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gameutopia posted 12th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

I just noticed we have a nice new warning message upon attempting to write a blog here. I actually like it and almost wish it would have been here sooner. I still think maybe some are not even reading it before posting, but that's another issue we'll save for another day.

I do have a small problem with the forums, maybe others do as well.

One of the biggest problems or more like confusion I have is there is not enough categories or sub-categories I guess we could call them. Say I have a problem, issue, concern or other with dolphin 6.1:

When I look at the forums for dolphin there is just:
Dolphin General
Dolphin Betas And RCs
Dolphin 6.1
Dolphin 6.0
Dolphin 5.6 and older

Then there is 3 BoonEx Categories.


So basically most people/members are posting in Dolphin 6.1 which is great, but if there was more sub-category types like at expertzzz it would make things a heck of a lot easier to post, reply, follow and re-find an answer. Dolphin 5.6 and older don't even have a single post last time I looked.


If there was something more along the lines of:
Dolphin 6.1
-Template CSS

This would help me a lot. I don't want to see 10-20 sub categories that get overlooked, but a few additional would be very helpful indeed.


Thanks for reading this. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or input please share and let everyone know I'm not the only one.

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100% agree :-)

Hope members will choose the right (good) category and not randomly :-))
Yeah the idea is good.
But i think we should leave only this categorys, cause keep it simple as it is. If you have more sections, some guys wouldnt know where to post.
Also for me its much easier to read trhough one category as through 7 categories. Its easier to get an overview about all the informations and i can check it really fast.
Thats just my pov.
the problem is that most are not savvy with the etiquette of postin on a forum. for the most part the user is just looking for anywhere to post their issue and hope somebody reads it. that is my whole concern with not having moderation on these boards, be it the forum or the blogs.

the whole intent on boonex leaving is so that we were not looking in three and four places for information, now they are allowing the same thing here. forum posts shouldnt be in blogs and vice see more versa

i think it should be deeper than that, but you are on the right path. as i think that every function that is on dolphin should have its own

admin section
page builders
advanced get the picture

so if you were searching for something, and i do mean searching it would be easier to find everythign related to that specific topic in one place, not scattered abroad. that is yet another reason that this site demands moderators. but boonex is on their see more own program, and we will wait and see if they will place an addendum on the rules. seems that those of us who would like to volunteer are being shunned.

oh well thats my thoughts.

I don't agree....

The way the forum is set up now makes it MORE likely someone will find your post and help you. Think about it.... if you have knowledge about all aspects of dolphin how would you look on the forums for a place to help? Would you sit there and open every single one of dozens of categories and look for new threads in each one?

It makes it easier for dolphin experts and intermediates to just look for all dolphin 6.1 related problem threads in one category. Just like it is.
That's the reason I don't help people much on expertzz. I don't have the time to sift through all those categories under dolphin looking for a thread I can help in. And then take the time to write a helpful reply in each one....

I happen to have some knowledge in all those categories but upgrading. So it would be better if ALL dolphin related issues were in one place so I could view them all at once and pick and choose where I could help.
I just have a hard time finding something when the category is a little broad or vague I guess. If I ask/post a question often times it will be buried 2 or 3 pages deep within 24 hours. If you reply to someone's question and you forget to flag it for example it gets difficult to find it again. You can search, but often times you have to know the exact search string. If you reduce your search to one word in hopes of finding it to blog or blogs chances are you will get a ton of results returned.

I see more don't want to see 10 subcategories or anything because then some never or rarely get looked at or answered. But a few more would make it easier I think. If I had some css layout problem, I tell myself lets see if anyone else has something similar going on. Just go to that sub-category and check it out for starters.

Anyway enough rambling on. Just curious what others thought and if they find what they're looking for fairly easy.
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