What'd you do with RAY and ORCA Forums

DosDawg posted 8th of January 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Ok guys, after getting overly excited about some new structure, i went back into the forums to take another look at how we can enhance the usability, and all the wind was taken out of my sails, when i realized that you have moved orca and ray to the archive directory. Guys this is no good. There are still tons of problems with RAY and ORCA, ray has a new name, yes, so set up something with Flash Apps (rayz new name), and Orca is still carrying the Orca Forum name, guys, come on, you started out doing good, and then  you blow it by removing a vital part of where these posts go or should be going.

do you read the forums, do you see the number of questions about the flash apps, do you see the number of questions about the orca forum? now i see that you had enough pizzazz to structure something for the IPHONE App that you are Hawking, but the actual consideration of the users was totally ignored here.

How do you actually think you can moderate something with this structure:


---Boonex General

---Pre-sale (and that should be plural)



---Dolphin General

---Dolphin Betas and RCs

---Dolphin 6.1

---Dolphin 7.0

---Dolphin Bug Reports <--- this is basically the only positive thing that has come out of this.


---iPhone App

guys take a look at this structure you have developed. just as non-generic as dolphin is, so should these forums. come on guys.

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I have yet to see a developer comment on anything with the iphone. Though AlexT did make some good clarifications on a blog post I made which was nice and had some useful information. The other issues with ihpone has not been addressed, can we make tickets for the 7.0.1 for iphone?
Ray and Orca forums were not deleted. but placed to Archive category. The reason this forums are placed to archive because there are no Ray and Orca separate products anymore, they are parts of Dolphin. All ray and orca problems should be posted in Dolphin forums.
all sounds good AlexT, yes we understand they are all one section now, however, they are still separate entities, regardless of how you view the interaction faction.

the forums is still called orca, thus, a place to post issues with the orca forum would be relevant
the ray suite yes has been changed to flash app on the face, they are still ray widgets, accordingly, the thread should be available for posting flash apps related issues, doesnt matter what you call them, ray widgets or not, the fact see more is they are still there, and in order to have any type of forum structure, these entities need to be separated in some fashion.

Just a personal thanks to you, DosDawg for the fine help you offered me in fixing my forum problems. That was pretty darn cool of you.
Much appreciated for sure.
Thanks again
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