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I'm Daniel , webmaster, designer and moderator Boonex

Latest achievement >> http://aupairsitting.com

Seven years of experience with script dolphin

My Products for dolphin > http://www.boonex.com/market/posts/danielmarseille

For the payment of my products I accept cryptocurrency - litecoin address: LXRFQMciJs46iAfvJVjLmedNurDQ7zyorj

Site Demo Splashpages and Templates For Dolphin 7.1.x ( 7.1.0 - 7.1.1 - 7.1.2 - 7.1.3 - 7.1.4 - 7.1.5 - 7.1.6 )


No more available on the market (contact me by mail)

For an installation of dolphin

To make changes to your site or the create a custom template unique to you

for the customization of my products or if you have a problem with one of my products

Contact me with the internal messaging on BoonEx or use the e-mail provided in the products

Si vous êtes français, consultez le forum français


Best Regards


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Will work great for developing my business website. Thanks for the professional services. The module looks slick and performance is flawless!
this template did exactly what i wanted for my site....
it really gives it the feel i was looking for
Bonjour Daniel,

j’espère que tu vas bien? il y a quelques années, nous avons acheté avec toi le module français de notre License et tu nous a aide a installer l'application sauf que pour plusieurs raisons nous n'avons pas pu l'exploiter.

Pourrais-tu stp nous aider a nouveau en nous fournissant le module traduit en français et en nous aidant a installer a nouveau?

De quelles infos auras tu besoin de notre part? Merci par avance de ton aide.


Splashpage + Template - Adult having big problems with splashpage couldn't get response from support so opened paypal dispute only to get message from Daniel marsellie stating ....you buy a product and you made a paypal dispute
we do not like that kind of person on BoonEx well I would hope we at boonex don't like vendors that sell products that don't function correctly then not give support ...Daniel offered to help I dropped the dispute and have not been able to contact him since ..so my advice see more would be stick to the free splash and templates at least your not paying out for something you cannot use very disappointed
You buy the product on 07.18.15 - and one days later - You make a dispute Paypal the 07.19.15 -- you abuse
i opened a dispute to get help with the product as you would not respond any other way took you a week nearly to help me sort it out on a splash page where ppl cant get in your site that's a big problem great customer service my friend I left the last msg to help you right things on your page and here you are again !
id like to add that since this Daniel has been intouch and sorted the problem with the template and im now very happy with it can be seen at http://www.swingfun.co.uk
I purchased when the template was first released but did not get back here to write a review. I came looking for a slideshow plugin - and found one.
Now about BlackisBlack - this is a fantastic theme which has all the right things built in - it will give your site a professional look and feel - and it is fast loading. Daniel does fantastic work, provides great service and here I am again backing it up with my money.
Works perfect, see http://www.busimatch.com
Works perfect (see http://www.busimatch.com) :-)
La bannière fonctionne bien. Très beaux effets
Très belle bannière. Je recommande
thanks :) great work
Arte online
Bonjour, je suis le directeur de ARTE ONLINE, j'ai acheté plusieurs de ses produits,
le dernier splashpage/Disclamer1 splashpage/Disclamer2.
Ma question est de savoir si il ya une possibilité d'ajouter un bouton pour choisir la langue dans
splashpage/Disclamer1 sur votre page et avoir la traduction dans la langue que vous souhaitez .
De cette façon votre page et dolphin sont traduits, ainsi dolphin et également entrer la langue correcte.
Vous pouvez me dire s'il est possible et comment see more faire
Merci pour votre attention
Arte online
Thanks for splashpage works great
I have some doubts me immediately recoveron.
Highly recommended.
Support is brilliant and always a pleasure to do business with danielmarseille
Great little module - can be seen in action at atarichmond.com - Only drawback is that when user uses pop up login box on the home page the Login box vanishes when jQuery slides the pics. I think this is inherit to DOM and not much can be done about it. Would recommend though Easy to install.
Fantastic and a huge thank you for your assistance with templates! Im very happy!
Great product to finish off my site with. Easy to install and worked great!
very beautiful black model
very beautiful model
thank you very much :)
A good looking template if a fbook theme is what your after easy to install and a good service from Daniel not with this product has it installed nice and easy,but with other purchases he has helped in a flash ...a Good reliable chap
Very professional looking when set up with the online dating template ..thank-you this was so easy to install,also i have bought other items of this developer were i needed is help and the work was done within the day a great service {recommended
Great template easy install and Daniel was very fast to help get the banner working anybody that does buy this i dont think you would be disappointed ..
Great customer support. Purchased last night, installed in the morning. Thank you!
The template is amazing attention to detail fab , customer support brilliant , very helpful. thankyou very much danielmarseille your a wonderful person. gemma x
Great product to finish off my site with. Easy to install and worked great! A must have if you have a all black site like mine!
Love this template. I just purchased it and it only took a couple of minutes to install, so if this grandma can do it, anyone can..lol. Well worth the money I paid for it. I have been on this site since 2007 and must say there are only a couple of vendors I will purchase from and danielmarseille is one of them. Very trust worthy and great products! Thanks!!!!
The splash looks great, but I am not able to create a profile from it. Clicking on "click here to have fun" does nothing. Any idea?
it is not here that you must make a request for assistance
contact via private message or with email supplied with the product
Thank you for the great template, very swift reply and excellent service.

