IPhone App. Not what I expected

SkyForum posted 24th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 16 comments.

I waited and waited. I then waited some more. The IPhone app was delayed getting out. I even posted on it's delay in a previous blog. Then it finally arrived with the release of Dolphin 7. Woohoo. We were ready to rock!

Or were we?

I have to say I am not at all impressed with the functionality of this application. I mean, what does it really do?

  1. You can view/change your status message
  2. You can map your location? I pretty well already know where I am at.
  3. You can send/receive site mail
  4. You can view/delete people from your friends list
  5. You can look at your photos or delete them if you wish
  6. You can perform a perfunctory search

That's it. Depressing. At the very least, I expected my members to be able to interact with the other members on the site using it. Outside of the mail function, there is no way to communicate with or add content to the site using this application. Whats the point? Was it done just to prove it was possible?

Some of the things I was hoping to be able to do and were very important to me and the development of my site.

  1. Upload photos from my IPhone to my account on the site.
  2. Upload videos from my IPhone to my account on the site.
  3. Chat with other users via the shoutbox on the front page.
  4. Perform some basic administrative duties like being able to change/activate a users status.

In the end, total disappointment has set in. I see virtually no reason to even push this app as it provides very little functionality outside of the mail service. To me, it provides no usable or promotable experience to the Dolphin environment. Maybe I am wrong. If I am, please step up and tell me what I am missing but I have spent a good amount of time playing with it and it's just boring.

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Nathan Paton
On the brighter side of things, you can do everything you want to do (well most) from the iPhone/iPod Touch using the web browser.

I would say everything, but Steve Jobs is a backwards-ass who's recent hatred for Flash is a decade late into the game.
You can't upload a video from your IPhone. I have tried, even in regular mode you cannot choose the file.
Will never be able to use the iphone for chat as chat is Flash based and therefore will not work with iphone.
Nathan Paton
I don't believe the two of you actually read what I said...
You don't believe as in "wow, they read what I said" or "Wow, they didn't hear anything I said" I read it. You can upload and play youtube (flash) videos just fine into IPhone. You can also play the videos on my site on IPhone just fine. How come I can't upload a video i take with my IPhone to my site? Is it the same reason I can't tether my laptop to the internet with IPhone?

I will agree with you that Steve Jobs is an ass.....
Now everyone who knows me, is aware that I'm not exactly pro windows, but got to admit that one gadget I cannot do without is my windows mobile powered phone - WM6 + HTC + Opera mini = Truly mobile internet. (Plus I can share the internet connection with my Macbook).
Ok, I just noticed this. The AD for the IPhone thats at the bottom of everyones homepage reads as follows:

iPhone App
Browse profiles, watch photos and videos, listen to shared music, upload photos, send letters and even more - all from your iPhone.

It says you can upload photos but I'll be damned if I can figure out how .....
LOL Boonex say a lot of things ;)
You can upload videos from your iPhone. You just have to tilt your head slightly to the left, with your tongue protruding .87 inches out of the right side of your mouth, standing on your left hand while smashing the iPhone into the asphalt with your right hand all the while singing Ring around the Rosies in b flat.
Learn from Nimbuzz.com Boonex
on the page

it is written :
A Prime license is the only way to obtain the right to “rebrand” the “oo” app as your own and submit it to iTunes. Everyone else has to offer the BoonEx “oo” app for their members to connect to their Dolphin-based sites. Go Prime!
More Mobile Apps

app as your own and submit it to iTunes. - it possilbe to have an adult site
@danielmarseille No you cannot have your own adult site rebrand. Apple does actually check the thing submitted to them and will see it is an adult site and will deny the app. However, since boonex has already received approval for their app your adult site can piggyback on boonex's branded app for the client's use.
mauricecano - I do not know how BoonEx and iTunes will react - if an adult site that hides behind the application BoonEx

the adult sites we are the unloved - lots of ban for our sites
That's because only half the population will admit to visiting them (and the other half lies about it)
Sky the entire purpose to build an I-phone application is so you can turn on the ability to upload the pictures and video from your phone. Apple turns that search and find feature off so you HAVE TO write an app. to get access to them. Having said that why in the world considering we do have an app are we not able to do so? You have to ask yourself if it costs more to do it or they just plain missed it BC maybe when it was written the Video feature wasn't even an option? THE ENTIRE purpose of see more the I-Phone as far as this app goes would be able to upload the Geocodes attached to the pictures several apps already do that and you might know where you are but your friends or a future date may not so having shared geocodes is nothing but cool. I have to admit I was VERY disappointed when I played with the app for Dolphin what a home run it could be including the ability to use the online store, geocodes, Video, and picture as well as communicate back in forth like you can do with the FB app for the Iphone I love to be able to chat if i want to go to bed........
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