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DosDawg posted 24th of June 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Boonex has brought the Jobs section back and that is fabulous. Andrew, could we get some rules written up about how the jobs section is going to work. It now appears that there is a place to post a job, however, what is the responsibility to answer the posts when an inquiry has been submitted?

If a job gets posted, the ability to bid and comment are there and accessible. There is no need to take the bid or the comments to a private box. I have seen just about every job that is listed there, some mention of check your inbox. Well there is no need to 'check the inbox' the bid is there and the fact that you wouldnt bid openly, would raise a few flags to me.

So that is the bidders, now if you are posting the job, please have the common courtesy to answer any and all inquiries in regards to your project(s). If you have a scope of work, that should be outlined, as you can see, the jobs section has a location for what your budget is, so you have to have a complete plan, not half-cocked or just probing to see what it might cost.

Programming, and even Technical Support for this application is a rarity. There are some excellent programmers and there are some excellent Techs, but, be forewarned, all that are on this site are not who they say they are, nor can they do what they say they can do. Careful of paying upfront, but also, those who are doing the work, careful of getting too much work done and no pay.

I have seen this go bad in both directions. I used to code over on RentACoder, there system allows for the site Admin/Owner to hold the money and after the work has been satisfactorily completed, the money is released. That would be a nice feature here, but i wouldnt look for it any time soon.

Andrew, can we get some rules about the Jobs Section, also, and this is the last time i will ask about this, can we get some moderation tools.

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Nathan Paton
Well said.

And I suppose my job offer on the time machine doesn't help, does it?
Sure let me ask for cpanel details right in the comments box...... or post my email address in the comments box. Thats why when i say check your inbox thats the reason have for doing so.

on the other hand if i won the bid and the job went into some sort of privite mode after winning then, i would use the comments for such information.
Nathan Paton
@dolphin_jay: You do make some sense.
understood, however, the intent was not to ask for login credentials, and the reference was not only to you. when a job has 0 bids, and every message on there says check the inbox, then there was no bid placed, the jobs section is pointless.

after a bid has been accepted, then private communications would be warranted.

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