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flevarisleft feedback on Games2nd of July 2019
omirosleft feedback on Live Video1st of March 2019
Cannot uninstall module from rayz/live/ directory Failed manual remover ? ?? upgrade to 7.4 no work bloc site
Will not work. Just says page not found.
I am getting the db error too something about duplicate KEY
Is it necessary to register (and pay additional fee) at embed.ly, grab API Key and save it at my site administration for this Advanced Embed 3.0 module? I wanted to make sure this was the case since there was no mention in your product details regarding having to purchase an additional vendor's API kit to get your module to work. Please advise so that we can install properly.
Not working.. when click 'Install" it says, "
Database query error
Gary1980left feedback on Live Camera8th of March 2018
Great Product!!
This module dont work more, please rayz update the module
I have sent you a message and have not received any response yet. Kindly check and respond. Thank you.
could you please activate my license keys to work on http://philippinesproud.com, please check your messages, i have included the keys in the email message i sent you on this site.

The new domain name is newblackwallstreetinc.com I had to change it again .

Can you guys get my licenses added to the name.

Thank you
Very helpful. Response was fast and prompt.
I set the wrong review. Rayz is quick to answer and always helps. I messed up with a review because I mailed the wrong person to ask a question. As soon as I realized my mistake I contacted Rayz and he helped in minutes.
Thank you!! Keep up the great work
Can't get to work...
I love these apps...they're so cool. I purchased the 5 RMS free apps and I"m really enjoying them. Chat roulette, live camera, group chat, profile chat, and video phone. I have to say...Rayz was on vacation and he was still helping me with the installs...Thank you Rayz
quarrlesleft feedback on Youtube 4.027th of April 2017
The Module is Awesome! Flawless! and the customer support is Stupendous!
gavsedleft feedback on Group Chat30th of March 2017
This module works very well and enables additional security to your site, it is easily installed however Rayz will assist with any issues. I can recommend this.
khongsaykleft feedback on Dog Ear17th of November 2016
is this good for version 7.3.3
Thx all work great!
Thx all work great!
very awesome. and Rayz is one of the best in his moduels and his support.
Works like a charm, after Rayz helped me to install it!
WASTE -dont work as links change.. uninstalled
mcconahaleft feedback on Youtube 4.07th of August 2016
this is a must have for all serious webmasters, but for me I purchased the bundle of all his mods and I could not be happier with the performance of all his mods in the complete bundle package, I had trouble with the mods originally, but the problem was not with the mods but something else with improper settings on the flash side, I contacted Rayz and he was completely professional and went way beyond what I expected in getting the mods to work. if you have a need for it, buy the bundle, far as see more support? superior!
was this fix corrected in version 7.3.1? if not what would be the correct fix for 7.3.1? thank you
Hi Rayz, I just want to thank you for your wonderful support. Your product pack is excellent. Your customer relations support is awesome. What more can i say? A BIG THANK YOU!
Great product and service
Great work and thank you for helping to sort out the problem I had with flash chat
Drifter2left feedback on Chat Summary15th of May 2016
It would help if the readme file worked I am still waiting for instructions on how to install it.
Everything was Installed perfect, however it did not work... I Filed a Claim here with paypal as I wait for Rayzzz to respond, im sure he will fix this issue for me, but after I paid he disappeared and this item has not worked, stay tuned for my update
I have just paid for and downloaded the script but the installation help html file does not open. Please could you let me know where I can get the installation help guide?
great support, response and always willing to help!! will choose rayz again
¿compatible con 7.3.0?
I actually havent started using this yet but I am sure after having had good dealings with Rayzzz that this is as great a module as is the Live Camera which is a very nice module. Rayzzz seems to know exactly what to do to put out a sleek and well designed module ! Good Job !
Easy to install and works great ! Nice job on this ! I'm actually using it as a MAIN feature of a site I created !
I want accept my boonex license
how is it installed anyway? no how-to
Great Product, Great Price and Great Fast Service. Nothing more to say :)
Thank Rayz, for your support!
Does it work for 7.2 yet?
Awesome MOD and service on 7.2!!!
Awesome MOD and service on 7.2!!!
Awesome MOD and service on 7.2!!!
berowraleft feedback on Games20th of September 2015
I bought it, installed in flash. everything seems right. but where is a game button in website? in the page builder? where i do find the game block button?
Great addition to the Evo Wall
Hi, my code isn't working. How much to fix?
Elileft feedback on Video Phone 231st of May 2015
great product, easy to setup. better video quality and audio. tested ! impressed with the quality of free rms ...
Excellent I paid $20 as a thank you for this developer because the mod is very important to my website daily users.
Awesome, thank you for high quality free work.
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