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Live Camera


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Version: 1.3.4

Added: 30.01.10

Updated: 19.08.18

Category: Communication

Tags: extensions, ray, flash, video, broadcast, stream, widget, dolphin 7.1

Demo: http://rayzzz.com/m/livecam/home/  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

Live Camera is now live indeed.
New way in communication and broadcasting yourself for Dolphin script. Getting this application will provide your site users with new way of expressing their-selves and the desire to spend hours on your site. From now on everyone having a web-cam can broadcast one's video and voice to others and chat with the watchers.
Some minor fixes were made since Live Camera 3.1 version. Live Camera own RMS application is developed that allows you to separate WhiteBoard traffic from Live Camera one and make them more independent from each other.

Main features:
- MAC-styled Menu with easy changing of it's position;
- Easy browsing through available video channels sorted by popularity (watchers number);
- Unlimited number of channels can be watched in a moment;
- Fullscreen video;
- Flexible admin and user settings.

Admin Settings:
- Enable Broadcasting for any membership level (enabled by default);
- Enable Videos Watching for any membership level (enabled by default);
- Enable Chatting for any membership level (enabled by default);
A special message telling about the restriction is showing every time a user is trying to perform a disabled action.

User Settings:
- Menu Location: it can be located in the bottom (by default), top, left or right side of the application;
- Menu autohiding: menu appears/hides while mouse hovering/unhovering (disabled by default);
- Volume autoswitching: mutes all inactive video windows and unmutes only active one (enabled by default);
- Show users photos: shows users thumbnails instead of their channels screenshots (disabled by default);
- Chat notifications: a special icon is blinking when active chat is hidden and someone added a message to it, channel icon in the menu is jumping if the video window is passive (enabled by default);
- Previous chat messages count: number of messages to display when a user joins video channel (5 by default);
- 2 modes of broadcasting: "everybody is chatting" and "everybody is just reading".

New features:
- 2 modes of using Live Camera: broadcasting/playing and just playing modes;
- Homepage section contains the list of all active channels with the link to author's profile;
- Profile Live Camera plays current user's Live Camera channel if there is one.
See screenshots to see how it works.

The latest version is available at http://www.boonex.com/m/live-camera-4-0
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The Free Trial had a Bug. The Bug is Fixed. I immediately purchased the Full Version.
Simple / Flawless Self Install. No Issues to report. You need not worry about this falling short of making the grade because it is a Gem.
No Hype here. Just a Great Feature. Thank You Rayz.

Save yourself some time and just buy it.
Great mod, my members like it.
niice live cam. working great. now trial also working.
This is perfect!!! Any way to change the flash background of the channels home page?
Wow! This is an awesome module. I can't believe I waited this long to buy this. Thank you Rayz! My members are going to love this.
This is a great addition to my site. I know my users will love to be able to utilize it. Also the services on installation was excellent as well. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. :-)!!!
please specify what doesn't work correctly
WOW! This is an amazing module and most definitely a must have!

I have purchased 35 mods through the Market and I would state without a doubt that many of Rayz modules are at the top of the Must Have list of modules. It adds functionality and fun to your site for a small payment of $40.00..........a real bargain as far as I am concerned!

Took about 3 minutes to install. I would say that it was as easy as pie, but I have never made a pie so I really can't compare the two ;-). But I can say that see more it one of the easiest mods to install.

Five stars right across the board for this mod!!
This seems like a fantastic product for your site - it really is very easy to install and almost get working. I purchased this over a month ago and there seems to be a bug with this mod. When someone logs on to the livecam with their webcam, they only show up as being online for a few seconds to other members. When other members refresh their page, the member on the webcam no longer shows up - also when you click on their webcam link to view them - it says channel not available. I have been waiting see more almost a month now to hear back from rayzz but as yet I am still waiting. HOpefully he will get in contact sometime soon!
Please tell me step by step how to install Live Cam

I try to install the live camera (which i bought today) but I cant. I do something wrong. What exactly do i need to do in order to eventually install it? I have my FTP ready and I am in the public_html/modules
I have in front of me the rms3.5.1, the rms3.5.2-rms7.0 and the src... Do I need to install the free version in order to install the one I paid?
I read somewhere at the forum that the insstall of live cam its easy and that thepaid versio see more is self installed what canI do to make it happen.
It appears that I really can not grasp the issue. Ehare can I find a step my step proccess in order to install the live cam?

Thanks in advance

I have same problem, please advise me if you have found help on that issue
Hello, I am not the only exactly the same bug! exatement mem problem with an rms version 7.2.0 on a dolphin without Rayz answer! have you had an answer to this problem?
Love it..it is the best!!!..Pay Money and have Alex does it for you much better!!!...

Thanks Alex....
Hey, I purchased this. Now, how do I install it?
I have sent several messages to the vendor for information on the module before I buy it and never returned any message back. So I bought the module through the SWREG,Inc check out cause paypal was giving me an issue so I check out get a download in my email so I DL it and its just a folder with a file that says thanks with no module. So I come to find out this module does in fact require RMS for the use of it and its was never stated in the Module showcase. So, Still I never got the module and I see more asked for a refund being as I can't use it nor do I plan to pay extra for an RMS server. I have talked to a few buyers that has bought this module months ago and still has not been able to connect it because of lack of information this vendor give. It's a racket, You buy it then if you want it installed right you have to pay more to him or an out source. It cost more then the module and still pay for RMS on top of it all.

It does not meet my demands as I thought this module would do.
I thought this could show " me " on a webcam while browsing the site, but I have to leave the live cam to navigate the site. Noway for site users to browse the Live cam site to see live cams, it is still pictures! Should be live running cams!
I had to wait some days to get the product license, but I think it was the boonex ppl who had done some with the " registration part "
I hope you one day upgrade this module, see more because it has good potentiale. But right now as it is, it is not as good as your description says and people think it can do.
Overall vote for your product is 3 stars, but im giving you 2 stars for my disapointment.
I am trying to figure out how to register this for it to work. I cannot find the registration anywhere. The download file didn't have anything that looks like a registration code. That is where I have been stuck for a while.
Totally love this I bought it and had it installed and nothing was too much a problem a great man honest to his word
Take care if you have Arvixe´s hosting!! they have serious problems with this extension and don´t want to install it in their servers. Rayz´s really trying to help me answering all hosting requirements but i´m still waiting to start using this software
I cannot get the widget to show in my flash apps.I do not have RMS either..can i make it work without it?
Got this on 3/2/12 and got it working but it took me a little bit because of the way I read the installation instructions so heads up. It says move the folder 'src' to the dolphin root directory which I did thinking some install script read it from there. Actually, what he means is to match the folder structure shown in his mod to your Dolphin folder structure. So the LiveCam folder goes in your Flash/Modules folder and the Rayz folder goes in your Modules folder on your server. Once done you see more can run the install from your admin/modules section. Hope that helps.

One other note, I'm using HostForWeb's RMS services and so far, everything seems to be working fine. I have the HP 3100 Webcam product and not sure if it is the camera, mod or rms but the stream is a little pixelated in standard mode and moderately pixelated in full screen mode. I just started testing so it may be something I can adjust. I like the mod!
I buy this live video around 12 hours ago , i did not get any download link or i dont find any download link or button in my account section . please help me
I bought the live camera yesterday and I didn't get a download link or license key?


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