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Version: 1,3,2

Added: 14.02.10

Updated: 08.07.17

Category: Games

Tags: extensions, ray, flash, widget, game, play, dolphin 7.1

Demo: http://dolphinforever.ru/m/games/  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

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Categories. Browsing Games has never been so easy. Click "Games Browse" to browse through all games installed on your site.
New: categories are now multilevel with unlimited number of levels.More than 100 (!!!) games divided into 8 categories (Adult, Casino, Shooters, Arcade, Sports, Logics and others) are available for the widget. Click here to get them.Easy categories management: removing, changing order, editing categories.Easy adding and controlling of games by your site members (added by them) and admin (all).Publishing Games to different Categories, adding to Favorites list, voting and more others.My free "Banners Manager" is integrated which will allow you to place your own banners in the bottom of Games 3.0."Help" page will help your members to use "Games" easily.

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Nice mod for any site. Great support. Best of all no attitude after the sale when question were asked. Will do business again with this seller.
Hi the instruction says to copy modules and flash folder to the root directory?

there is alredy a modules and flash directory in community this will over rite it.
So I need help the instructions are not clear.
you shouldn't overwrite the folders, just save the folders and files structure.
Excellent. Works great and with the addition of Rayz's Banner manager is a very nice bit of fun. Rayz helped with the install and gave good advice. Works great.
Ive uploaded the files to my root directory but when i go to flash apps i only see info icon o buy. no install
GREAT!! mod, very easy to install and good support.
Fun, easy mod to admin, developer was great. I have bought several items from him now and he helped every step of the way and communicated quickly. Very helpful, great mod.
Easy to install, works like a charm! Uploaded over 100 games myself and worked great! All games played just fine (though most dont fit the widget so I just set it to open in a separate page)! Support is absolutely amazing! I had one issue with removing games, but after I sent an email he responded in no time with a fix! TYVM for the great module and the support you give with it!
Simple to Install!!! Was a bit time consuming adding all the games but well worth it. Rayz made an awesome product. This will keep my customers coming back. Note to Site owners becareful. These are addicting and you find your self playing them more than actually working on the website. Rayz gave me profesional and quick support when I needed it. Can not go wrong with Rayz products.
Really simple to install, excellent package, great communication, all in all 150 % Happy!!! 2nd that...Can not go wrong with Rayz products.
the stars say everything, if you want over 100 games on your site and to be able to add further games then this is the package for you at a great price.
I love it and can't say enough about it. Communication was very good, only point was that it was a little difficult for a newboy like me to understand the installation but after thinking about it for a while I worked it out although I was offered free installation from Rayz if I needed it, fantastic man.
where to download all games? please help me to where to download games .swf files??

You can get them at http://rayzzz.com/games/
OK, maybe I am dumb. where do you get the games?
You can get them at http://rayzzz.com/games/
OK... where do I download the games from? anyone help please? I was under the impression that the games came with module!? do i have to now manually find .swf games from around the net and upload them? or are included with this mod as I was lead to believe??? Is this a scam? this MOD apparently does NOT include any game files, it's merely flash games enabler! dont waste your cash... Not the first time ive been burned on this website.
You can get them at http://rayzzz.com/games/
When I register the flash app as per readme, with my Unity License, it says "Product not found". lol

I tried to use one of my other unity licenses, but that didn't work either.

Help... :O
Hello. You have your own license for Games that should work. I sent it to your mailbox.
god, why do we have to wait for license, it should be built into the purchase so people don't have to wait for it and ask for it. i just purchased installed and now cannot do anything because....no license. ugh.
Well, as far as I know very few products use licenses, that's why boonex doesn't send licenses in their e-mails after purchase.

I downloaded the paid game script and uploaded games but when my users click GAMES it says that it is a trail and to please upgrade?

Can someone help with this?

Thank you,

If you replaced all files successfully, then the users will see the changes after their browsers' cache will be refreshed.
I have installed following instructions bit for some reason the games lead to a users profile ??? PLease help !!??
Users profiles have the "Games" button that will open an application with users added games.
Well I purchased it downloaded it and the games, I uploaded as per your Instruction , but when I go to modules and click to install , it just says installation failed.I have re uploaded the files and refreshed but still have the same problem. ( I forgot to say it says Version 1.0 RAYZ Games)
Help Please
You need to install and register "Games" flash application first and then install it via modules.
i purchased version 3.0 but i didnt recieve a license for it so it wont run - any ideas?
I've just sent you the correct license.
You really need to put better instructions on here for the whole licence thing. I went to the unity section pasted in my site licence and that did not work. I created a new licence and that also did not work. Looking through the comments, it seems I am not the only one. Please save everyone some hassle and address that question in the forum. I really want to get the games up and running now but instead, I have to wait for a response via Email. Ugggg!!!!
I've just sent you the correct license.
Thanks for your ideas because ideas like this brings live to this community.

please continue to provide more!


I seam to be having the same problem as others within these posts. I pruchased as installed Games 3.0 but when i go to register with my unity key it comes up with "Product Not Found". I have looked through the forums for help and sent an email but have not been able to find any help on the matter. It has goten to the point where would reccomend you save your money on this one cause it doesnt work
This will happen when you have permissions problems. Look to make sure that you have everything uploaded correctly. All you have to do is send a message to Rayz and he will help you out. There will never be help for modules in the forums. Only the developer will help you with that.
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