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DosDawg posted 28th of January 2010 in Community Voice. 13 comments.

mistaken, and no clarity of conclusive evidence on what was a bad choice of verbiage.

First of all, this is not a bug report, although this has to do indirectly with bugs and the changing and versioning of the releases. Guys, when you modify the source, no matter how minute, if there is an issue with the Final Release source and you have to go edit the source to get the feature to function properly, that should change the download number. Dolphin-v.7.0.0 went out the door the first time  you modded the source code.

Let me explain why this is a true statement. Your release on the final dolphin as you called it, of course need some adjustments and fine tuning. Those of us in the community took the time to test and retest and post in the forums, and have other community members confirm that we were facing a bug, and not a server config, or user-error.

The bugs would in turn be posted to the Forum topic specifically allocated (presumably) for reporting bugs that were discovered, at which time some community member who has trac access would post a ticket to trac, as in accordance with the request of boonex. This would establish a ticket number in trac, and most all tickets which have been submitted it was reported that the fix would be in the Dolphin 7.1 release. Where this caused some grumblings, this was understandable in most instances.

My complaint is that many changes have been made to the source code since the final release of Dolphin 7, and there is no reflection of that in the download source. if the file is named that we would be using, the decimal incrementation should be used when you recompile the source.

I have faced an issue with the Flash Apps chat for the past few weeks, where no registered user could use the chat. visitors and admin could use the chat,  no registered user could use the chat. I contact Rayzzz who was nice enough to test this with me. He initially reported back after I provided him with the version number of the browser(s) i was using, and also provided him some screen shots.

Rayzzz was extremely helpful on this, and actually did track down the bug, but was not able to necessarily fix the issue, but was able to hack the script to get it to work.

A few things were discovered, in his initial testing, he was not facing any issues with the chat app, and reported that back to me. After i was persistent in expressing that something was broken, we were able to connect using skype, and started discussing the situation. The question was raised as to what version of flash plugin was I using on my browser(s) 10,x,x,x and he was using 9,x,x,x and was facing no issues using an older version of the flash plugin.

Where the big problem he would be that there are two resolutions, downgrade the flash plugin, which inconsequently is really not an option, or find what is breaking the chat. It was a mere matter of minutes that Rayzzz located what was breaking the chat:

most who look at this would wonder in vain WTF is that? well this is a call to the users photo, and it was calling improperly, thus breaking chat. Rayzzz hacked "flash/modules/global/inc/" which stopped the call to the users profile image, and loaded the default male/female image from the widget, and presto the chat works adhoc. This proves something to me and fires up my gall immediately.

I had an inkling while in discussion with Rayzzz about this ordeal, that there could have been changes to the source code that were neither announced nor recorded in trac.I have a set of files on the server that I typically wget from one December 23, 2009. I have searched trac and there is no recollection of any changes that would assist in knowing which files would need to be updated in order to repair the file set that i had downloaded Dec. 23, 2009, which leads me to believe that changes were made to the fileset, and no record provided, no announcement provided, and no versioning provided.

This is truly annoying and extremely unprofessional as developers. If you change the source code that you are offering for download, that fileset should not be offered with changes and not versioning.

So i need to know the files that were changed that addressed the chat not loading for members when logged in. because it is clear that there were changes. Do i just need to take the flash apps and overwrite them from the fileset that is available now?

Can you guys start versioning these files, because Dolphin-v.7.0.0 no longer exists and there have been many changes, and the downloadable file should reflect that. So also, what about the installs that were done prior to the changes that were made, and clearly there were changes made and i will get the DIFF and get them post here later.

all verbiage that is stricken here should have been thought through and given the boonex staff an opportunity to acknowledge or deny the issue i was facing.

apologies to boonex and anybody i have caused confusion to because of my choice of words and my frustration.



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This is not the first time they have done that. I remember changes to the original download for dolphin 6.1.6 at least twice.
yeah, well i am going to get the DIFF on this and please fellows, do something to the version, anything put the letter a behind it or something, you are killing us out here. i spent two days trying figure out what had gone wrong, and rayzzz spent about three hours on this. c'mon fellas, this just isnt kosher.

To be Kosher we'd have to get it blessed wouldn't we? Of course, I just got to waste my time on a D6 looking for something stupid myself. Versions being properly marked, code in the correct files and so many other things is what in the end causes so many to get fed up with D and move on to something else.

You want our help Boon, give us the stuff we need to make sense of what we're looking at.
its just sloppy not marking each version with a number so we know where we are.
The only flash related file that I have a record of being changed between RC3 and the 7.0 final that i downloaded is: /flash/modules/global/inc/
Are you saying there is more than one version of D7.0? If so, that is a disaster and they absolutely should know better. As Deno said, I also remember when Boonex had several different version of D6.1.X. I don't remember the minor version number where they did this but with the help of mrpowless, I proved it. This caused endless heartache, and makes it almost impossible to track down bugs and other issues. Please don't tell me they are doing this again.
Yea... this is pretty bad. How can you operate like this? I am continually worried about the thought process in regards to development. Shouldn't someone in charge say, "Wait... this isn't right".

Seeing this kind of make me glad I didn't start playing with the upgrade until yesterday....
I take that back. There were 7 more files changed files in the /flash directory between RC3 - Final, but flash/modules/global/inc/ doesn't show up on any of my diffs. RC3 -> RC4 -> RC5 ->Final happened in what..... a 48 hour period or something like that? Good way for a glitch to creep in.
So could someone clarify the facts on this. If I download D7.0 now, will I be getting a different D7.0 then I did when I downloaded it a when it first came out?
If you download 7.0 now you'll get it with the null values in the pre-defined valuees capability.

No.... Just kidding. You still won't get that.
I know from my own productions that as a developer you don't really care to bump the version number every single time you patch a minor bug, because you might end up bumping it every other day which is a pain in the butt, and holding back on bug releases to pool them up for upcoming releases is an option that leaves some users with unnecessary minor annoyances, and introduces new users to bugs theyshouldn't have had to deal with to begin with, since they were already fixed in the dev department.

What see more I've taken to is including the build version in a text file with a base version number and the build date, and while I update the release with minor fixes, I keep a separate parallel log of issued patches by date, which makes it easy for you to identify your build and see if there are optional patches you can apply before the next version (with all the patches pooled together) is released.

I find that this both helps you stay on top of bugs by tackling and patching them while you research and confirm them, it provides software users less minor annoyances with the release they download, and the enthusiasts who want to keep track of builds are free to follow the patch logs and the build dates. I know there are release purists who will never agree with the approach, but I find it an agreeable compromise between utility and integrity.
Dolphin 7.0.0 was never changed since release 25 Dec !!!!!!!!
well first of all, this was not meant to cause confusion, this was posted out of frustration, frustration that something was breaking sites chat, and the file presenting the issue was the one posted, /flash/modules/global/inc/

The date of the Dec 23 was a typo, clearly i didnt compare the RC files to the final release, but it would appear that way given the typographical error.

I have not been able to conclude my tests, but i have been told that boonex does not have see more a set of files that are named and that i must be downloading files packed by somebody else. well i guess that is true, as i have been instructed of the correct path to the dolphin files, and will use that path from now on.

so where my post was a rant because of frustration, it appears that i was downloading files from a source that is not an official release of the files.

it has been requested of me to Apologize for this post, or moreover the verbiage used that has caused confusion amongst some, and discontent amongst others.

My sincere apologies, and before i post anything of the sort in the future, i will have more clarity on the files i am downloading and the actual difference if any in the files that are causing the problem.
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