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Scroll To Top Lite


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Added: 01.04.13

Updated: 19.11.13

Category: Navigation

Tags: extensions, integrations, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - N/A,password - N/A

License:  This is a commercial product made by SandKlock. It cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from SandKlock.

Technical Checklist...

Scroll To Top allows you to quickly go back to the top of any page in Dolphin
Once you scroll down enough on a page, the button will appear and you can jump up with nice animation.


  • Tiny and easy to use but it's must have for your site

  • Seamlessly install “Scroll to Top” module with one click installation.

  • Can customize very detail style of Scroll to Top button on the fly

Back – End

  • Admin can enable/disable this feature without uninstall the module

  • Admin can change all settings:

    • Time to scroll back to top

    • When to show Scroll to Top button when page is scrolled down.

    • Time to fade in / fade out Scroll to Top button

    • Customize placement of Scroll to Top button.

    • Chose a variety of available styles button

  • Admin can customize Scroll to Top button on the fly with several options:

    • Size

    • Image

    • Border style

    • Border width

    • Border color

    • Border radius

    • Background color

    • ... want more??? contact us ^^

  • Multi-Language Supported

  • If you like this module and want the full customization one, buy the full version here or contact us for further more customization

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Doesn't work (for me). Installed but scroll to top button not showing at all and the admin area for the module has only the title and nothing else. Mystery.
Hi Prisca,
Can you give me your Dolphin version?

Hi Prisca and everybody,

Today, we updated the module for compatible with older Dolphin versions.

Works like a charm on 7.1, adding a professional touch to the website.
Great mod, thank you!
Thanks for the review, have a nice day!
WOW! Thank you VERY MUCH!! Highly recommended... A++++
This is great!

I use EvoWall which can auto-scroll. This module is excellent for bringing you back to the top.

My only suggestion for an improvement is, I use a black template sometimes. So it would be good if the colour can be changed.
Hi LikesDumbBimbos,

You can have more customizations if you buy the full version of module here

Can you please update it for 7.1.4 please?
This version is not compatible with 7.1. I know someone has got it working, maybe on an upgrade but it doesn't install on new installs.
Hi sandklock, thanks for that, nice idea.
Works perfectly on 7.1.4 . Before installing it on Admin>Modules you have to modify the file config.php on \sandklock\scroll_top_lite\install and add to Line 12 your version:
I have version 7.1.5 and I did get this message: Installation of: Scroll To Top Lite Failed
-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script.
Great with free modules so thanks... Any time soon it will work with the newest version?
Works perfectly on 7.1.5.
We need to do both wrote francisca_carv.
Before installing it on Admin>Modules you have to modify the file config.php on \sandklock\scroll_top_lite\install and Replace 7.1.2 to 7.1.5.

'version' => '7.1.5',
'vendor' => 'SandKlock',
'update_url' => '',

'compatible_with' => array(
I think I just made it work with 7.2.1 by changing the adding 7.2.1 to the end of line 12 of config.php. The install kept failing till I made that change.

Thanks for the module Sandklock. It will come in very handy with the responsive templates because they make everything so long. It's great to be able to simply return back to the top on a mobile device.

I also backed up my database before the install, just in case something went wrong. Better safe than sorry.
cool thank you soo much :-) it works in 7.3 as well :-)
Documents version 7.1.3 by SandKlock I have contacted you on PayPal, unfortunately , you did not respond. I have directed PayPal to take action. I will also contact Younetco because I have most of their product
Maybe they can correct your problem app. Also you shouldn't be using or copying other company products, especially if you don't have the ability to upgrade.
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