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Radio infinite


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Version: 1.3.2

Added: 09.03.10

Updated: 01.10.16

Category: Music

Tags: extensions, ray, flash, widget, music, radio, mp3, dolphin 7.1

Demo: http://dolphinforever.ru/m/radio/browse/  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

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Infinite hours of music on your site. No bandwidth or HDD storage used.Perfect for sites with no (or small) music.Provides your site with hundreds of Radio stations from all over the world. You will get a huge directory of radio stations of different music styles in different languages broadcasted.Your site members (visitors) will be able to browse through predefined radio categories or search for radio station by typing in necessary keywords (station name, music style and so on) directly on your site. The most interesting radio stations can be added to favorites list or even shared with other site users by placing the photo to featured lists. A user has an opportunity to set his most favorite radio station to play in his profile, so anyone visiting his profile will listen to this radio.All radio streams are being broadcasted by Radio Stations servers and played by means of my appliation, so there is no any bandwidth or hard drive storage consumption for this.New: now expired radio streams are being restored on-a-fly.You can see that application in action installed in Dolphin 7.0 (will work with previous Dolphin versions too) at my demo site - rayzzz.com

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Great mod.
Well worth the price..
Excellent mod and support! Thanks guys!
This is great, fab support and Razy mods are fab. Thank you!
I FIND Rayz to be very patient to newbies who lack knowledge and supportive to issue of explaining things to me. In my course of understanding the multiple mods Rayz installed for me, I RATE Rayz 20000 A+ outstanding serivce. Thank you
is it not compatible with Dolphin 7.0.6......????

i had bought it from you and now after NEW Dolphin 7.0.6 upgrade, its not working
it should work with the latest Dolphin version. Try to redownload the package and reinstall the mod.
Hi, I bought this modual 3 days ago, still says my license is not valid. Please check and process your oders so I can get this up and running.

Thanks, Hal
I too have failed to get the licence to work...what kind of licence do I use?
Same issue on my end.... I suspect the issue is from Boonex and not Rayz.... The license number is our Dolphin serial number so I don't believe it has anything to do with Rayz... I will send a message on the forum (I did via Email but no success - Even 24 hours after reporting the issue)
Thanks for your ideas because ideas like this brings live to this community.

please continue to provide more!

I bought four great mods from him very professional.......
The registration process was broken but now it should work fine. Anybody having this issue please contact me directly via inbox to get the proper license
What can I say Greattttt mod love it my members will lt too! Rayz was right on it once I purchased the mod. Awesome service my IT guy made a major mistake that caused my website to go down wiped all my mods out. I told Rayz and he installed the mods over for me no problem. I brought several of his mods and will continue to buy from him! Keep up the good work Rayz!
Hi i paid and downloaded and install i, but i don't know from where should i get license key?
Great facility and a fantastic module. Works perfectly and support is excellent.
My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvment *****
Easy to use: *****
Installation: *****
Does what it says: *****

Presales Advice:: *****
Seller Pre sales Response: *****
Seller Presales Response time: *****
Aftersales Support : *****
Seller Aftesales Response: *****
Seller Aftersales Response time: *****

Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes
Would I purchase from this seller again? Yes
Follow see more up Support: *****
Customer Care: *****
Overall: *****
Great Product, Great Price and Great Fast Service. Nothing more to say :)
WASTE -dont work as links change.. uninstalled
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