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Well, folks, ive been gone for a while. I see things are ticking right along and looking good. I am glad to be back, though im unsure how i have 100% negative feedback, must have reset the stats on that one. oh well, Jay, and others holla at ya boy

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So yesterday afternoon I found my Dolphin Network was down..

Early 2011, switching to Terabyte-Hosting was a huge lifesaver for me. Great prices, the team knew the software, I was up and running in no time, and the admin has been really helpful in answering questions, talking about options and general support.. That all slowed to a stop in the Summer of this year as my emails bounced back to me, and my messages and chats were unanswered.. Life gets busy though, so I always give the benefit of see more the doubt.

Payments are due at the end of the month for my network, so just about 15days ago, I paypal'd a pretty large sum of money for me. As my network is a free social network for my members.. with 11,000 users I need a dedicated server. Some members help out by upgrading their memberships for featured benefits which I found was a great way to get donations..

Then yesterday came and I gave it a little bit of time, thinking the network would come back up once Terabyte Hosting Solutions (or Root Baron??) noticed.. then I found their own site was down. Shortly after trying to reach them by email, phone, skype and twitter, I saw that their own host (turns out they were a reseller) suspended their servers due to lack of payment (see image attached). Calling the number on the site, I found that THS was several months behind in payments. With no other solutions, I had to pay more for my server to be turned back on, and to become a short term client of the host of my host till they give me a quote. As I have customers of my own, I can't wait around..

I don't mean this to be a negative post, as THS was really great! However after this experience, I probably will not be doing business with them again :(
Always willing to help and damn good at it!
Dosdawg is not only good at Dolphin but he is very helpful too.
He makes his work great
He has brought my dolphin to run and I'm very satisfied.
Thank you Dosdawg
Dosdawg is amazing, he helped me fix a problem I was having in minutes and then also made a couple of other suggestions that improved my site immensly. He was so professional and knowledgeable I was blown away!!!!!
Truly must say that Dosdawg is a very nice guy. He has help me BIG time with my site - were another company has dropped the ball on me. I'm finding Dosdawg to be attentitive and compassion with my situation and is showings great efforts to complete my site by my deadline. FINALLY someone who does what he says. I'm happy! I will post my out come - I'm sure it will be great as well. Thank you much Dawg.
i want to thank you very very much for taking your time and walking me through your a great friend to have and very very very knowledgeable
Mr. Dawg,

Thank you so much for getting my sirte back up. Mucho thanks. Now if I can just get me login and video upload issues fixed that would be great! One step at a time I guess. Dolphin support has been no help.

Thanks again!
DosDawg was extremely friendly, patient, and clear in his communication regarding my problem. Unfortunately, I wreaked havoc on my website, I don't know what I did....even though I tried to change just one thing. When my site grows with more traffic I will definitely look into his hosting services for my needs. A++
Dosdawg Is a wonderful guy, a am new to boonex forums and i was having some problem in my cron jobs. He messaged me and guided me so well that i was able to solve my cron problem. Although he is a programmer but he went to the basic level so that i can do it myself. I highly recommend him if anyone new to boonex wants an error free and the best dolphin hosting available. And the best part he is always available for us. So u can bother him with all your troubles. The best
DosDawg is AWESOME! :) Had so many problems with my former hosting company. He straightened everything out. He migrated the site over without any problems or downtime. Very easy to work with, reliable and knows dolphin very well. All of my future dolphin sites will be hosted with Terabyte-Hosting. He also does service agreements with DolphinTech which is great when the site runs into any "dolphin" technical problems. Thanks DosDawg!! :)
DosDawg does have the best hosting plans and gives more than the others for your buck as I checked it out properly. All that means nothing if your host has no experience with dolphin. DosDawg is an expert when it comes to Dolphin and how to host it. So you get Best Host, Best Pricing, Dolphin Expert, EXCELLENT people skills.
He has saved my sanity and helped me when I was at my wits end with my dolphin site, and god bless him for that.

The root of all evil lies in who is hosting your dolphin see more site as far as I am concerned. I started with Arvixe about 20 months ago, as its on advertised on Unity, that was my first mistake. Regular hosting package and me with no dolphin skills a newbie to boot. My site growing fast and I was never happy with Arvixes lack of dolphin knowledge they assured me that was my problem. Lack of skills period is Arvixe fault. Outsourcing ................

