Boonex, IPhone and being left behind

SkyForum posted 26th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

What's the story with the mobile apps? I see some info on IPhone but no real product yet. I also see pages for Blackberry, Andriod and others. I am very curious as to what Boonex's intentions are in this area and if there is any kind of time frame. I am nervous because I am finding posts that are over a year old asking the same question.

I'm a tow truck driver, that's it. Glorified sometimes but I still do auto recovery for a business. The reason I bring this up is the Allstate Motor Club is about to take the IPhone leap and leave Boonex quivering in the dust.

All of our calls sent to us from Allstate roadside are now digital. The phone no longer rings. We service anywhere from 30 to 60 of their calls every day. The dispatch application we use allows us to digitally dispatch the calls directly to the drivers blackberry phones and they can communicate right back to the office by replying to those emails.

Starting next month, all Allstate Roadside members will be able to call for service using their IPhone! The call will auto connect us, give us the members details and completely remove the middleman from the call taking process. Why is this important in respects to Boonex? In my opinion, once the big corporations grasp the technology and start using it, you (Boonex) will lose anything it might have gained by being a leading edge creator in this area. It becomes just another tool that you will be able to find just about anywhere.

Yes, and it doesn't have anything to do with dating.

I want ... , no I NEED this technology for my impending upgrade of TowTalk. Can someone enlighten me? How soon after D7 can we expect a working beta model? Is it still a work in progress or has the idea been completely tanked?

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Andrew Boon
iPhone app as ready for launch - waits for Dolphin 7.
Android app is in development and is almost ready.
Blackberry and Symbian apps are planned, but we haven't done anything with those yet.
Very cool. Thanks for the quick response. As soon as 7 is RC and I can get it functioning on a server, I will be buying the unlimited license from you. I am really looking forward to all of this.!!
When you pay for the license will the iphone and android app come without the dolphin brand? it seems i had read that that will be some sort of seperate cost, but im not sure. Oh and i cant wait for the android app we all have g1s in my house.
The way I understand it, as a Prime member, you can rebrand them but anything else, they will be branded to Boonex.
When I wrote this blog, the app wasn't available yet. Now it is and I think it works pretty well. I'm not impressed by it's overall functionality (needs a few things) but at least I can view images and reply to PM messages...
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