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RMS Auto Installer (Ubuntu/Debian)


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Version: 1.4.0

Added: 14.09.14

Updated: 12.03.17

Category: Other

Tags: rms, chat, media server, ubuntu, auto installer, messenger

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Jeremy LeSarge (

Technical Checklist...

This auto-installer will allow you to install the Boonex RMS (Media Server) on Ubuntu or Debian in a matter of minutes. Answer a couple of simple questions and a few minutes later you'll have an RMS streaming media server up and running that will allow your members to enjoy Dolphin's audio / video capabilities in Chat for example.

If you have been struggling with the installation instructions, or if you just want to save yourself a lot of time this will do it for you.

It is designed to be fast, easy, and user-friendly.

Not to mention it includes some really nice features and options.

Installs RMS along with:
- Ubuntu 12.04.X, Ubuntu 14.04.X, and Debian 7 have the option to install as a service or via rc.local start up.
-- Ubuntu 16.04.X and Debian 8x installs by means of rc.local RMS start up.
- Automatic or Manual IP detection.
- Option to use default RMS ports (1935, 1936, 5080), or to select custom ports (make sure they are open and available).
- Enter up to 5 domains (Dolphin websites) to allow access to your RMS.
- Specify a location for RMS (up to 3 directories deep - example: /opt/media_server/rms).
- Option to create a system cron that will check and start RMS if it's not running or down.
- Installs JAVA if applicable.
- Choice of OpenJDK or Oracle JAVA.
- And more all within just a few minutes.
- Simply upload a file, enter a line in SSH, answer a few questions, and you are done.

Compatable with:
- Ubuntu 12.04.X LTS, Ubuntu 14.04.X, and Ubuntu 16.04.X LTS (Long Term Support Versions Only)
- Debian 7x, and Debian 8x

- APT/apt-get
- Awk, grep, sed, wget. (It will check and optionally install these for you if necessary.)
- Root Access to the server.
- You should have a basic understanding of SSH.
* Installs RMS to your server IP address, and supports IPv4 Addresses only.
* Not for shared hosting accounts.

Note about JAVA:
You have the option of installing either OpenJDK or Oracle JAVA. If you select OpenJDK it's fully automatic.

If you prefer Oracle, then it's semi-automatic. Oracle does not allow others to distribute their JAVA packages. So, you would need to visit their website, download it, and then upload it to the same directory as the installer if you want to use it instead of OpenJDK. It will automatically do everything else for you once uploaded. Complete details are in the included readme file.

Demonstration video is available on YouTube here:
RMS Auto Installer For Boonex Dolphin

*Demo Video is based on CentOS, but it's a very similar process. It also shows a non-editable executable file, which has since been updated to a viewable/editable format.

Be sure to check my other listings for a CentOS version or for both Ubuntu/Debian and CentOS version.
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Awesome! Worked the first time
Do not bother. Quick installation and time saving.
Thank you