Boonex Trac Submit a Defect Is this a Defect or is this an Enhancement Most are Requirements and not 'Features or Enhancements?'

DosDawg posted 23rd of February 2010 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

In response to the request to submit to trac, which by the way, i am still not able to submit to trac, i can read the tickets, i can even login, but that is about the extent of my interaction with trac. I have watched patiently as many bugs are reported in the bugs forum. I have personally in conjunction with other users spent countless hours debugging this application because i think this is a decent application. Dolphin 7 still has its quirks, but most can be worked out.

I noticed that there is a call to submit to trac. I have just spent some time in trac, and i am posting my findings results. I dont know why you would ask for additional tickets in trac if you are not addressing the tickets you currently have in there.

*NOTATED with my opinions in some cases* - timezones submitted 10 months ago moved to 7.1 nothing been done - badword filter submitted 10 months ago moved to 7.1 nothing been done - actions block or button 6 months ago (has been need from conception of app) marked as not going to be fixed templates installer submitted 6 months ago moved to 7.1 nothing been done - clear messages from shoutbox submitted 5 months ago marked as not going to fix - video quality/resizing submitted 10 months ago moved to 7.1 nothing been done - forum moderators submitted 10 months ago moved to 7.1 nothing been done - additional moderators with priveleges submitted 3 years ago not even addressed - certified members submitted 2 years ago moved through the Version 6 trac, eventually closed nothing been done - template system functionality submitted 7 months ago moved to 7.1 nothing been done - chat flood, shoutbox, badword, filters, max message length, chat logs, administration of these functions submitted 3 months ago moved to 7.1 (needed this functionality from concept) nothing been done - delete page from pagebuilder in admin submitted 3 months ago moved to 7.1 (should have had this from the beginning) nothing been done - blogs subscriptions, RSS for updates, blogs post RSS post modifications submitted 3 years ago moved through the version 6 trac eventually deleted nothing been done - marked as major submit 3.5 years ago last viewed 1 year ago nothing been done - universal filter (similar to badword filter and filter for the different functionalities) submitted 3 years ago moved through version 6 trac eventually deleted nothing been done - warning system (could not and cannot verify what this was asking for it has been removed from the forum) submitted 3 years ago deleted 1 year ago moved through version 6 trac eventually deleted nothing been done - business directory listing submitted 2 years ago moved through version 6 trac eventually deleted nothing been done (seems they opted for the dysfuntional ads function instead) - site offline notice submitted 7 months ago moved to 7.1 nothing been done. there is actually a mod released for this now - calendar year datepicker submitted 3 months ago (has been needed from the beginning), this was a mod release by one of the developers for version 6, should have been implemented on v7. moved to 7.1 nothing been done also needs to provide a means for changing the date format. had had many requests for the date format to be something other than European format. wouldnt surprise me to see a mod released soon with this functionality :( - license not registering on installation marked as enhancement this is a defect moved to 7.0.1 submitted 1 month ago, has been this way since release of beta nothing been done - affiliate system submitted 1 month ago, has been discussed for a few years moved from 7.0.1 to 7.1 nothing been done - php block builder from admin submitted 3 months ago has been a hack for 2+ years from jtadeo moved to 7.1 fix was provided and this was still moved to 7.1 nothing been done - privacy settings submitted 3 months ago marked as invalid, this is not invalid there is a huge conflict with the privacy settings. top that off with no documentation on how to use this feature either in admin or user-level makes for a huge non-working site moved to 7.1 nothing been done - event calendar submitted 4 months ago moved to 7.1 not even been acknowledged nothing been done

ok i am tired of reading these tickets. somebody else please pick up and run with this one. because where it is asked that "PRIME" customers login to trac and submit a ticket, after verifying that on the "demo" site they are able to reproduce the situation, i am wondering why such a request would be put out to the layperson, who is just looking to create a social networking environment. Not pay $998.00 so they can do beta testing.

