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Until now, I was working all my life around computers... Piercing perforated cards, then making the interface between users and programmers in the second biggest university hospital center of Switzerland (big Unisys system with more than 700 terminals, more than 6 millions patients records in the database), boss of the Admissions Service (10 offices in 6 buildings), administrator of a Clinic... Living for 6 years in Thailand where I opened a printing shop in Phuket Island (menus, business cards, T-shirts,...) and builded a quite nice house not far from the beach :-) In my leisure time, I was playing with the first micro computer, the Commodore64, then MSX, Atari, etc... I did spend about 10 years playing electronic music using Cubase with a lot of synthesizers. Now, back to Switzerland, playing with Dolphin :-) Traveling, flying, diving, listening to or playing music are my main hobbies...

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I have payd with PayPal (Unique Transaction ID #9AJ303947J380850T), but I don't see download link too.
very nice mod, work very well!
I personally appreciate the hard work of Michel..he worked on all my e-mails…
OK! i just paid for this and... NO DOWLOAD LINK!! - Transaction ID: 22R8940303837361H -. help!??
This is great pleasure to contact to Michel.
Very nice mod!
Great support.
Thank you Michel.
I just added the "send another letter" or "return to member's profile". This is a simple yet awesome little fix. Thank you sooooo much. One more step closer to a truly awesome site. Everybody should do this change.
Hi there my friend, long time "no see" :) Hope you're doing fine!
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