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DosDawg posted 9th of June 2011 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Soon is what we are told, soon we will release the bug fixes. Soon has no end, no time, no destination and no arrival. Soon does not exist, and is a farce in its presentation. Some time in the future is soon. Dictionary reference [dot] com states it as this:

1. within a short period after this or that time event

2. before long: in the near future

3. promptly or quickly

Well as is the case at times here with boonex, there are language barriers and those have presented a challenge in many ways. When announcing dates of software release, using the term 'soon' is really unacceptable.That appears to be a way of dancing around the answer. Essentially revealing the fact, that you have no plan. No plan leads to disaster.

When deciding to make a public announcement, there should be a fact-gathering session, and a schedule of events exacted so as to not leave the door open, and inquiries unanswered.

I am happy that BoonEx is able to develop Dolphin 8, but what is annoying is that those who have paid for the branding removal, are not being considered at all in these rash judgement calls to abandoned what is currently incomplete. It is incomplete because the method was allowed.

Starting new and fresh is what should have been done for Dolphin 6. it was clear that the approach with Dolphin 5 was incoherent. Then in the light of getting something released, the bad coding was built upon, without cleaning it, and when it was mentioned or asked why there was so much dirty code left in the files, it was expressed that it would take too much time to clean it up. Yes, that is evident, and if you pile trash in the same corner, you eventually have a corner of trash.

Dolphin 7 needs to be completed. That is the bottom line, though it has no more glitz or glamour to offer, it needs to be completed and be as near bug-free as one can get it. And while you are in there clean up the trash. yes it takes time, and it takes those of this community time, to dig through and find the trash to get it reported. so in essence, it seems that at times, you consider your time more valuable than the communities time.

Complete Dolphin 7. Work on Dolphin 8 in your spare time. It is not essential to get Dolphin 8 released, it is essential to complete Dolphin 7, so that its usable in the state that you presented it on your front page.

Andrew, it is understood, there is no way to provide a system that would agree with 100% of the members 100% of the time. Your objective should be to develop a solid core, and structure it so that it is modular, and all addons | plugins | widgets | gadgets are totally independent. You have a good start at a foundation, and that is what dolphin is when its installed, is a foundation, its a starting point. its not an answer to any single idea for any member at any time. but in releasing your software, you should at least know that all of the functions are in fact functioning.

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I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! It is hard to believe that Boonex has higher priorities than a stable version of their flagship product but that seems to be the case. Thank you also for calling out that "soon" language. I made the mistake of believing that and I know many others did also. I don't think Boonex understands the damage they do to small businesses with the approach they are taking, but they do.
Andrew Boon
"Dolphin 7 needs to be completed."

So right. We decided to follow this advice and do exactly that. We are completing Dolphin 7 now. Once done - we'll call is Dolphin 8, just to show how it's REALLY completed. And, since some parts of D7 actually prevented us from completing it for a long time now, we'll just rework them.

Thank you for advice.
Thank you andrew, is it at all possible to layout some timeline as to what the community can expect in regards to fixing the bugs that are in Trac. Since you are rebuilding from the ground up, for your Dolphin 8 release, then none of the as-is source is really going to be any good to you, but those in the community who have built their environment with Dolphin 7 need these reported issues addressed, and some idea of when they will be released?

Please, could you find some time to put together see more a schedule of events that you can release to the community. i am not asking for dates of when you will release Dolphin 8, that is not what is important at the current time. Getting the reported bugs that we all worked hard on, testing, confirming, colaborating, and reporting so that they could be fixed, only to have to watch as everything that was reported in Dolphin 7.0.x marked for version 7.1.

Then your announcement that Dolphin 7.x has been abandoned, and there will be no build of 7.1. Yes you state that Dolphin 7 will be completed and you will call that Dolphin 8, but honestly that does nothing for the community. The community would like to know when those bugs are going to be addressed, when there will be a release with those bugs patched. That is what is being sought after, is an answer for those who are using the Dolphin 7.x platform, who have not abandoned it for some other option such as deciding to build a new environment from the ground up. There needs to be some consideration on what the community will do with what they have currently running, and how the bugs that have been reported will be addressed immediately.

Soon is not the answer, matter of fact soon is not an answer at all. So some brainstorming with your team, and some planning, would be a really nice start, and help this community understand how we are to continue with what we have currently whilst you and your two-man team build the most astronomical environment ever.

I look forward to what you get put together with dolphin 8, but at the same time, the matter at hand is Dolphin 7.

Can we please get some answers, real solid, answers.
Andrew Boon
"Service" updates such as 7.0.7 will be released as soon as their lists resolved as per the Trac timeline. Hard to tell now, but we're likely looking at about 3 weeks before 7.0.7.

As for other issues, those that soem consider as bugs, and perhaps even pressing, they simply have to be addressed in a more profound manner, in D8. Things like, say, padlocks, matchmaking, banners, access controls for blocks, etc.
Ok great, and thank you for the response. I can agree on modified access controls for blocks, but seems to me these were overlooked or omitted initially, and are not really what would be considered a per se' bug. Matchmaking, yes that is a bug Andrew, and where it has been an issue from version 6, i dont understand why it would be put off for two more versions when it was reported years ago. That is your call, and thanks for the clarification on it. Banners, i dont see as crucial, there may be some see more issues with banners for those that use them or desire to use them, but not critical functionality of the site considering the greater scheme.

padlocks, are hideous, and there seems to be some issues with those who attempt to utilize the privacy controls that were coded into Dolphin 7. they were reported on Beta, and slated for a fix, that never took place.

One of the issues i have personally and it is affecting a customer who is a prime license holder is the voting and tracking system. which was one of the major selling points on the client getting the prime license was to be able to track the polls and voting.

I am not sure I follow on what you mean by " as soon as their lists resolved as per the Trac timeline"

Do you guys have a compiled list of what is going to be addressed though Dolphin v-7, and what is going to be moved to Dolphin 8? There are some who need to know this in order to know how to position themself with the site in its current state?
greetings and hope things are going well. i am back to check on the status of the Dolphin 7 update? When we last discussed this, it was estimated by you, that we were looking at 3 weeks. so i am back some 26 days giving the buffer of the 5 days, and hoping we have some news?

so we are pushing 4 weeks, and looking for some feedback. surely even if you have not gotten it ready, you can provide us with some preliminary date since we have surpassed the 3 week projection which was discussed see more nearly 4 weeks ago?
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