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Thanks for visiting my member profile page.

I have been a member of since April 27th, 2008. I was also a member of ExpertZZZ (by Boonex) for approximately a year before that give or take before they shut it down, and moved everything over here. If you have been around long enough to remember those days it was a pretty wild ride back then.

I am also the developer and programmer of dAMP. A free portable custom WAMP (Windows, Apache MySQL, PHP) stack that includes Dolphin. Everything is pre-configured and optimized to run Dolphin smoothly including the database, apache, mysql, and php.

It's the fastest, and simplest way to have a nice local Dolphin development site up and running in a few minutes.

Just download a .zip file, extract it, start dAMP, and play with your new Dolphin right on your Windows computer.

Download and more information available here:
dAMP Download and Information

You can find me (and Dolphin related) topics on my website: if interested.

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Zero trouble. Well describe, all is clear and simple.
Just easy to install, and the script did all it should in less than a minute.
Bravo, and thanks !
For RMS this installer worked perfectly, exactly as shown in the video tutorial, thank you for a great product and even better price.
Do not bother. Quick installation and time saving.
Thank you
Awesome! Worked the first time
This is absolutely GENIAL it left me jumping and smiling in my office. I cant be happier :) During install I was not able to sit still, for every yes I wrote to the simple questions I had to run and jump in happiness for a while before coming back to the computer and discover the next question, this made me ecstatic... I promise if I was filmed with hidden cam the video would go viral on youtube lol! This saved me a lot of headache's. I already used about 50 or more hours trying to install RED5 on see more my own but for some reason I get error messages when trying to start RED5. I got tired trying fix the RED5 problem but this is the solution to all RMS problems forever...

This little install script are just genial, loved it. 6 star rating out of 5 possible!

Thanks a lot for this, it was worth every penny :)

I kindly ask you to create a install script that install LIGHTTP with all finished attributes to serve videos on port 80 by what I think needs to be done by proxy or something. Kindly ask you to make it! IN such a way that when done Dolphin will automatically now serve videos from LIGHTTP server and not from Apache as default.

Thanks again for this great Linux install module :)
Jeremy thank you for your tutorials and your website I have visited your site several times and found it interesting and informative.
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