Getting Facebook API Keys for Android app

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Here's some information how to get your Facebook API Keys for Android app and adjust it for FB login.
Login into your FB account:
Inline image 1
Click on your app:
Inline image 2
There you'll have FB app ID:
Then go to Settings on the left side menu:
Inline image 4
Click "Add platform"
Inline image 5
Choose Android:
Inline image 6
Fill this form with data below the screenshot:
Inline image 7
Package Name: (replace with your package name)

Class Name: (replace with your app home class name)

Key Hashes: XXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXxxxXXXX== (replace with your FB key hash)

Single Sign On: Turn ON

You can find your package name in Manifest file:
Then click "Save Changes" button below the page and within an hour or so all changes will be active:
Inline image 8
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