ......I give it 10 Starzzzzzzzzz
already bought this module.
easy to install. learning now.
great module that is very useful for working on language strings and email templates!
awesome module for sites with multiple admins, can also be very useful if you need to grant access to specific parts of your admin panel. can only highly recommend this great module!
Just wishing happy holidays!
Installed on Dolphin 7.3.1, and working perfectly. Code changes required to core files. Instructions had incorrect line numbers, but if you know a little about PHP - its easy enough to work it out. Only criticism. If you have an existing user and you want to make them an admin user, there is no way of doing this via the gui. The module only provides a method of creating new admin users. This can be solved with a quick SQL hack. Despite the above, I still thoroughly recommend this module.
Great developer, love his mobile mods! Keep it up brother!! Thanks for your services boonexpert!
All is fine, nice scripts. I had a little issue, and BoonExpert did react pretty fast and all is fine now.
Awesome module and endless possibilities suddenly knocks the door! This was one of my dreams for the past 4 years, now it has become true thanks to this developer. Friendly conversations on email and always wondering if I need more help. My next module to buy from Boonexpert is the Video Background with I think is awesome too. Will buy it on my next salary :)
Thank you for your review! You are welcome any time!
Great modules, made my day a lot easier and so far it has worked just fine.
Thank you! :) I'm happy you have found it useful!
This tool works great. It allows you to edit multiple strings at once, and makes it very simple to go through lots of strings very fast.
Excellent mod - Very effective!
Highly configurable with the selection of not only the username and password granted to additional admin(s), but also the number of items the admin(s) can access. Every item available on your Dolphin site has it's own check box to select whether or not to grant access to that particular item.

Works great!
Thank you for your review! I'm glad you like it, it encourages us to make more great modules in the future!

I have the same problem that cookiecrunch66.
If you dont make a forum suport and dont reply the mails and the PM. What can we do?
The module is not working right in my dolphin portal and I was sending you a mail few days ago and Im waithig your answer.
Please take a moment to solve.
I always replying to mails or PM if there's any, but not monitoring reviews section here, since it's for reviews only.
Just passing through to wish you a great upcoming holiday and thank you for all your great work!
When will you update this for 7.1.4?? I'm sure many of us would gladly pay you for an updated module....
And, of course, we are at 7.1.5 now. Any idea if it will be updated anymore?
outstanding!! you are amazing
hey my friend, purchased this 3 days ago it isnt working, and have yet a reply from you via email or here. When you have the time please respond so I can get this thing either working. Thanks, hope you are well, I know you have always been top notch on getting back to us. Talk soon
Please always send a request via mail or PM, I can't provide support in reviews section here. Reviews section is for reviews only.
Going through my site, checking on what needs updated and figured i'd pay my respect to all the great developers that i have dealt with and boonexpert is one of them, great person to work with and great products. Nice mobile apps!
A great developer and amazing products and service, helped me with an issue and was always in communication with me, thank you!
Nice mod.
This is a great module. I had some problems in the beginning due to some template modifications I had made. They stayed with me through 52 emails until all the issues were fixed! They even helped correct some of my mistakes in my template to ensure that the module was working correctly. Thank you Boonexpert!
Thanks for your review! I do my best to help as I can.
Knocked it out of the park with this mod. Alex said, "I think this might be what you are looking for." Alex was right. He promised he would instal it ASAP and he did with great communication to boot. I literally was able to change the look and feel of my site in minutes. Thanks Alex! Keep the great mods coming and keep up the great customer service.
Lightning support & great module!
Great module, congratulations Alex.
Great mod, positioning of the blocks is very simple. Great support and quick help with problems. boonexpert does a great job. Thank you
Thank you! :) I do my best to support my customers.
Nice & easy installation. Installed in a matter of a few seconds. Also, the instructions supplied were a nice touch. Certainly were clear & concise.
Awesome, just amazing! I love this module! It really stands out as professional, and certainly makes my site look good! The installation of the module was easy & straightforward, no files to edit!

I've had members say they want an easy way to see members online, something to use on your smart devices. Now I can let people know they don't need to be on their computers to enjoy the site.

