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Edit your site! Language Strings Editor v.2.2 + Email templates VISUAL editor

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Added: 07.11.10

Updated: 30.01.14

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, translations, mandarin, french, spanish, german, russian, arabic, portuguese, english

Demo: Please ask  username - Please ask,password - Please ask

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License: This is a product of Boonexpert. It cannot be redistributed without written permission. see more Single license is for one website only.

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This module will be updated for free for D 7.1.5 and D.8

Edit and manually translate any word on your website interface with this great tool easily!

Do you miss a translation on newly purchased module? Or just want to change or translate your site languages? Do it in a few clicks with the Language String Editor!

This module includes free installation service on your site!

Get this great module plus pack of 24+ languages for your site for only $114.99 !

Send a message to to know how.

Master String Editor is the interface that allows you to edit any word/string of your
website language including e-mail templates.

You can create new languages for you site interface and modify them as you wish.
 Please scroll down to see links to demo videos.

What's new in version 2.2:
— Add new language key manually for any category
— Updated responsive interface become more compact, friendly and understandable
— Fixed top menu bar now always on top
— Updated visual editor for strings and email templates
— Pop-up notes for UI elements for better understanding
— Drop-down menu provides access to all features in one place
— Pop-up helpers for some functions
— Highlighted words in search (demo)
— Corrected translations

What's new in version 2.1:
— Visual editor for e-mail templates
— Fast links for pages 'Private policy', 'Terms of use', 'About us', 'Contact', 'Copyright', 'FAQ'
— New interface design
— Multilanguage interface (English, Spanish and Russian already included)
— Fixed some issues with security and connection
Since version 2.0 there's possibility to export and import strings to/from XML files, as well as from/to PHP and CSV.
Also please check my other modules:

Master String Editor allows you to edit any string for any language of any plugin installed
in your system! Just select the plugin that you want from "Category" drop-down menu and
you are ready to edit any words and phrases on your website!
Also with Master String Editor you can easily make another translation for your website.
Just duplicate one of the languages, name it as you need and edit it string by string or
export to CSV for comfortable edition in MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Then you can import
this file back to the system and you will see on your website all changes that you made.
Finally, the interface that everybody's been waiting for! If your looking to modify your
Boonex site's text to fit your special niche, then this is for you. Now you can change your
site's text however you want it to be, easily and automatically without having to tediously
dig into the admin page knowing what to look for and going back and forth every time you
want to change even one word. With Master String Editor you have the power to
customize every line depending on your needs in full view of all your site's language
You can easily translate your current text to any language, customize your current
language or update your site as it's content evolves.
Also you can easily install new language packs on your website.
Make your website look awesome by editing content in a comfortable visual HTML editor!- Edit any language strings in visual HTML editor or just in an expandable text area
- Update missed string values for certain language
- Automatic insert new keys from your PHP language file, CSV or XML
- Import or export language files from any installed module to PHP, CSV or XML format
- Search any phrases in language strings
- Search and edit for empty lines for each language
- Select source language in the left column, destination language in the right and easily
- Edit e-mail templates in visual editor

copy separate strings to destination language if necessary, edit it and save it back
You can easily edit any string on your Dolphin-based website with comfortable visual
editor. No HTML, CSS or programming knowledges needed! 

Export all strings from selected module to CSV, PHP or XML for easy editing:

 Export them to CSV format so you can edit language strings just with MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc!
After you edit all strings, put them all back to the system, recompile language and you will see all changes on your site!
To login use your Boonex Dolphin Administrator password.
If you have any questions about installation, operating procedures or
support please feel free to contact me on and I will respond promptly.

It has been tested and works great with Dolphin v.7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.0.4, 7.0.5, 7.0.6, 7.0.7, 7.0.8, 7.0.9, 7.1.0, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 7.1.3, 7.1.4, 7.1.5

In order to install Master String Editor you need only FTP access to copy files and Dolphin Admin access to login. No programming or special installation skills needed.

Please note: the username in this module is case-sensitive for security reasons.
For any questions please feel free to write me on

 More modules: 

Terms of purchase:
All our sales are final and no refunds will be given. Please ask all questions and request demo (if available) prior to purchase. As most of our offers are digital services, it is impossible for you to return a service to use for a refund. If you find a bug in our software, you can report it on support email and we will fix it in the next version or custom on buyer server. Finding a bug is not a reason to request a refund. However, we understand that it is impossible for us to test our software on every platform and every configuration it may encounter on other servers. Therefore if you are unable to get our software up and running on your server in the first 30 days after purchasing the software then please contact us and we will do everything within our knowledge and experience to get our software to work on your server.
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see moreWhatever I say to these people, it will be an under estimate words..So, I am the first to put a review..I can tell you this much: Because the help and phone call they provided me for my personal upgrade feature, which is to have a multi-language enabled, there is nothing I could say how happy I am from these people...I will be monitoring every mod they post..It seems to me that these people will have an eye on the true need on this community!...You will be in safe hands …but it with your eyes close!
Work like a charm! Fast and easy install, great support. Perfect! Thank you for this great mod.
Wonderful product. So fast and convenient, it's a wonderful help to translate any site or module.
And with the built-in html editor, it's a breeze to change full pages.