I rate you a solid 5/5!
Thank you for very quick response, and great template! We are very pleased with this so far :-D.
Amazing template danielmarseille im very happy , top quality template.
fantastic template with top quality service!
Thanks for the installation, looks great.
Quick and professional.
Hi Daniel,
Just bought the template, So far so good. The only inconvenience is the way updates are displayed on the home page outline. It display as a vertical list instead.

Any idea why?

(Thanks for all the plus inside)
request for help by private message or from the email address provided with the product
Very Nice Template. Will let you know if I find any bugs
please contact me as soon as possible .. i have left for you a message in your inbox.. thank you very much
sorry for the delay but I forget your message
I contact you immediatly
I checked almost all the templates on the market at Boonex site, I noticed lots of them are very clutters with unnecessary things. They have too many GIFs which slow down the pages load, and way too many colors which would be ideal for my 10 yrs old child. But after I stumbled upon Daniel’s Templates, their look & feel caught my eyes right the way. I could not believe I found the exact templates I've been looking for as if they are customized just for me. His templates are smooth, user friendly see more and they don’t use too much resources during the site load. Furthermore, his support is excellent, he answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Check out his templates to see what I am talking about. I will definitely purchase more products from him..
thank you very much Morocco
Like the splash page. I am making some modifications to and I wonder if you can tell me how I can add a module to it? I know it cant be done in the builders, but is there a way to add a "new members" block to the splash page. would like to show guests pictures of my new members
this is not the place for requests for assistance
contact me by private message or depuids my email address provided in the product
thank you
i liked this template. danielmarseille is very helpful and he helped me even though he finished his work of free installing template. look of the template is great very profetional like facebook and my members are loving it. i wish all the best to daniel.
thank you very much :)
I installed Splashpage-dolphinbook and when I press on "sign up", nothing happens.
you forgot step 6 of the readme file

@eswh @solusoft
sorry for the late reply
I had to go see family who live far away from me
I contact you immediatly
I am having problems with this slider too!! It causes a conflict with my current site template. Im sure the slider is the problem cause when I remove the slider everything works fine. I have tried contacting you for 4 days now but no response here and your other email address. Can you fix this module please... it has to do with jquery.js files
it does not match with the 7.1.1 js files used.
Worst customer support. After purchasing we requested for some details almost before 10 days. No reply at all.
Just wasted my money.
sorry for the late reply
I had to go see family who live far away from me
I contact you immediatly
I am having problems with this slider. It causes a conflict with my current site template. Im sure the slider is the problem cause when I remove the slider everything works fine. I have tried contacting you for a week but no response. It was installed by you so I am not at fault there. Can I get some assistance please????????????
Nice - thank you!
Thank you very much Daniel

Really appreciate your assistance

Let me know when ver 7.1 is released, will surely buy that

Thank you once again
fast install great template top notch customer service.
Nice template. The product was easy to install and worked out of the box. If I had any questions, then Daniel was quick to respond. I highly recommend Daniel!
thank you GAEA - you're welcome
PERFECT, Thank you very much! I looks nice. every time again
Super nice ... thanks

Really great service and looks great ...

Thanks again ........

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