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Splash page-FB/Linkedin/Badoo


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 01.06.16

Updated: 04.04.17

Category: Social

Tags: facebook, dolphin 7.1, dolphin 7.3, social, splash, linkedin

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License: This commercial product is the creation of Bsetec. Other than personal use, the product see more cannot be altered. ‘Personal use’ indicates that the license is valid for the installation and set up of a single domain name ONLY. Redistribution without a license and without a written consent from the Bsetec is strictly prohibited. Order for another copy of the license before using it for another domain name.

Technical Checklist...

We have developed a module for splash page and it encourages the visitors to use the site after logging into the website, through the multiple social media design option. If the visitor has not logged in into their account, it automatically redirects into the splash page, where the users can login and access the main content of the website.

Our all new splash page features include:
• Free installation
• Responsive (Mobile-Friendly)
• Easily enable/disable the splash page through backend
• Easy customization of profile fields with Name, UserName, Email ID etc, through admin panel
• Set Splash page registration/login with multiple social media design options
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Love it. You, guys, are the best!!! Works just as it should be! Very easy to install! and the support is beyond the dreams:)!
Thank you very much for your appreciation :)
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