I upgraded from personal class to business class plan last year and this is when I should have left Arvixe but its a nightmare moving hosts and the period over 24 hours for site to appear online was another head ache I was not ready to do just yet. Theory of chaos came into play and its was a nightmare that I couldn't wake from as Arvixe was not capable of doing a backup uploading a backup and its a simple process to have me online again. The support team could make a living as comedians as they are beyond a joke and I won't elaborate for the migraine it causes me. Honestly they do not read the information what you type to them. In live chat you get .. I am looking into it, 20 minutes later I say well whats happening. One moment I am looking into it.... 20 minutes here is an url to knowledge base........... how did I feel then.............???? speachless.. Took about a week to get my site back online and cost me extremely alot of business.

Support team is like .... Who's on First! Whats on Second and Arvixe is on 3rd

1 Month ago I contact Arvixe to ask how to I upgrade my plan and what would they suggest as my email usage is greater than the business plan gives me as if I sent more than 1000 emails within 1 hour shit hits the fan so let me elaborate. All members by default are my friend like Tom on myspace. I have 600 members. I upload 2 photos 1200 emails are sent. OMG I found out the hard way. 200 of them bounce sending me emails that I am over the 1000 per hour now those emails telling me I am over bounce and what do you know I had 40,000 emails and I"m freaking out how do I stop this. Took me a white to figure out what the hell was going on.

So back to asking Arvixe what do I do about this and they say to get the VPS package so I email them about it saying yes please upgrade me blah blah. Oh next day my site is offline I am suspended. Why to many emails I'm told. I said to them I've emailed you they said they didn't get it, So I sent it to them again that had once been replied to, Hopeless......

blah blah I do the upgrade pay the bucks and am thinking SWEET live without email chaos. Once again the backup is not done right, the files aren't transferred right, the communication is a freaking joke way beyond any humor left in me 4 days later site offlline, my members gone gone gone. I"M very pissed off now. Still trying to communicate with the monkeys without going into a violent rage and crying for days as all my hard works goes down the drain and my site is still offline.

I write to QA. yeah right that helped.... Oh I couldn't email all my members what was going on with no access to my site cannot login as it wouldn't load the cpanel wouldn't load blah . Me thinks change the DNS back to point at business class account so I can at least email the members begging forgiveness. While I am here I email Support saying DO NOT DELETE my 2 accounts . I take a backup of my entire site in case the worst happens.

I get an email from the WHM saying my VPS account has been deleted. FFS I think and email Larry Moe and Curly to get it wasn't us. .. I research who my next host will be and not hard to decide on DosDawg with Terrabyte Hosting when a gig isn't enough!

DosDawg didn't know the nightmare I'd gone through and was happy to move my files from Arvixe to Terrabyte Hosting with minimal fuss and he found that I did have some issues with my site in relation to some mods and he stepped up and did what was necessary to get my site up very fast and has worked with me since and now my site runs faster and smoother than ever. He has treated me kindly and taken into consideration my lack of knowledge and I have great respect for John. Thank you so much

I have got to hand it to you, what you have helped me accomplish in the last few hours, Andrew Boon and his clansmen couldn't or wouldn't do since January of this year.

almost every issue I have sent a ticket for, or posted in the Forums for assistance, you have cleared up and now, I even know more about the databases thanks to you.

Andrew Boon should take lessons from you, but then again, I forget, he doesn't give a damn. Excuse me, maybe I shouldn't have said that. LOL

There see more definatly is something lacking from their customer service skills, You didn't ask for a dime, you didn't know me from Sam hill and had NO obligation to assist me, but you did, This is how a business is run in the United States, caring for your customers and making sure that they get what they have paid for plus more.

Thanks again my friend.

Rev. Mike
It's really great to have DosDawg as a host! He knows the software, is down to earth and his reliability & availability is amazing! He took my site that was full of errors and helped me get it up and running to a working and stable condition.
DosDawg! you are a savor to us Dolphin users. I look forward to doing business with you.
Well i cant say too much. had a problem with RMS on dolphin 7.04. He fixed it in no time.
By now you would have started to form the opinion that DosDawg offers an outstanding service. I have never felt the need to give anyone such great feedback. After 2 weeks of hell with other providers who shall remain nameless. I came across this guy and his service is 2nd to none. If you want things to happen, contact him.
oh Wonderfull, This man is great and helped me to Set up RMS may be i could never made it work, i am myself a CEO of Avid Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. in india. i recommend him..

