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Sandklock ( is a company specializing in constructing website and system in field of social network, supporting for community groups and businesses. We deliver technology services and improve companies by solving complex business challenges with breakthrough technical innovations. We are among the fastest growing technology firms in Vietnam with a young but experienced and creative workforce.

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excellent thank you sandklock
Great but not working with the new 7.4.0
Bought this on 23.09.17. It never works. No Support. No answer.
Documents version 7.1.3 by SandKlock I have contacted you on PayPal, unfortunately , you did not respond. I have directed PayPal to take action. I will also contact Younetco because I have most of their product
Maybe they can correct your problem app. Also you shouldn't be using or copying other company products, especially if you don't have the ability to upgrade.
Cannot install module from "sandklock/social_login/" directory Failed
Great addition to my site

Module. Working 100%

Just a suggestion: Add an option to save the modified file to the current album without modifying the original.
Priamo Rodriguez
Another thing: I bought this module believing that worked in version 7.3.2. of Boonex. In this version the option "VIEW MORE" does not display the complete original story. The link to go to the full original news does not work.

Please sandklock fix this situation because then the module is not functional.

I hope for your answer you as soon as possible, to use this Advanced Rss Feed.

If the module does not work, I want my money back.

Sorry for late reply! Bug "View More" fixed! Please update version of the module. Thank u.
Once you've used your 1 month trial you can never trial it again. I started building a site, learning D pro while having this installed. Didn't even use it before 1 month trial finished. Couldn't get another trial.
What they should be doing is offering more trials or limit requests per month ie. 1000 free logins per month then charge. Their model makes little sense to really test their environment.
They have not responded. No Upgrade Version
we installed this mod and registered also on socialAll.

unfortunately the app is working only till we login into other websites and giving permissions , once permissions are given it doesnt return back to the website with the contact details or invites or posting.

please let us know what we have done wrong.
This is not free. It actually costs $10 a month!
cool thank you soo much :-) it works in 7.3 as well :-)
this install not work only altered fields in all profiles off my network
any updates?
superb! outstanding support, a must need module.
I think I just made it work with 7.2.1 by changing the adding 7.2.1 to the end of line 12 of config.php. The install kept failing till I made that change.

Thanks for the module Sandklock. It will come in very handy with the responsive templates because they make everything so long. It's great to be able to simply return back to the top on a mobile device.

I also backed up my database before the install, just in case something went wrong. Better safe than sorry.
Yea the social login I paid for didn't work either.
please add skype:nvan2110 and we will help you fix those
Easy install , great graphics but not working .
I followed the procedure "step by step" got the key and pass but it doesn't work.
no wonder it's free LOL
please add skype:nvan2110 and we will help you fix those
SO far not working and no one is returning email from the main site or here.
please add skype:nvan2110 and we will help you fix those
Nice work and nice support. I will definitely buy some more oldies from this team.
Great Mod, install was easy and support was fast and without issues. The How To details for every link had jsut everything and easy to follow. Good work. Cheers
I have social posting and social login
When I click on connect, I always get this message on all networks:
Your session was expired. Please try to login again!
No facebook option there . Can you please tell me how to add it ?
Awesome module to have. Easy to install and work great with 7.1.5!
I have version 7.1.5 and I did get this message: Installation of: Scroll To Top Lite Failed
-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script.
Great with free modules so thanks... Any time soon it will work with the newest version?
Works perfectly on 7.1.5.
We need to do both wrote francisca_carv.
Before installing it on Admin>Modules you have to modify the file config.php on \sandklock\scroll_top_lite\install and Replace 7.1.2 to 7.1.5.

'version' => '7.1.5',
'vendor' => 'SandKlock',
'update_url' => '',

'compatible_with' => array(
When I bought this module from sandklock and it's not the first one, I saw some problem in the installation (my template and other module destrub the installation) I was impressed by the good support.
It's a verry good tool
I would like to add that this module should be with the social login module , wth this 2 module we can get a complet service, I hope that Sandkloock can understand us and add the login in the next updat with this module.
And I have to tell you honestly that the social activities see more for my website are changed and I receive more user friends ( my users prompt the site for free and propaged fastly)
Thanks for your review, we are working on the update for this module. It will come to you asap :D
Hi sandklock, thanks for that, nice idea.
Works perfectly on 7.1.4 . Before installing it on Admin>Modules you have to modify the file config.php on \sandklock\scroll_top_lite\install and add to Line 12 your version:
Awesome mod, skips all the developer registration needed for FB, etc.
Works well and is easy to use!
This version is not compatible with 7.1. I know someone has got it working, maybe on an upgrade but it doesn't install on new installs.
Nice & simple module. Very useful mod. If there's any improvements, I'd add in the ability to upload new icons.
very nice module. Congrats
A good module to maintain active new content on the site.
Doesn't work, followed directions attached with it and no go.. Very Disappointed.
Hello MrPaul,

Sorry about this inconvenience.
Can you give me any information why it didn't work? You can't install it, the scroll button disappears or anything else?

P/S: please send me a pm when you have any problem with our module. You have 1 month support from purchase date ;)

Best regards,
Great addition to any site

My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvement *****
Easy to use: *****
Installation: *****
Installation time: 3 minutes
Does what it says: *****

Presales Advice:: *****
Seller Pre sales Response: *****
Seller Presales Response time: *****
Aftersales Support : *****
Seller Aftesales Response: *****
Seller Aftersales Response time: *****

Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes
Would see more I purchase from this seller again? Yes
Follow up Support: *****
Customer Care: *****
Overall: *****
Hello Eva1,

Thank you so much :)

Can you please update it for 7.1.4 please?
This is great!

I use EvoWall which can auto-scroll. This module is excellent for bringing you back to the top.

My only suggestion for an improvement is, I use a black template sometimes. So it would be good if the colour can be changed.
Hi LikesDumbBimbos,

You can have more customizations if you buy the full version of module here

WOW! Thank you VERY MUCH!! Highly recommended... A++++
docuersleft feedback on Scroll To Top3rd of April 2013
Thank At Lot !
Hi everybody,

Today, we updated the module for compatible with older versions of Dolphin (7.0.0-7.0.9).

Works like a charm on 7.1, adding a professional touch to the website.
Great mod, thank you!
Thanks for the review, have a nice day!
Hi Prisca and everybody,

Today, we updated the module for compatible with older Dolphin versions.

Doesn't work (for me). Installed but scroll to top button not showing at all and the admin area for the module has only the title and nothing else. Mystery.
Hi Prisca,
Can you give me your Dolphin version?

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