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Skills: php, jquery, java, android, html5
Timezone: PhilippinesWorking Hours: 8am - 10pm
Availability: Upon Request
Spoken Languages: English

Cater professional web design, web application development and internet marketing solutions, CMS, Dolphin, PHP, JQUERY, CSS, AJAX, HTML5 & Rebrand Mobile Applications. Notice : Most modules will be updated and will develop more soon. As for the moment we are finishing one big custom project. After this will be massively update the market. Thanks for your patience.

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lubajewellleft feedback on Photo Tag23rd of April 2017
Hi! Is there a way you can make the tag by real name, not by nickname?
Hi all,
This is a "High Five" for Private Photo Plus!
Needless to say, at a minimum this is a mandatory module for any social network that uses the photo module. My site is an adult dating site in which Private Photo Plus adds a much needed extension.

I must say the support and help from Scriptologist has been very timely, professional and without any reservations, they aim to please. Good work!
Many thanks Anthony :)
This post is regarding your Multi-Dolphin Synchronizer module . You should update the module to be compatible with dolphin v.7.3.3, I had to edit 'compatible_with' => array' in config.php to install, I suggest that you update the Multi-Dolphin Synchronizer module and open support forums for your modules. Cheers!
Thanks yes it is updated..
all good, the works as described and is useful if you have multiple sites and need to transfer data between them.
Great to hear that.. :)
what is this ??? do i get $ charged from google and others ??
why i need accounts on :
2-Microsoft Translator

why you dont write all that in module page ??
And your payment didn't push thru why ask refund. It is pending in boonex orders and Paypal.
Instead you have my module with you.
scriptologist it will solve your issues ty
Does not work with 7.3.2 like it says. Asked to make it work and was told that he will look into it. Never heard anything else and still does not work with 7.3.2. Asked for re-fund and still no answer after a month. I knew better then to buy from him since there are bad reviews but chanced it anyways. Out the money and well never buy from him again. Also will warn others NOT to buy his products.
already pm you with the resolution. ty
mcconahaleft feedback on Birthdays1st of August 2016
can you make module compatible with 7.3.1 i getting error message trying to install mod, says not compatible. please post when its compatible. so i can download the new mod
hello it has been updated pls redownload if ever having issues still pm me ty
Baptiste64left feedback on Birthdays17th of July 2016
Simply perfect
Thank you Baptist! :)
Yeeesssleft feedback on Photo Tag14th of July 2016
Thank you for this great mod!!!! Highly recommended.
very good helpfull i recommend him without hesitation
Hi Guys this is already updated for version 7.3
Now compatible with 7.3.0.
Happy to announce that - Video Watermark is now compatible with Dolphin 7.3.0 .
Happy to announce that - Private photo plus is now compatible with Dolphin 7.3.0 .
Updated For 7.3.0
Updated for 7.3.0
kenny407left feedback on Birthdays11th of April 2016
Hello, I just bought your module of Birthdays, I have the 7.2.1 and the 7.3.0 version of Dolphin installed in different servers, I added the compatibility in install/config.php of the module so I could install it via the admin manager.

I added the block of members_birthdays in the page builder-> homepage in the admin view, but I cannot see it when I go back to the index view or in the account view. I already cleaned cache from dolphin boonex and also from the browser, any ideas on how to fix see more this?

The block should be showing if there are no coming birthdays.

Thanks in advance
Hi please check inbox. thank you.
RE: Market product Multi-Module Creator Plus.

Hi Scriptologist

Can you tell me when the above mod will be updated.

Thank you

He Gew happy to announce that it is ready for 7.3 :)
We will check on this may take time but will update you. Message us in our inbox please ty.
I have sent requests via messaging on here and via your Facebook page but sadly I have had ZERO reply.

Please be reminded that we will be updating most module soon and will develop more.. We are just finishing one big project then will focus on the module dev.
given money, but not install them My Mod Install
Also, module installation is done on the Administration side. Without an access to your site, it is very hard to support you on this matter. We need you to trust us with your site credentials and rest assured everything is confidential. Thanks
Hi Jonnaklasine, unfortunately we had to do some restructuring for the module support team due to some internal issues. We will address your problem as a priority as soon as possible. Sorry for this.
@timburleigh - I'm trying to fix the issue patiently but in the end, I found out it's a host problem. It won't detect .php file on the modules directory.
I recommend you do not purchase this product. I purchased the module and was unsuccessful getting it to install properly so I purchased a mod installation from Scriptologist 5 days ago. The mod has not been installed and I can't get Scriptologist to respond. Now I'm out $90.00. Scriptologist, please fix this for me and I will remove this review.
deaftvleft feedback on Video Watermark13th of May 2015
Thanks!! very good!!!
Links to Profile Tab and Edit tab demo don't work. Haven't done so for weeks. I'd like to see a demo of these before purchasing
It is updated please check. ty
Good mod. Brought some members back to my site. Well worth the price.
This is definitely a beta for a much needed mod and while it may work for some people, or for testing as the author says, it has a ways to go to be useful. The main issue are with performance (it attempts to load all topics without any pagination), doesn't allow for topic group navigation, and message display formatting is minimal. But it is better than the previous version, which I couldn't get to work at all, and I'm really looking forward to the update.
Bought Private File module from this seller and it didn't work as it should, so I removed it from the site and asked for refund. Was denied so had to start a claim with PayPal. Seller has not responded to the claim after PayPal asked him to respond before 21st Nov.

