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RMS Install


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Added: 03.01.10

Updated: 07.01.14

Category: Other

Tags: installation, services, aqb soft, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - aqbtest,password - xxxxx

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Technical Checklist...

You need to provide FTP, CPanel and SSH(root) access to your server and Dolphin admin panel access info to connect it to newly installed RMS.
Installation takes about 1-2 working days.
If you have some questions fill free to contact me here or via email.
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can you provide us with a wiki file on installing RMS instead of hawking your installation services on here? would be much better if you were to provide a wiki not just for RMS but for this whole beast that has been released.
The installation manual is available here since RMS was created.
You may find it using the following link
This service was created for everybody who wants to get a professional installation in short time.
Alexander at AQB Soft performed the install RMS services quickly and accurately - no problems, and was up and running in one day! I highly recommend using their services if you need help - well worth the small fee!
just the help i need with my dolphin site 5 Star
AntonLV installed RMS in two places and they work just great! very fast installation and great support. Thanks :)
ANton install for me for the 2 time RMS on my 2 D7 servers. Fast and working perfect in 1 day, good follow up and friendly support. Thank you very much. I did a good choice when I choice you for agent...You are the best!!!
Anton is incredibly fast and did the job perfectly. He said he would do within a day and it was done in 30 minutes. He fixed a problem for me that man others could not fix. I highly reccomend him. I look forward to using him again ALOT. He's great! My RMS is working perfectly now!
I highly recommend Mr. Anton, he really is very professional. Good
service, Fast and reliable.

Thanks Anton.
Perfect Service, Highly recommended ! A+
another perfect service from anton :-) thank you
Was glad to help you. Thanks!!!
AntonLV provided expert, fast installation. Installation instructions are not really complete for all varieties of Linux, so is better to have a pro do it. Very satisfied customer!
Thank you for the review! :)
Awesome service and great communication! Loved working with these guys and would highly recommend! :)
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