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Social Inviter for Dolphin 7.2( Powered by SocialAll)


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Version: 7.2.0

Added: 03.04.15

Updated: 27.10.15

Category: Social

Tags: dolphin 7.1, social, invite, inviter, google, email, user, facebook, popular, message

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License:  This is a commercial product made by SandKlock. It cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from SandKlock.

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10/27/2015 - Upgraded to 7.2.0: Upgraded for Dolphin 7.2.x

Invitations play an important role in creating a community of interest. If you have not installed an invitation tool to your website, you must install our Social Inviter right now. This module allows your users to invite their friends from many social networks (Google Mail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk, etc.) to join your site. 7 providers and CSV importer are supported. Specially, this plugin also empowers users to send invitations to all contacts from all major Email Providers.

Key features:
• Send invitations to friends using 7 social networking platforms or email providers.
• Integrate importing csv into email invitation.
• Filter friends in the contact list.
• Custom Invitation Link.
• Users can edit the content of the message they want to send.
• User can send invitations to a large number of contacts.
• Track invitation through Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• Show statistic by date and by provider for admin
• Manage list of providers in the Admin Panel
• Admin can view all invitations in Admin Panel
• Enable admin to set number of maximum invitations a member can send per day.

Front End
• Access:
• Members can access Social Inviter by clicking on icon of providers in Home Page or selecting Social Inviter in Main Menu.
• Social Inviter:
• Select friend in the Friend List or Existed Member
• Invite by manually typing emails or upload a CSV file
• Show number of invitations that users have sent and the remaining invitations.
• Show number of friends to whom members have sent invitations.
• Show name of friends that users have selected to send invitations.
• Edit content of the message if users want.
• Confirm message after sending invitation.

Back End
• Settings:
• Set default title and content for invitation message
• Set maximum invitation a member can send per day
• Set invitation link
• Providers:
• Option to enable or disable a provider
• Statistic:
• By User, Invited Contact, Date and Providers
• User and Network filter
• Manage number of entries showed
• Search tool
• Api Setting:
• SoclAll App ID
• SoclAll Secret Key

Social All Pricing

  • Start with our ONE MONTH FREE trial. No credit card required. After trial period has exprired, you will go with Premium plan for just 10$/month

  • Details Social All Pricing

How to install Social Inviter

  1. Unzip the zip file.

  2. In `/modules/` directory, create a new directory with the name "sandklock" if not exists.

  3. Upload the unzipped folder into `/modules/sandklock/` directory.

  4. Go to Administration page, click "Modules" in the left menu of page ---> click "Add & Manage".

  5. In "Not installed modules" block, select Social Inviter (with orange text) and click "Install" button.

  6. After successful installation, you can see Social Inviter added to the "Modules" menu. Click on it for settings.

How to create applications at SocialAll:

  1. Create an account at SocialAll.
    1. Point the mouse to Sign In button at the top menu, then click Sign up.

    2. Fill your Email and Password, and click Sign up button.

    3. You will receive an Account Confirmation email. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

  2. If you have registered an account at SocialAll yet, please sign in.

  3. After signing in, you can follow the steps below to create an application:
    1. Point the mouse to your account at the right of the top menu and select Applications.

    2. In Apps page, click Create Application button.

    3. Fill Domain - name of your application. Then, click Create button.

  4. After having created application, go to Application Info tab. You will see App ID and Secret Key, copy them to your SocialAll API Settings.
    1. In menu Modules at your Dolphin admin site, select SocialAll API Settings.

    2. Paste App ID and Secret Key and click Save button.

How to config networks in SocialAll:

  1. Login to SocialAll, then go to your “Applications”.

  2. Click on the application you want to configure, select Networks tab.

  3. You can skip configuration step if you are using our public app configuration, or you can configure your own social network applications by selecting a network, click How to get (network) settings and follow the instruction to configure for the network.

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No facebook option there . Can you please tell me how to add it ?
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