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Dolphin Install and Server Audit


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 20.02.17

Updated: 20.02.17

Category: Other

Tags: dolphin, install, server, audit

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Technical Checklist...

This service includes one install of the latest version of Dolphin, as well as a server audit to ensure all requirements are met.

How it works:
  1. Order the service

  2. Send me a message with the hosting control panel login

  3. Work will start within 24 hours (ASAP)


Please make sure your hosting meets the minimum requirements to ensure a hassle-free install. I'll make any adjustments needed and will let you know if further changes are necessary.

For VPS and dedicated servers with root access, I can optimize the server for Dolphin, including PHP (as well as OPCache and APCu) and MySQL. This service is limited to Linux servers only (sorry Windows Server fans).

Zarconia customer? Skip this nonsense: we'll install Dolphin all day long for free! To request an install, open a support ticket at Thanks for being awesome!
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