This is really a must-have product if you are dealing with languages. It is well-built, nice to look at, easy to use and also "clever", with the very convenient function of like exporting/importing bunches of string for off-line or batch translation.

On top of that, Alex provides an AMAZING customer service. There see more were some minor issues on my site with some french expressions, and he worked hard on solving the issue, even AFTER I told him it was ok and I could live with it. He really did an OUTSTANDING support job on this. (Many thanks alex !)

So clearly, go for it, guys !

PS : Alex, one tip for a next version : offering a "replace string" function in masterstring could really help when translating full modules. Your tool really helps on this with the export function (you can export, automatize translation in Excel, and import back - works like a charm), but this could be a cool add-on for lazy translators like me :-)
Works perfect for me.

nice and easy to translate it all.

and i can confirm it works on dolphin 7.0.4
Excellent service and quality product with Install service fast and simply. Excellent communication from Boonexpert well impressed, wish every Developer worked how Boonexpert dose we will be back for further products from Boonexpert
Many Thanks
This is AWESOME!!! I just bought a few languages and this DOES speed up. It tells your what values are missing. You can export and edit them in excel fast. The best part is you can pick which module you want to translate. Man, i'm in heaven now. GREAT price for this mod.

by the way, i got tons of support from boonexpert. Fast respond!
Awesome mod + powerfull ++ installed in minutes +++ fast support.
MUST TO HAVE!!!!! Thanks Alex ... looking for other power mod like this!

PS: work perfect on D7.0.4
Cool tool !

But - unfortunately the email templates are not editable. Hopefully, this section is to be added soon :-)
Thank you for your review and suggestion!

Basically this software was designed to translate only system strings, but not e-mail templates (module description doesn't say about e-mail templates). For sure I'll include this feature in the next version.

Hi Alex,
for me the whole does not work, please help.
Happy to inform you that Master String Editor v.2.0 just released with e-mail templates editor feature. You are welcome to upgrade to the new version anytime!
email template support will make this module more useful and a kind of special! :)
Thank you :)
MSE with e-mail templates edition possibility in the hot oven already :)
Happy to inform you that Master String Editor v.2.0 just released with e-mail templates editor feature. You are welcome to upgrade to the new version anytime!
When you export the language file, the following error: "Sorry, failed to create file.
Check if directory langs / php / has chmod 0777 and PHP compiled zip ehtention. "rights to the folder of your 777 ... Where can I fix the problem?
Please Don't Write Questions here - this is review section. For questions I opened special forum -

If you have urgent question, please write me message.
Great product and a huge time saver!! Support was swift and effective, even after we had reinstalled our site and installed it a 2nd time.
This extension is a life saver if you have a multi language website or a website in another languege other than english.
You can translate any mod you buy quickly and easily.

Alex is a very helpful person and his mods are very professional!

Highly Recommended!
This is a truly excellent mod, that every site admin must have

the time it saves for editing the languages strings definitely worths much more the price of the mod.

Excellent support too...
I tried to use Arabic, but without result ... I need to explain more
Please send me a letter with your problem description, usually arabic works well in Master String Editor.
Don't write your questions in the review section. If you've got a problem - write me personal message with the problem description and we will solve it as soon as possible.
lawaxes1 solved this issue successfully.
A very good mod, very easy to use and the support is the best I had untill now in boonex.
i whant give you 6 stars for this mod, smile.
This translation mod is the big HAMMER !! Im not a spesialist !!!
I can install without any problems in 2 minutes and work correctly and no problemo.
Now i can create a password for many persons in other countrys was can create a new language for our new international business network.

Many thanks and i hope we can in the future found more good mods from boonexpert.

Best regards
If you website is with more than 1 language, than YOU NEED THIS ONE ! My live is so much more easy since I got it.

What took before 20 minutes to find and change, just take now fews secondes. If I knew it was so good, I had bought it a long time ago and it be one of the first module I had bought.

And Boonexpert contact and support is very good !
This mod solves all your language strings troubles! Whether it's one language or multiple languages!
Though dolphin has a inbuilt language tool, this mod enhances it by 10000000000%.
It'll definitely make editing your language strings much much easier.
It has a fantastic extra setting which can actually detect strings which have no text in them!! So if you have weird text like e.g. "__my personal map" showing and it has no description, this mod can detect it when you click on "missed see more values" settings and you can add the text!!
It's so useful that its highly recommended to be one of the tools that you must must have!! (Plus the support is EXCELLENT!!)
Excellent software(s) and great customer service. I give Boonexpert 10 out of 10! I recommend any one if your in doubt on what to buy and from who, no worries, I recommend you Boonexperts and AntonLV, some of the best if not the best.
Many thanks to every one else....

Best Regards,
Steeven Paullas-Gutt
This is the best thing since sliced bread. Every new update makes it so much easier to add or change text. And the support is quick and awesome. I dont know what I would do without this.
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