Avid Web Solutions Pvt Ltd.
omg this guy is great he helped me out with a few things in a timely fashion...greatness for sure
What can I say? What a complete and utter star! I really can't praise this guy enough. He went above and beyond to transfer my site from my old host to Terabyte. He did it flawlessly, professionally and above all with a great helpful attitude. For anybody considering changing hosts or looking for a new one then put Terabyte-Hosting at the top of your list. Outstanding!
DosDawg is a really nice person. Down to earth and very helpful. I expected when i got a letter from him as a reply to one of my forum topics that he would at first ask for money and he never even once suggested i send him anything. I would pay him greatly as it seems to me he would do anything to help someone and is very professional about it. I feel that he did everything he could to assist me and am very pleased with his help.
DosDawg / Terabyte Hosting Solutions has spent a significant amount of time this weekend assisting me with a Boonex Dolphin upgrade and I just wanted to leave a comment to say thanks, this guy really knows his stuff and his own free time he gave up and his expertise was a massive help during an extremely frustrating upgrade process with the Dolphin platform.

Thanks mate, you are a credit to the Boonex community, highly recommended :)
Dos Dawg is the man.. Excellent customer service..... He is a cool dude, and you can really count on him.... Thank Dos Dawg........
I have a tendency on those rare occasions I do feel inspired to blog to get too wordy and tun it n2 a novel. I can't say enuf how please I am with my experience with Terabyte Hosting. DosDawg handled my barrage of questions like a true professional and never treated me in condescending manner (which I have experienced with other hosting companies). His knowledge and expertise was invaluable for helping make INFORMED decisions. I have suffered needlessly by the hands of other hosting companies see more (tho I know they meant no harm) but support, support, support is critical when it comes to running your Dolphin website. While other companies boasted 24 hr support, they fell very much short of that. Even the ones who really offer world class support like HostGator (I loved their support too) but even they fell short on being DOLPHIN knowledgeable. That was the deal maker for me to go with Terabyte hosting. Since I first created my website I have gone through 5 different hosting companies, each having a unique horror story of their own that led me to change. My installation, setup and even my domain names were scattered and it was DosDawg who went the extra mile to assist me in getting things 2gether and back on track, quickly and efficiently. I had awareness of DosDawg as I have followed his comments often on this forum n respected his feedback but it was Unity member Tazz who actually recommended his hosting services (thank u tazz) and I haven't regretted my decision to transfer to him at all. Kudos 2 u DosDawg for keeping it real as I know some of ur Unity comrades may not always agree with u I appreciate ur unwillingness to sugar coat anything. It's the thing I appreciate most! Thank u so much for everything u did for me. I will never 4get u as you came thru for me at a critical time. Not enuf stars for that!!
let me add a few good words about this guy myself .i have not known anyone that puts in as much effort to make sure his members on his hosting plans are happy . he goes out of his way many times above what he should be doing . u wont find another host that will give you the time he does and as for dolphin this guy knows his stuff so why bother with other hosting when its the full package right there at terabyte hosting. pricing is good the service is great and the support even better .I'm only see more happy too recommend people to him and have done in the past and they are also very happy with him over there at terabyte hosting.........
Let me add my praise to the chorus of DosDawg fans here. Its so good to have someone helpful and experienced looking after my hosting at last ! Too many Dolphin hosts are out to make as much as they can whilst doing as little as they can. You dont get a reputation as good as DosDawgs without working for it - and you dont work for it unless you care about peoples sites and your own reputation !

I was with a company that started out by being unwilling to put a personal name on their communications see more to me so I never knew if it was the same 'Mr DolphinGeek' that I was talking to... bad sign, bad beginning, and boy did they get worse! It was probably farmed out to third world tech guys and managed by someone who did not know enough to do it themselves. Do yourself a favor and dont waste your time on dodgy hosting, especially for a community site - do it right.

John is a real live person who has contributed his expertise to the Dolphin community for years. Im very glad to have his assistance there when needed.
DosDawg - can't believe it's only one guy. He has hands everywhere around the clock! Amazing response time, service and compitence that rivals any support I have ever experienced. I highly recommend hosting with You can't go wrong. Specifically as it relates to Dolphin, this guy is a top notch expert. Definitely the best.
By far this is the best support experience I have had on here. I was lost with some of the problems I am having. John is was very knowledgeable about boonex everything, walked me through each module I had, explained what could be wrong etc. Great help, I do look forward to working with him in the future as well. He even setup a test site so I could see the correct functionality of some features that I am having trouble with on my site.

