Issues with Login - FireFox v.3.5.6 possible?

DosDawg posted 31st of December 2009 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Just wondering if any others are having issues with the 'stay logged in for a week' because i am getting kicked just about every hour from here.

7 Day Login issue

then the other thing and this could be a FF gig hence the title. from the password textbox if you hit tab twice, the focus goes to 'cant access your account?' rather than going to the sign in button.

Tab Focus

at any rate, this blog may not have even been the correct place to report this is going on, but surely dont see where it would be appropriate in the forums.



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It holds for a while for me, but not a week. So yea, i am having problems with it also.
I use FF and it definitely does not work for me.

With Opera for some days but not a week

same here, its not working at all with ff for me, i had to go into explorer and its working there.
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