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Just trying to make a buck.

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Good customer and person, I recommend to work with him!
I've decided to just not buy any more mods for the Dolphin 7 script. All I get is errors now, version incompatabilities, and dolphin 7.0.7 refusing to install because the versions are no longer compatible even though it says it is. This makes both the client and the developer upset because the developers cannot keep up with dolphin, and it makes them get rude to the clients and that makes the clients mad also. So Dolphin get your act together! Boonex shrink your head because your good but not that see more good. If this doesnt happen soon I am going to take my hard earned money and spend it elswhere.
This is on the Bands Mod that I bought as Boonex does not allow me add to the "forced rushed comments"

It's a nice mod. Has some bugs in it. No status when uploading anything so I get a lot of complaints that they cant upload because they have not waited enough time for the upload to finish. The band members pictures post out of proportion. People are saying when they do wait enough time and the screen goes back to view mode after upload that their upload is not there at all. They get see more no status messages from that either. It's nice just needs a little more tweaking. I give it 3 stars.***
I have to take back my recommendation for using Joombye. Beware! They will STEAL your money!
I really like the software but im having a problem getting the premium support I paid for
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