Excellent, Thanks for you time, you are a great asset to the see more Bonnex community!
After having contact with John, he solved the issue I had very fast and not even in the office hours !
Thats professional support. He made my weekend a very pleasant one.
Thanks to Mike that he assist in porting my installation issue to John.
For sure I recommend Both to you all.
Thanks Mike and Thank John
My experience with DosDawg went from zero to sixty in just a few hours. I had posted in the forums looking for a host provider, because I was extremely unsatisfied with the constant downtime I had with Gigapros. I was also at a loss because the expert I had hired to work on my site was no longer able to. So with those two strikes going against me, I read my forum replies and learned of Terabyte Solutions. John not only patiently answered my questions but also followed up with me to make sure see more I understood everything. He then took the time to schedule a call with me and explain to me his business, how he runs it, and the extra mile that he goes for his clients. Based on all of the 5 Star's on this page, I knew he was telling the truth. So I gave the go ahead, and John took control -- he migrated my site perfectly in the same day! This included step-by-step email updates detailing exactly what he had just done and what he was migrating next. Top notch communication. Not only that, but he noticed a few aesthetic missteps on my site and asked permission to fix them, which he did quickly. John 'held my hand' per se for about five hours through this beginning to end, answering all of my Hosting 101 level questions and never losing his patience. I committed in less than a half hour to work with John for a year of hosting service, and aside from saving over $150.00 from Gigapros annually, I now know that I can contact someone by name if I am in a crisis. As a customer, that is something I didn't experience with Gigapros, and something that I value so very high. Thanks, John!
DosDawg is awesome! Fixed my problem in a middle of the night. Much appreciated!
Guys -
DosDawg and Terabyte Solutions are easily the best folks I've found out there. I would not trust anyone else to work for us after the great experience we have had. Not only does he have the expertise himself - he knows all the key players to make anything work for your website - and he offers the best hosting you can dream of for your site. I even went so far as to officially make DosDawg CTO of my company because there simply is no better person out there. Since he started working for see more us - we literally have had 90 percent fewer issues. Don't just read this and think its yet another testimonial - take this to heart - you can not find a better team for your project. Point Blank. I have literally worked with at least half a dozen other self-proclaimed Dolphin experts - and every one was a scam or poorly trained compared to Terabyte.

So - in summary - if you want things done right - your stress to actually decrease - and you want honesty and an amazing work ethic - hire these guys without even thinking. I am available 24/7 if anyone needs me to type more. I mean every word I say.

President & Publishing Editor
I am really happy with my experience with DosDawg and with Terabyte Hosting Solutions. The value one receives for the price is outstanding. I think he really thought through his price structure and offerings.. You have to see for yourself.. It's an incredible value for a super speedy server and he answers tickets, which is nice.
Although I don't use Dosdogs hosting service I would have to say he s a very knowledgeable person. Most anytime I've posted a forum thread I can count on getting a pretty good response from him. Great to have on a friends list for sure!
DosDawg is a real pro and straight shooter, and committed to making sure your Dolphin site is working right. Don't take my word for it. Check the Forums. DosDawg devotes a lot of his time helping Unity members with their problems without pushing himself on them. A class act.

Had a year of headaches with my old host, and did some searching in the Forums for the right one. Terabyte-hosting always rose to the top. So if you're tired of being told that the reason your site isn't working is you see more or D7, take a ride on servers that are set up to make your site swim like a Dolphin is supposed to!
This guy is amazing! He has been very thorough and patient and of great assistance. I give him 5 stars across the board. He upgraded my D6 to D7 which is a very time consuming process and updated me on the sites progress. He responds to messages quickly on Skype and has a great personality to go with his great skills. Thanks Dawg!!!

I just have to say something about the dosdawg and I'm not even a user yet of Terabyte-hosting. If you want good support from your hosting service this will prove to you all that the dosdawg will support you even if you use another hosting service. Now thats what I call super service. Dosdaug has helped me to the fullest on setting up my Dolphin site and I'm not even his customer. How great is that people?
He's the man!
OK, I am not experienced in community software and support forum..
The concepts appeals to me and the idea of assisting each other in developing applications that are unique and suitable to your exactp requirement..
alas, where do you start?
You post your enquiry, and we as a community help each other..

anyway, when it comes down to 'super' tweaking and or updates to the software, I found John an invaluable source of information, and not for solutions only, but for inspiration on how to LOOK see more for solutions or probe the software in order to find what changes were required to make these, sometimes tiny, but vital updates..

so, bottom line, my agent pushed me onto DosDawg, and a challenge of minds and a challenge to FIND the tiny modules and lines of code to fix/update/rem was born.. I really appreciated the fact that I was shown a way rather than a solution, so I could learn how things worked rather than just follow instructions...