Untrustworthy person.
Very nice (and useful) mod, thank you!
Don't normally post in here but no response in msg.

hi mate your module is not installing ....we have 7.1.4 .... i have tried both the 7.1 folder and the other one out of desperation. i know your product page says its compatible so no idea.
Installation of: Java Photo Uploader Failed

-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script

please any suggestions
replied you on email
Modules does not work properly and the support is also very bad!
I suggest everyone test this module on the developer's demo site before purchasing it... make sure it does exactly what you need it to. Do not expect any "quick" support. I bought it(for 7.0.9) 10 days and a tried several ways to integrate it into my website. I could *not* use the module to create a content rich page... so I messaged the developer 10 days ago asking for help. I've received no response. Now I'm stuck with an expensive module that has also problems.
If you upload a video, it is converted but no longer displayed. The referencing of the finished video does not work! In addition, the flash player does not work with the setting JWPlayer. Not a good tool! For $ 75 I expected more!
onergizleft feedback on Event Countdown9th of May 2014
Super module. Thanks for module and support.
Terrible customer support, will not respond to issue with his phpbb integration.
I just bought this module and i am trying to install it, i am following your "readme.txt" file, but got stuck on step 4, "4. on .htaccess

RewriteRule ^forum/events/(.*)$ modules/boonex/forum/$1?orca_integration=events [QSA,L]

RewriteRule ^forum/pages/(.*)$ modules/boonex/forum/$1?orca_integration=pages [QSA,L]"

where do i find the ".htaccess" file, there are quite a few of them in the dolphin folder, but you didnt specify which one like see more you specified the file to modify in step "6. on modules/boonex/wall/classes/BxWallResponse.php"

if you're having trouble finding this RewriteRule ^forum/events/(.*)$ modules/boonex/forum/$1?orca_integration=events [QSA,L], just put the code before </IfModule>
This module is a lifesaver!
Only thing that would make it perfect would be the ability to rotate Avatars!

Even without that, it's more than enough!

Thank you for the great module!
just downloaded a fresh copy for 7.1.4. Originally purchased this a long time ago but never got around to using it. When attempting to add a site other than the site the module is installed on, I get " file does not exists on that path ". The module is installed on second site, and path I am using is: /home/name/public_html/. ANy assistance on resolving this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
I was very pleased with the customer service and timeliness of response. The module was uploaded for me in no time. Thank you for your help.
Module does not work properly and the support is also bad!
This guy bought 4 modules with big discount, used the modules, asked for support, which I also gave, would not listen for delay explanation, that because of the philippine earthquake and typhoon, my response was slow, made a dispute, got his refund, then put a bad comment.
The mod works great on my site and my users love it!!! The vendor was professional and assisted with the installation every step of the way. Highly recommended mod and vendor.
I purchased the Private Photo Plus from Scriptologist and I am very pleased with the results. I paid to have them download the scripts to my site and they gave excellent customer service and tech support. I would definitely recommend using their products. Definitely worth the money to have a better social site.
Using in version 7.1.4 Works great! Thank you so much for creating this!
As per your instructions we purchased mod installation module. You promised that you will be rectifying the mistakes or errors happening in pages module. But it is not happening from your side after continuous remainders also. Please do it as early as possible.
Hello. I keep sending you remainders for the errors i found in this module. I even purchased Installation module also. But no response from the author.
Sent you messages already on your inbox.

this mod is not compatible with 7.13 and its a disappointment to see it has not been updated.
Hi All,
Do you have the Multi-Fields Builder screenshots for the installation instruction? I can't see them. I think I need them for the installation. I installed the module but it is not appearing in the builders.

I've created video tutorials. Please check them out.

Generate fields tutorial:

Creating Fields tutorial

Editing and Viewing Fields tutorial

Thank you for contacting with us, i will send to you the screenshoots on the installation manual.
Really simple to install. It's not hard. And when most sites don't even have the ability to rotate a photo. Now at least my site does. Great addition to the site. I'm happy to recommend this mod.
redheartbooksleft feedback on Photo Tag6th of May 2013
Fantastic mod. I've been using it for a while and when I upgraded to D7.1, I needed help. scriptologist was awesome and responsive. The new updated mod looks better than ever. Highly recommended.
it work just fine $8 was a great price tho I have to buy it 2times I buy it 3-4 years ago for D6 and now for D7 it work fine.
OK- This is the most difficult review I've ever had to write....Some things MUST be addressed....HERE. I am going to be completely Fair and Honest and give a strong suggestion at the end which is absolutely crucial for this product.