100% recommendation!
The chat works flawlessly top! The support is very fast, so makes the whole fun. Highly recommended. Always gladly again! Five stars from me
Amazing mobile apps, love the "Mobile chat!"
This module is "Awesome"! I would give it 6 stars if I could. I have two websites and both have the Ultimate Background Video. If you don't have it.....get it! Very easy to install and user friendly. Just be sure your cache is cleaned before and after install.
Not working on 7.1.4??????????
It works great with all 7.1.x, has been tested many times.
Please don't write questions in review section here, please contact me via email or personal message here and I'll help you to install it.
I love this addition to my site, helps make great use of space.

My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvement *****
Easy to use: ***** (simple)
Installation: **** 3 small code changes which the vendor prepared for me
Does what it says: ***** Exceeds expectations
Pre Sales Advice:: *****
Seller Pre sales Response: *****
Seller Presales Response time: *****
After Sales Support : ***** Exceeds expectations
Seller After Sales Response: ***** Exceeds expectations
Seller Aftersales Response see more time: ***** Exceeds expectations
Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes 100%+
Would I purchase from this seller again? Yes 100%+
Customer Care: ***** Exceeds expectations
I would like to thank Boonexpert for the Speed ​​and seriousness in dealing with customer requirements. Many thanks
Seemed great for the first hour or two and was very pleased but soon as turned splash of had six foot gap top and bottom of page step soon as edited profile it saved everything all over and of page managed to correct it and moved on to account page .edited and tryed to save it but mod refused to save now website total mess resized margin down 1 side can not get to blocks to re position total mess please help urgent..!!
This is reviws section, for technical support please write me a personal message and I will help you.
I have a very good experience with working with Alex and also recommend him as well.
It took a little bit more time then we planed but only because of our unclear wishes.
My peace of advice for new customers.
If you want the super fast and clear re branding you have to be very precise with your work assignments.
He really cares about his customers and did a great job on both apps. I will definitely will work with him again for our website re branding.
I have a very good experience with working with Alex and also recommend him as well.
It took a little bit more time then we planed but only because of our unclear wishes.
My peace of advice for new customers.
If you want the super fast and clear job you have to be very precise with your work assignments.
He really cares about his customers and did a great job. I will definitely will work with him again for our website re branding.
This is a great mod and the help that boonexpert gave post-install was much appreciated. They were VERY Responsive. The ability to change positions of the blocks is very helpful but the developer is even more so. Consider this a high end extension of the dolphin platform in terms of flexibility it gives. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
DeanMonteleft feedback on Mobile Chat23rd of June 2013
Very unique mod, a must if u want ur members to participate more on the site. Great Job and service.
I really can't say enough about Alex. He is a consummate professional, who doesn't leave anyone hanging. Not only does he support his products when we do dumb things, he also gives back to the community with quick response, feedback and assistance even when a problem does not revolve around his product. As I continue to build my site(s) I will use more of his current products and pretty much anything else he develops because I know it will be of the highest quality in development and support. Thanks see more again Alex for restoring my faith in Dolphin!
With this module you are no longer alone in control of your site is one of the features that starved to Dolphin. Simple, efficient, nothing to say, it's good work. Also thank you to the seller for assistance in another module. You will always have a quick response in case of problems. I recommend it!
This is a great mod. Great service. Had a weird warning screen that blocked my access in the backend of the site; the developer was good enough to rectify the situation to make sure if worked perfectedly, top man!

Not sure if I should mention this here or in the forum. I think it would be great to add restrictions. Like access all 'but'... For example. I would like to give access to the members screen. But I don't want any access to me. It would be nice to restrict that access. Is that see more a workable solution?
The warnings was because of wrong installation and not following the installation manual fully.
Please write your suggestions as full as you can on the forum.
Thank you for review!
MSE (Master String Editor) has long been a very useful and user-friendly option for working with Language Keys and other verbiage on my site....Some mods out there manage email templates, Some manage the About and other similar pages....But----->MSE covers it all!
I've had MSE since 7.07 and Alex keeps banging out updates and/or improvements with every D-7.x release!
If you're updating your site constantly, testing, and moving with dolphin changes, you'll definitely want to snatch-up MSE and see more save yourself some time and headache.
Excellent Service guaranteed!
All this stuff has pretty much been said here already....

The main reason I'm posting this review is because it's been some months since a review has been posted....We're 7.1+ now and MSE is STILL very much relevant and just as useful as the day I purchased it......I imagine it always will be :)

Great Work Alex!
Thank you for your words! I always try to keep my work as best as I can :)
It's a great mod.
When Categories are later shown in Dolphin they are sorted by how many items is in that category. I wish the slider would be expanded to allow for setting fixed placement.
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