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I think it might be this one

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I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the mod, but I am 100% sure I have seen it on the market. I THINK it was something like "myspace auto friend" thing.. since myspace does it with "tom"..

Hope this will help you.
did you ever find this mod????
This would be a nice mod to have
I was thinking about this and I might need to add a little clarification. The map already shows individual points if you zoom in to a specific area. What I am looking for is to replace the flag that displays in the full world (zoomed out) view with individual pins. It might be as simple as moving the point where the application thinks it's zoomed in enough to show individual points.
I fully support this idea and would pay good money for it as well.
This would be awesome! I would even pay a small fee for this mod. I hope someone can get it done.
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