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Email Notifications Plus

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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 23.02.10

Updated: 17.08.13

Category: Communication

Tags: extensions, email notifications, notifications, email, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - demo1,password - demo1

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Scriptologist. It cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage.

Technical Checklist...

This module is needed so that your users will know all the site activities via email. This is a complete notifications for all the boonex modules.
Adding  any new modules from other developers as well as easy as 123. Just click the update link and define the new module fields on the Email Notifications Configuration and you're done.
A user has the ability to turn off particular email notifications and can also accept email notifications from their friends, whenever a friend upload a new photo, etc...
Admin has also the option whether to receive all the activities from the site via email.
This modules will send email notifications from:
- One click disable/enable on all notifications for users
- Wall Posts Email Notification
- Profile  rate, comments
- Photos add, rate, comments
- Videos add, rate, comments
- Sounds add, rate, comments
- Events add, rate, comments
- Blogs add, rate, comments
- Stores add, rate, comments
- Sites add, rate, comments
- Groups add
- and all the other boonex modules.
- The comment author can also receive an email notification whenever their comment on any part of the site has been replied.
- The comment author will see the exact comment on where the reply is.
- Wall posts email notifications will be viewed on what particular post is notified.
- Site notifications will also display the comment replies in that way, the member can see the notification even without checking their email.
 - Set defaults to all users
Demo emails log in at:

pass: demo1234

pass: demo1234
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Thanks much. Had some issues at first and he got right in there and kept at it until it worked with my particular installation. Thanks! Wonderfully useful mod!
Finally a way for members to know, and let friends know, that new content has been added to your website. Great communication tool !!!
This is a great mod. It really creates more traffic from your members, because now they know when someone has made a comment or rated something on their profile. I have had it installed for little over a week and there has been twice the amount of log ins then before I had the mod. I had issues with the install and he helped me out. I recommend this to anyone who wants their members to constantly be returning to your site for updates. It is a great communication tool everyone should have.
Another GREAT much needed mod from Scriptologist. With this mod, your members will now immediately know when new content is added to your site by their friends. This is something that will keep them coming back to your site. Great job! One of the best mods yet. Every social site needs this.
Great mod! Great support!
One word to describe the mods and Scriptologist is "WOW" and simply fantastic.

His support and his generosity is simply beyond speaking. i have installed the mod and am still waiting to run it fullfledged so that i find some errors.

Great addition for any website and easier alternative.

You did a wonderful job with this mod.

Excellent mod and the service was the best Ive experienced on this site,

Actually should get more than 5 stars.

highly recommended.

Hello all sites need email notifications to keep users coming back to see who viewed there profile ect. I was so frustrated that you had to turn off receive mass mail just to stop 1 notification and then get none at all. This module gives the users the choice to pick and choose from a list of notifications.. It has its own page ONE page so its easy to use for users. The ability to add your own email notifications is a stroke of genius. Communication is top of the line with support that is outstanding. see more

If you are serious about your site then you need this email notification system I guarantee it is more than you could hope for in Quality. Oh BTW it works that is really an important +++++ Communication is a given along with the support. Value you cannot go past this mod, it should be a built in function in the core of dolphin but it isn't so come along and do you and your members a favor and get this today.

It is on my site at
I suggest everyone test this module on the developer's demo site before purchasing it... make sure it does exactly what you need it to. Do not expect any "quick" support. I bought it(for 7.0.9) 10 days and a tried several ways to integrate it into my website. I could *not* use the module to create a content rich page... so I messaged the developer 10 days ago asking for help. I've received no response. Now I'm stuck with an expensive module that has also problems.
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