The "Green thing" is back...

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Please ask Andrew before to delete this blog ;-)







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I'm pretty sure this one will stay.

I plan on watching that entire movie when I have more time. I watched the first few minutes, and it looks well worth watching.
I have this movie on Blu-ray, high definition pictures and sound... Really beautiful... and smart content ;-)
There is a second part focusing on destroyed earth areas... Very impressive :-( But not yet on YouTube.
I grew up in coal mine country, so I am no stranger to destroyed areas.

Here's a google map link that shows a satellite view of an area just south of my home town in western PA.,-95.677068&sspn=59.379225,135.263672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Central+City,+Somerset,+Pennsylvania+15926&ll=40.082537,-78.802185&spn=0.028468,0.082397&t=h&z=15

Although coal mining is a big see more part of the local economy, it is sad to see the barren land that several decades ago, was dense forest land. Notice how,even the land that hasn't been strip mined, has all the trees covered with black coal dust. Fresh mountain streams that you could once drink from, are now contaminated with waste water runoff from the coal mines. The streams, once filled with native fish, are now devoid of life. Even algae won't grow in the streams. The streams have been sterilized by all the sulphur. The coal mine shown in the map produces millions of dollars of coal each day, yet they do very little to restore the land to it's previous state. All they are require to do is 'plant trees' The trouble is, their is no top soil left to support anything but pine trees. They do plant thousands of pine trees, but void of nutrients, the trees grow very, very slowly. It will take hundreds, if not thousands of years for the land to heal itself.

Coal mining is one of the most destructive things to the environment I know of, and that's before you start burning the stuff.
blue men group
"Earth to America"
That YouTube clip is a little outdated. If this were something that America alone was responsible for, we'd be on a better path.

The United States has taken steps to reduce carbon emissions, and they are no longer the worst offender.... not to say they didn't make an enormous contribution to the problem. Right now, developing countries are the worst offenders, and they are on the same industrial path the US was on in the first half see more of the 20th century.

Personally, I think the path the world is on is irreversible. China has become a huge industrial machine, and the inertia of that machine is going to be exceedingly difficult to overcome. The same goes for a few other top polluters.

Geologically speaking, the time that humans have been inhabiting this planet, is only a blink of the eye.... the time that human have been polluting, is far, far, less than a blink of an eye...... that's the scary part.
We're all into this. I still like this clip but it could be addressed to almost any country.We're all to blame, some more some less.

By the way; Germany exceeded the forecast for using solar energy last year. Private households are using it more and more and the govt will be cutting off support. And still it's getting cheaper by the day.
Le climat change l’eau monte,des espèces disparaissent et oui c’est la vie,la dernière fois c’est les dinosaures qui on disparut la prochaine fois peut être l’homo sapiens si nous ne disparaissons pas autrement avant.

Merci pour le lien tellement j'ai plongé dedans que j’ai même pas fumé une cigarette
Les dinosaurs cependant, n'ont pas causé leur propre extinction
Le tabac est mauvais autant pour les poumons que pour l'atmosphère... Il doit bien exister d'autres végétaux qui se fument et qui soient meilleurs pour l'atmosphère ;-))
I saw this " home" documentary some time back and it was shocking, i never realised all this went on, im sure a lot of it is just Green propaganda, but even if only half of it is true, its very worrying and no wonder people are saying the planet is ill and cant sustain us for very much longer without change.
does make you think what it will be like for our children and our childrens children..
The late MJ had the right idea when he said that people believe that goverments will save us, see more when in fact they wont and it was down to all of us to do our bit for the planet. Nice words, but it makes you wonder how to make a start given all the damage caused already.
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