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Anti RMS package - save $200


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Added: 23.01.13

Updated: 26.12.13

Category: Communication

Tags: dolphin 7.1, flash, video, audio, voice

Demo: http://dolphinforever.ru/  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

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This package has 8 applications that bring audio/video communication capabilities on your site without using RMS server.
This will allow you to attract more users to your site with cool modern features and save money on video traffic.
The package has 9 applications:
- Youtube 4.0 ($40) - new;
- RMS Free Whiteboard ($20);
- Chat Roulette ($40);
- Live Camera 4 ($30);
- Video Phone 2 ($30);
- RMS Free Instant Messenger ($20);
- Group Chat 2 ($15);
- Profile chat 2 ($15);
- RMS Free Chat ($40).

5 cool plugins for the chat are included in this distribution:
- Chat Predefined Messages ($10);
- Chat Antiflooder ($10);
- Chat Camera Manager ($10);
- Chat Camera Access Confirmation ($10);
- Rooms Watermarks ($10).

Here are some more advantages of these applications:
1. You shouldn't have expensive VPS or dedicated hosting to run RMS;
2. You shouldn't pay for audio/video bandwidth going through the RMS;
3. There is no huge load on your server when the chat is occupied by many users;
4. Video/audio quality becomes better and faster because video comes directly from one user to another without being transferred through RMS

Save $200 buying this package.
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I like every module! It works perfectly. I ordered and received the package the same day. If you wanna make money with Boonex, then you HAVE to get RAYZ Anti RMS Package. Seriously, if you don't get Rayz, you will not have a good website. You must purchase Rayz Anti RMS Package. Thank you!
This is my last attempt to buy something from you guys that actually works ... BUT as usual no help and it doesn't work RMS connection problems ... Module install Fail ..... Please guys I purchased more than $400 so far and none of the modules working ;-( I have installed more than 15 modules from other developers and so far had no problem with others ... what's going on? Your Modules looks great if works.... Please please please help
Bruno Treibenreif
Thanks to RayZ. Fast response, qualified, competent and nice work together with RayZ
could you please activate my license keys to work on http://philippinesproud.com, please check your messages, i have included the keys in the email message i sent you on this site.
I have sent you a message and have not received any response yet. Kindly check and respond. Thank you.
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