1st- This is not a "bad" mod...In fact- this is the Best Pages mod available around here- better than the free alternative Pages- which is a "Group Clone" discussed on the Forums. BUT- There are some things that need to be worked out yet in 7.1, see more and they are things that may find you displeased upon purchase. I have owned this since Nov 2011 and it was at it's best on 7.07 and 7.09 and back then I was looking forward to 7.1 because I knew that's where I'd be....some things have been removed since, yet the price was also lowered since too. (I have mixed feelings about this) This Mod was worth every bit of it's previous $150 price tag back when it had ALL the elements it did on 7.09 I think some of those elements should have been kept.

2nd- And very important- THIS IS NOT A GROUP CLONE! At a glance some have dismissed this as an over-price group clone, and I think I know why- They apparently had not seen the Multi-Page Creator admin panel area, or studied the actual code/files. Many mods available look like group clones- again This is NOT. This is much better! SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE, and I don't believe it has had it's a fair shake YET.

That being said- There are some things which MUST be done before I can back this mod 100% and before I can actually recommend this mod to anyone:

1) I will not recommend you buy this UNTIL- A FORUM has been created by the developer- MARK my friend- YOU NEED TO HAVE A FORUM or this mod is not going to sale as well as it could or should. Your customers need this and dare I say- are at the least entitled a place here with a direct line of communication to properly discuss this mod with you to compare and report results of bug fixes, and to assure their Very Important Pages Module has the support making it worthy of purchase. I do appreciate you applying bug fixes I've sent...still- a FORUM is CRUCIAL for this mod, as surely others would have found resolution quicker than I.
2) I truly appreciate the video Mark made available on YouTube which I would call a "Getting Started" video. With that said- I feel this particular module would better return all customers better value if one or more additional video(s) were created which go beyond this "Getting Started" video. I do also consider that many mods have no video at all and as little trouble as it is to do this, I think it would be a good trend to see here. They can be made private if one wishes. I recommend this because- There are things that are still unanswered which need further explained and are not shown in the video....I CAN reproduce the results in the video....I have yet to get properly working thing such as embedding YouTube videos as it should and I as could easily on 7.09 before all the changes (Which will be VERY important for most people who want to offer Pages to their members). There are other things as well....

3) There needs to be listed changes that are taking place with module, in more detail, as it impacts how customers now and of the past use and work with this module. I've noticed some of the changes require folks to do things a bit differently than before...

You may find it strange that I give this mod 4 stars, and I tell you- I would give it 5 if a better line of communication existed for this module. But until the things I mentioned are addressed, I don't want to even say how many stars I would give, because this module would otherwise not be worth my while...I've had to do way too much work which could easily be bettered with good communication.

As of 7.1.1- Dolphin Java Script has changed, and I'll just say- Things need to be discussed here, as I have dropped back to 7.1.0 on my test site which I usually keep 1 version ahead of my live site.

I'm not going to say- "Don't buy this mod!" It has way to much potential and sales will positively influence additions to this module.

I'm going to say- IF YOU SEE A FORUM Attached to this Multi-Page Creator Product Page- YES! Do Buy this MOD- It may be the one of the best mods you invest in!!! Otherwise- it may be one which causes you disappointment. This mod is one that can easily be understood, yet you will have to give it some time and attention. I will tell you with full confidence- Give it that time and your site's Pages can and will exceed your expectations, and will offer much more than what other sites with whatever Pages module they have out of the box. Couple this mod with some other key mods- You have an unlimited ability to offer Pages better than any site on the web- In my opinion BETTER Than Facebook. This is one mod that in order to offer something better, you will have to understand WHY you must do a little more work in the beginning (which is better explained in a forum). Sometimes "Better" means that some conveniences you may have been accustomed cannot as easily be offered.

MARK, I want you to know- This has become my most important module, and I feel many, many people will appreciate the work and what you've done with this module which makes it "special" and unlocks the restraints that hold other modules back. You know you have my support....and I'll make a pledge to offer whatever support I can on this module- I'm willing to make myself more available, BUT I cannot stress enough PLEASE- Create a FORUM and see the benefits of this---> You have a good thing going here and huge opportunity to boost sales and show folks what makes Multi-Page Creator the best Pages option around.
Can we count on your support here on this?

Thanks a lot for the comment. This module has been fully updated, please contact me if you want to apply the update on your site.


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