I find these tickets to be annoying when they are clearly defects and flaws in functionality of what should be a core system, and they are being determined as enhancements. these are not enhancements, these are core elements. some have been released as mods in version 6, and wouldnt surprise me to see the same behavior for dolphin 7.

and this is not a complete list. i grew tired of reading these posts that were just written off as an enhancement or not valid.



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Hell I'm having a little war to get a freken IE 7 bug acknowledged. I made a movie of the problem and still nothing! Here's what I learned of their quality control with this bug: they don't have any and it seems the devs are willfully blind to most problems they don't personally want to solve.

IE 7 bug, spacing issue, you can see the problem here: this is taken from their own, and still they claim nothing is wrong. So I put it in trac, see more tell them exactly how to create the error and when it appears. Example, on this bug when a media box on the front page has only 1 row out of 2 rows filled, and the 1st row is only partially filled, the center alignment messes up (as shown in video). So the only way to check this is to go to the last page when there will not be a full row.

What do the devs say they did: went for page, didn't go to last page, looks fine no non-last page (where the bug shows!). So I'm assuming they think all the screen shots, and the video I posted were faked or they are being simply willfully ignorant and silent to tickets that the community sees as important vs. what they see as important.

I will say though that as a community we have found many solutions to many problems together. I think the program would be further along in bug fixing if we had real instruction material, diagrams on functions and what is calling what, sql diagram, etc. With a little road map and instructions I would bet most of us can fix most of these issues but without reference points we're kinda each creating our own rosetta stone.
Nathan Paton
I have to agree with the both of you.

The rate at which important bugs and issues are pushed back is horrible, and it seems at time like this is the way they actually clear tickets for releases, instead of actually looking into them properly.

I also agree, that if we had the proper access to the source code, and the needed documentation (which should be available anyways), we could solve many, if not possibly all of the issues on our own. The script is open source, and we are a large community see more of people willing to participate to make the script as wonderful to use as possible. If only they'd realize this...
All these tickets are pure new features .. new features can be added to 7.1 .. not earlier ... It was said many many many times before ..

The reason you DosDawg can not get into the trac because you are not smart enough :) just read this post carefully -

@mauricecano - thank you for your time spending on investigating this ticket, it looks like pure IE7 bug, it don't refresh some content right - we will try to find some workaround for this see more IE7 bug
ha ha ha ha ha, you are too funny on that one. BTW, i k now how to login, and it lets me login so you are slightly mistaken.
please read these there are some from 2 and 3 years ago, how could this be considered a new feature. how would a bad words filter be considered a new feature. how would managment of the flash apps be considered a new feature. how would setting the admin panel and the user level where they can set their own time zone and format be a new feature.

Also AlexT, please review what is posted, where there are a number of these tickets that were just closed. Dragged through the version 6 and then see more just dropped.

I am not trying to cause a problem here, i am just pointing out the obvious, and sir with all due respect something that was inquired about 2 or 3 years ago, or for that matter 10 months ago, cannot be considered a 'new feature'.

My point here is that there has been a call to all new premium license owners to post their bugs that they find in the trac of boonex. There are bugs yes bugs, not features, that have been reported, and they are ignored.

Regards, and Hopefully we can see some of these tickets resolved.

i realize that was a lot of text to read through, so i took a moment to edit the post so that it is clear what i am pointing out. What is the use in submitting a ticket, if it is going to get deleted, or shelved for a number of months, then deleted, or in some cases flat out ignored. I dont have a problem trouble shooting this application, but some reciprocal interaction would be nice to see.

New features were discussed and accepted during Dolphin 7 development. It was the time when many features were implemented .. no one discuss these things .. or it was not required by a lot of people - like some other features were more in demand - which we have implemented ! .. now the time is already passed - we can not implement new features now !

