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Photo Battle


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Version: 1.0.14

Added: 27.06.13

Updated: 19.03.18

Category: Photos

Tags: extensions, photos, battles, challenge, leaders, score, competition, aqb soft, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - aqbtest,password - xxxxx

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft.

Technical Checklist...

The module helps you to increase members' activity on your site by adding emulative spirit. Your users will be able to challenge each other on a battle. The other members of the community will be able to vote for challenger or rival. To make it more interesting module adds two block on site's home page 'The most recent photo battles' and 'Top Battlers' . It will notify your users about all new battles and the best battlers on the site. User can easily challenge someone by clicking 'Challenge' from actions popup which appears when he moves his mouse over the profile thumbnail. Also it can be done from profile page, 'Challenge' button in Actions block.Challenge (Accept) form consists of 3 parts: Preview, Image chooser and Settings.
  1. Preview displays the final layout if the battle.

  2. Image Chooser allows you to choose the image previously uploaded in the 'Photo Battle' category. Also you may upload new one directly on challenge page.

  3. Settings. You may add title for your photo and some other settings for the battle. Accept form allows to set only image title in this area.

When the battle was created, accepted or declined an interested member of the battle would be notified via email. Admin can manage email templates which are used to create messages via admin panel -> settings -> email templates.Photo battles home page has two blocks 'The most recent photo battles' and 'Top Battlers'. It's the same as on site's home page, but you would be able to control the number of items in both blocks via Dolphin admin panel -> Modules -> Photo Battles separately for site's home page and for 'Photo Battles' home page.My (Profile) photo battles pages allow to view active battles and battle history. On my photo battles page you may see also pending battles and battle requests.
  1. Pending battles is a list of battles where you challenged somebody and wait for the response.

  2. Battle requests is a list of battles where you were challenged and you need accept or cancel the battle.

On battle view page you may see the battle's images with short info about battlers and also comment section where all members would be able to leave their opinions. You may see battle images itself, short battlers' info and battle info with statistics. In the battler info you may see 'Score' which shows wins and defeats of the battler. Also you may challenge battlers here. In the battle info you may see battle category, duration, number of comments, views and the exact date of the battle end.
You may test our mods, plug-ins and modules on our demo sites and And if you have some questions feel free to ask.
See also related modules: Music Battle, Video Battle

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Note. If you are interesting in similar module (app) for UNA, feel free to take a look at our Photo Contests app which is fully compatible with the latest version of UNA script.
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If you buy a mod, you should take it.
Already because Anton is a great seller. Available, efficient, and knows Uqi help solve all the problems on dolphin.

Then, because this mod is really very good, very complete, very useful for its members.

I advise you this wonderful mod, sincerely
Another "competitive" way to keep your members entertained. Very pleased with this Mod.
Again with many of his mods already installed, he is the best, no BS, gets right to it, mods work as advertised and great to work with.
Purchasing, downloading, and installing the pack was effortless and perfect.
Easy to install and very good support
Thank you for the comment. :)
This mod is nice! It brings more life to my site and actually very entertaining to use. Downloading and installing isn't that hard if you have the slightest clue about what you're doing:-).

This one is a good one, if you don't have that much content on your site - yet! And even better if you do...
These guys are the best of their thinking!...Man their work and ideas really perfect!..

thanks for doing a good job!..I appreciate your hard work!!!...

Before I was a member of BoonEx, my concern was to contact with the best agent, and in fact I think I found ...
From my beginnings Anton always helped me in everything I needed, I know he has a lot of work, yet he always gave me excellence in their work and personal attention.
I owe a lot to Anton, the best mods of Boonex are from Anton, actually i bought them all.
Well, all their products and services deserve more than five stars from a profesional who deserves more than it delivers.
If you see more are looking for professionals to realize their Projects, ROI, Honesty and Excellence, the answer of the equation is AntonLV.
Good Mod I Love It!!!! Its A Must Have!!!
Well What Can I say?? This Module is FANTASTIC and has served my Site very well! I had a couple of css issues because of my modded template..but ANTON came to the rescue and sorted these out! He was always keeping me updated and carried out the work to an excellent standard. He could have only done certain things but helped me overcome some stuff others would have walk away from! That's what I call service, I have bought lots from Boonex sellers and can say that ANTON is one of the best there is. see more Please believe me this is an honest review and all I can say is that I will be buying mods from ANTON in the future! Personal note: Thanks for being so supportive and keep up the good work :)
Thank you VERY MUCH for the review!!!
P.S. Was glad to help. :)
This is a great mod! I was doing something really stupid after the install and AntonLV helped me get through it with patience! Thanks for all your hard work and your help!
Great provider and awesome Module!!! You cant go wrong with the support, I have purchased many Modules here and by far the best support!!!

Thanks again,

You are welcome and thank you for the review. :)
AntonLV, Photo Battle is really great module and a busy sit kind of mine now became more busy because of your module, it's such a great tool to keep all users attached with web and i really like it, for this module $50 is nothing brother, i appreciate your work on this module. I must say every one should have this module on their web :)
Thank you very much!!! I hope "they" will read it and want to have the module. :)
the best mod on dolphin simply put. and if you want it modified all you have to do
is just ask anton. he gets the job done. and omg it works like a charm. ANTONLV IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST THERE IS!!!!!!!
Had an issue and I was confused about time zone. Anton got back to me , offered a fix for an issue I was having and it worked perfectly afterwards. Great Module, will be a fun addition for users just to enjoy and kill some time and keep a little competition active in the community. It keeps people interested. I recommend this module .
Thank you! We greatly appreciate your opinion!
please help - I download the mod - upload it to server -- go to admin, click on Add & Manage module --- there is no photo-battle mod to install - thanks
Looks like the module's folder was uploaded in a wrong folder. The module's folder (photo_battle) should be uploaded in modules\aqb\ one. If you provide me (via PM) with FTP and Dolphin admin panel access info I'll check it and install the module for you.
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