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I am kinda new at the whole social media thing. I started out my online adventure after several years of scoffing at the propeller-heads with comments like "Smoke Signals and carrier pidgins... tried and true methods of communication." I have obviously changed my opinion on the Geeknet since then... well sorta, I still think we spend far too much time on it talking about nothing in particular when we should be working on our income tax for 2009... what year is it again ) Anyways, back to my original foray into the Internet world. Having owned a security alarm company for a number of years sans web presence, I decided it was about time to get online. So I registered my domain, wrote a bunch of content and let it sit. After awhile, I decided to do a little research into Search Engine Optimization and started to promote my site. As part of the learning process, I discovered a little place called Google Trends... I'm sure you've heard of it. Anyways, I created a number of hot topic specific blogs and did quite well with them. Mostly adult oriented (I like naked chicks) as well as alot of useless crap content because that is what the mindless white trash minions in cyberspace wanted to read. Out of that Came HTBW (I wanted a monikar I could track and there was no reference of HTBW anywhere (TBW stands for "The Blog Whore" because I often felt like one) Anyhow, after a number of my alarm company clients started to ask and often beg me to take care of their SEO needs (After all they found me on page one of Google) I decided to expand HTBW and add the Media... Sounded smarter like Eh! Tired of all the crap, I layed off of the blogs for awhile and decided to focus on some more legitimate properties. A friend wanted to start a Free Lesbian Dating website, so was born. From there I registered a number of other informational domains such as www. as well as a few other interesting domains which have yet to be developed.

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