Plenty of time for mods to be sold on the market, but we cant fix whats wrong with the Release

DosDawg posted 4th of January 2010 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

im just saying.

there has been no interaction from boonex in over a week. leonidS has answered three posts i think, and nobody else has answered one single post on the forums.

the forums are a wreck, there is no moderation tools, but we have plenty of time to upload to the market for a profit on something that is NOT WORKING.

get a grip here please.



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here is a thought, why not put this shit in the dolphin code like it should be in the first place and stop trying to sell options that should/need to be in a networking script
and this has been written in PM's asking for help with what is going on with Dolphin 7, and i am only ignored.
Andrew Boon
We've been out for NY brake for a week. Now we're back and already work both on Dolphin 7.0.1 (and forums posts) and Unity fixes. We have a lot of things to put in order right now - Agents, Market, Websites, Blogs, rates, votes, certification, D7 forum posts, etc, etc. Everyone is very busy at work now and you should see results really soon.
Hold up DD, not sure this blog was entirely fair to Boonex. Keep this in mind:

1. The employees of Boonex get paid to work a certain number of hours on Dolphin. They then have their off time the same as you, myself and everyone else who has a job.

2. If an employee happens to develop a mod on their off time, who are we to complain about that? It is the employees off time and they can use it to watch cartoons, play at the beach, get themselves a starring role on COPS or write the code for see more a mod.

3. If Boonex chose to close for a week (we only get 1 1/2 days in the US if we're lucky) for New Year's, that's not the employees fault, that's Andrew's decision and it may be part of their culture.

Now, for my 2 cents on the other side: Can we please get moderation back in the forums. Posts are in the wrong spot, noobs aren't searching, couple spammers have popped up and I've been forced to be nice because they're are way to many people for me to pick on right now that I'd feel guilty if I picked on one and missed another. I'd hate for them to think I was igging them or something.
Yeah DosDawg - then why don't you stop blocking us from posting on bugs on the forums - it took you about two minutes to make that nice resource completely dysfunctional. You suddenly show up back here after being AWOL for all the beta testing, and suddenly everyone is supposed to jump through hoops for you? I'm not going to have time to point out all your hypocritical posts if you keep this pace.
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