Twitter is over capacity

DosDawg posted 13th of July 2011 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

i was trying to get my password from twitter today, and came across an interesting message. one that i consider to be relevant to all of the newbies, who come into the community with guns blazing, thinking they are going to start the next facebook.


twitter is over capacity


i just found this funny, and wanted to share it. so where boonex survived its attack and ransom, i wonder what twitter is doing about being over capacity?

i am fairly sure i had entered 100 characters

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I got that once also and somebody has some splainen to do.............LOL the math problem they must have to do to avoid that must take several computers just to calculate......................
Nathan Paton
You have thousands of people submitting messages every second, mostly about meaningless things. I'm surprised the site manages to remain online at all.
Even the big dawgs have there bad days i guess.....
yes, even the bigdawgs have their bad days, and the dosdawgs do as well. i just thought it was fitting as many come in here and think they are going to host the globe on a $2.00 budget, and when the site doesnt perform, or the database pukes up at them, they want to know why.
Andrew Boon
If only things were as simple as they look, we would ever see the Twitter fail-whale. Twitter has two major issues:

1. most of the tweets are robotic, all sorts of updates from other sites, feeds, listing, etc twitted and re-tweeted for no other reason than taking a little extra token of Internet space. Someone uploads an instagram - here comes a tweet, someone posts to freelancer - here's another tweet, etc, etc. What you see/follow/read on twitter is a tip of the iceberg - try search and you'd see more be flooded by spam-tweets that can not really be classified as such, and hence have to be served,

2. like most other "wonder-sites" of today Twitter doesn't spends more money than it makes. This translates into limited hardware capacities, and there's no solution in sight.
Andrew Boon
in short.... enjoy it while it lasts.
I agree...I recently made a job concerning tweets relating politics people. More than 70% of tweets are spams, + 10% re tweets = +/- 20% are real tweets posted by real users!
I see this all the time man. I probably spend waaayyy too much time on Twitter though. ; )
Nathan Paton
I view alcoholism as a better disease than Twitter.
I've paired them together. Best of both worlds - ha ha
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