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Got this on 3/2/12 and got it working but it took me a little bit because of the way I read the installation instructions so heads up. It says move the folder 'src' to the dolphin root directory which I did thinking some install script read it from there. Actually, what he means is to match the folder structure shown in his mod to your Dolphin folder structure. So the LiveCam folder goes in your Flash/Modules folder and the Rayz folder goes in your Modules folder on your server. Once done you see more can run the install from your admin/modules section. Hope that helps.

One other note, I'm using HostForWeb's RMS services and so far, everything seems to be working fine. I have the HP 3100 Webcam product and not sure if it is the camera, mod or rms but the stream is a little pixelated in standard mode and moderately pixelated in full screen mode. I just started testing so it may be something I can adjust. I like the mod!
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