Fellow Dolphiners.. treat this resource with respect, ask for ideas or thoughts and be prepared to get your hands dirty and you will see another side of programming as a non-programmer like myslef did..

This to me is the spirit of 'community software development'

Regards, ken
DosDawg - what can i say bow wow wow yeepie I yeepie A - Wag that tail brother cuz that dawg has byte ;O)
Dosdawg has been very supportive to my cause if you may. He has bent over backwards to ensure I was treated right, by everyone. You feel like you aren't just a number to this man. He will take the time and talk to you not just about business but to really get to know who you are. I can say I will not deal with anyone till John gives me the thumbs up. I purely trust John and so should you. gets 5 stars all the way around. The man is good and can handle just about everything. see more Go with the best and leave the rest behind.
Seriously, DosDawg is the most professional and reliable technician I've found in over a year. I would recommend him to anyone setting up either a baseline D7 site or for that matter any site. He's easily one of those once in a lifetime experts you never have to worry about. Best thing is - I never have to question what he's telling me - he's on target 100% with solutions that fit the situation - and he doesn't push anything on you. If you want some that's a straight shooter and can be counted on see more in virtually any situation - contact him and you won't regret it. Absolutely no BS to this guy - he knows what he's talking about.
Dosdawg is the owner of Terabyte-Hosting, and his company in my opinion, provides the best Dolphin shared hosting available. has my highest recommendation. John does business on straightforward terms, You will find him easy to get along with, and honest. John has gone the extra mile for me on multiple occasions. Thanks Dawg.
Nathan Paton
Do I honestly have to explain why?
Also you said that you update this mod everytime... but there is already 6.1.4 version but you still support only old 6.1.1 and 6.1.2.
Ok, I have another suggestion to you, make completely separate directory for your install and include it in your mod. So users will not have to change any files in original install directory but run your custom install, for example

Regarding the points - yes .. you have a right for 1 vote .. but you already have 3 ones ! and please use you 1 vote after your mod will be published.
AlexL is right, it is not acceptable to overwrite original files, because in the next version this files may change.
Please provide modification instructions or run your mod without modification Dolphin files at all. Also your readme have not anything about compatibility with Dolphin versions.
Do not rate your own mod, you make additional work for admin to reset your points.
thank you for looking at this. yes i am going to address each point that was addressed from AlexL. i will correct the readme. now as for your comment: "it is not acceptable to overwrite original files, because in the next version, this files may change"

you are absolutely correct in that statement. but please understand this is version specific, just as every mod developed is. as for the files changing, yes indeed that could most likely change. now after i redo my readme file you will see more see that i have only added 4 lines of code to the index.php, the reason i say overwrite the entire install directory is because i consider that to be easier than having a person open those files and have to manually edit them. the files are intact, and none of the original source code is edited, the file is only modified to put the link(s) to both the files that are needed, pre-install and post-install, and then there are the couple of images i added.

i dont consider this to be detrimental to the integrity of the dolphin suite, and all versions that are released, i will keep updated as i test each and every version that you guys release, and have done so since 5.6. this mod was submitted as per rules of engagement to becoming a moderator, and i will use my time to make these corrections, but please dont make me wait a month before you do your review. how do you want me to resubmit? how will you know i have even been back in here to post?

seriously guys, need some help here, i do appreciate you both taking a look. who is it that is responsible for reviewing the extensions?

ok fellas,

oh AlexT, i dont know how it works in your country, but where i am from, we all have an equal vote, and if your voting system was not meant for me to cast my one vote, i am sure it is easy enough to do an if else, and stop the author from voting on his post. not just on the extension, but anywhere on the site. also, would like to see an ip address linked to the poster of comments and votes, instead of all this in the blind.

so please understand it is not nor was it my intention to make it additional work for the admin, i believe that i was entitled to my one vote, and if that is all i get, then it was my one vote that was counted. hope you understand the democracy of that.
it is all original except for the images, and the calls to the links that are on the top of the tables with the file permissions. it is two lines i believe. nothing else is changed on there. thats the simplest way for about 95% of the people is just to overwrite the files. i can highlight the code for you so you can see what is changed in there. if that is what is needed. but i didnt change any of the dolphin code, only added the links to call the install helper php files.

so you want an exact see more layout of what lines i added? and this would suffice as acceptable?


thank you for looking at it
You can't provide extensions that should just rewrite Dolphin files. All modifications of original files should be listed in details. The most part of your own code should be placed in your own files and just be included in Dolphin original ones.
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