Moreover we will not add a lot in 7.1 .. if we will try to add everything in 7.1 .. it will require another half of year or even year of development see more and testing .. and then it may even become 8.0 ... not sure if everyone will be happy with this !

The changes in subversion of minor version, like 7.0.0 to 7.0.1 - means that bugs are fixed
The changes in minor version, like 7.0 to 7.1 - means that some small new features are added
The changes in major version, like 7.0 to 8.0 - means new features and structural changes

We will follow above rules of versioning! please don't require more than it should be!
Hey alex will D8 be built on the dolphin current framework or will you guys make something new or possibly use something open source such as cake, zend, etc?
i completely understand where you are coming from on this. I am not trying to pick a fight about any of this and if you took offense to this post my sincere apologies. My point in all of this is there are tickets submitted, that are just blatantly closed. Please read those tickets that were submitted 10 months ago and longer. Those are the specific tickets i am referring to. The ones that are six months and less, except for some of the stuff that shouldnt have to be a requested 'feature' see more should have been implemented as a core element.

Bad word filters, should be a core element as a generalized standard, not a feature.
Language Switcher should be a core element as a generalized standard not a feature.
Timezones should be a core element as a generalized standard not a feature.
Templates installer should have followed suit with the modules installer not a feature
Site moderators yes its understood their are none here, but others require site moderation
Removal of page from pagebuilder this should be a core element not a feature
PHP block should be a core element and the code has been provided to you and yet you refuse to utilize it not a feature
Business Directory where this is a feature, it was requested 2.5 years ago
Calendar date picker is defunct doesnt work should have an option from admin panel not a feature
Date Format option from Admin panel should be a core element not a feature.

2000 character limit got me
AlexT, why is it misunderstood that there has to be another release? Why was Dolphin 6 never completed, who really wanted Dolphin 7? It was begged that Dolphin 7 not be released until it was ready. If that was 6 months then it was six months. To release an application prematurely does way more harm than good.

You know it has been said you can do 1000 things right, and 1 person hears about it. You can do 1 thing wrong and 1000 people hear about it. That is kind of where we are with this release see more of Dolphin 7. were some things done right, absolutely, were some things done incorrectly and haphazardly in the name of getting the application out the door, absolutely. Should Dolphin 7 Final been released on Dec 25, 2009 absolutely not, that is of course my opinion, and that is based on the number of forum posts i have answered over the past few months. I have answered more forum posts with the release of Dolphin 7 than i have from the beginning of my involvement on this community and with this application.

So the tickets that are submitted need to be addressed, specifically when they are related to industry standards of what is in every CMS that has been released. As you may well know from following the social networking industry, this business is leaning more towards community networking and business networking than it is the dating/escort industry, and with that, there are functionalities that are now a requirement, and not an added feature, or something we wish to pay $130.00 for after the release of the application because it was left out as a core element.

2000 character limit got me again
Look at some of these prices in the market, templates have doubled in price from Dolphin 6.1.6, mods have doubled and tripled in price from Dolphin 6.1.6

My discussion is not about the pricing of mods, but the fact that what is currently going on, is apt to deter many people from using this application and use something that is more truly open-source, and when we say open-source, we mean scripts and applications that are not hammered with branding.

I just want to poke at you on this one, you see more mention 'testing' were you serious when you typed that word? Did you or anybody seriously test these releases before you released them, because IMHO, i dont think so.

typical boonex behavior. as you call can see the boonex staff has positioned all of there not so useful blog posts front and center of the site. whereas any other post, once there are 10 others, you lose your post in the garbage can. there doesnt seem to be anything mechanism that would trigger a popular blog. so essentially just like with submitting a ticket to trac, its lost. there is no organization of the blogs here, matter of fact there is no organization of anything on this site.

take a see more look at the market, scattered sporadic and non-assembled. look at the forums, even when declared to not be a bug post, the thread is just left there to take up space.

yeah this is a great presentation. you guys need to get a grip. --> AlexT

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