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Dol7.3.X Mod Troubleshooting Service


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 09.04.15

Updated: 09.04.15

Category: Installation

Tags: extensions, services, dolphin 7.1

Demo: NA  username - NA,password - NA

License: NA

Technical Checklist...

Having issues with the mod after you install here is the service for you I will check your core files and apply possible fix.

Mod troubleshooting service makes Site functionality running smoothly.

Includes advice and suggestions:

- Email author for possible updates if needed

- Updates via Boonex email or Skype

Note: price will change defends on the sites amount of errors.


* For more clarification please contact me here in unity.
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Thanks for the quick fix. Great job like always.
This module is perfect to those who have minor problems on the site and can not resolve.
Many of the cases is a good idea to seek help from a professional out instead of trying to solve the problem by yourself and end up making the problem worse.
Working with Kris is really nice.
I strongly advise this module
Note - 5/5.
Always awesome work. There to help every time!!!
Thanks Sam :) have a nice weekend.
AMAZING...thank you ExpertzKris...patient, quick, and accurate. Even though I'm not a computer person...ExpertzKris was helpful, and took the time to explain things so that I would understand. 5 stars...Thank You...
Thanks Excel! God bless you brother..
Thank you for all your great work Chris, your a credit to Boonex,..
Hi Kris,
Thank you very much my friend
everything works
you are great
you always do a great job
Thank you
best regards
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