Avatar, private photos, etc... and Privacy

MichelSwiss posted 9th of April 2009 in Community Voice. 16 comments.

With current and previous Dolphin versions, many site users are confusing Profile and Shared photos...

Now with Dolphin 7 we will have Avatars, Profile photos, Shared Photos, Private photos and Albums..., Profile photos beeing mixed with Shared photos !!!
BoonEx Syndrome hurts again ! :-))

Why not:

  • To forget Avatars and restore Xsmall Profile photo thumbnail (but keep the crop tool as a tool that can be used for any kind of images / suppress the square and allow free selection area)
  • Totally split Profile photos from other kind of photos
  • Suppress Shared photos
  • Suppress Private photos
  • Replace Shared photos with Photo Albums. Allow privacy settings for Photo Album: Who can view this Album: Public, Members only, Friends only, Only these friends: list of friends with check box - Alphabetical sort and pagination for long friends list, Private (access with password)

Now we have only: Profile photos (with 3 thumbnails sizes) and Photo Albums.
Will that not be a better and more easy to use system ???

The same things has to be done with video.

Privacy settings

User has to be able to choose from the same Privacy settings when creating an Event, a Blog, etc...
For example: Who can view this Blog: Public, Members only, Friends only, Only these friends: list of friends with check box - Alphabetical sort and pagination for long friends list, Private (access with password)

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... forgot to say that the user has to be able to choose from the same Privacy settings when creating his/her Profile too, of course :-)
"Replace Shared photos with Photo Albums"... Please read "Replace Shared photos and Private Photos with Photo Albums".
Good point about the Avatars Michael. I don't like it either, but maybe for a different reason. I'm trying to encourage real pictures on my site, and I think even the name "Avatar" will encourage people to post cartoon type pictures. I agree - what's wrong with extra-small photo thumbnails. Try to get the word to Boonex.

I have 2 reasons to dislike Avatars. First is to have a site as easy as possible to use and browse. Secaon is the same like you ;-) I want my members to upload real photos of them and no cartoons that will anyway be deleted by the tyrannical admin (me) :-))
Users are going to have real tough time with D7. Better just stick to 6.1 lol.
I got a message from Andrew who said that he will reconsider Avatar and Photo (Video) types... :-)
I'm not real crazy about avatars either. Avatars have their place on message board communities and gaming sites, but really seem out of place on a social networking site. It's difficult enough to get people to upload a real profile photo, and this just gives them another reason not to. Maybe Boonex could just offer Avatars as an add-on module, if anyone wants to use it.

Of course, everyone knows my position on shared photos and all other shared media..... Make Shared media go away. A few days see more ago, I posted a sample event in D7, and the event photo appears in the shared photos. My question is WHY???? What possible purpose could this serve? Are we then going to start including classified photos in shared photos?

Someone at Boonex really needs to explain to me what the idea behind shared photos and videos is, because I just don't get it. If you're building one of those sleazy porn sites, it might be a useful feature, but as far as modern social networking sites are concerned, shared photos and media are completely useless, and in fact, create a perception of openness that the vast majority of people do not want.
MichelSwiss, I agree with you 100%.

Boonex please listen to MichelSwiss and Houstonlively. These are good, well thought out ideas that should be implemented!

I agree with 100%. to MichelSwiss points of view. As well Houstonlively is right.

And yes, hopefully Unoboonex listen here! Especially for Privacy!
The Privacy issue is a must and surely needed by most community sites.
If a photo is private and posted as friend only view, it makes no sense that anyone can see it in shared fotos there is no privacy. also the me only dosnt make sense if i want to share. what is the default setting? who? and where? can veiw fotos default.
100% correct.
If I see how SocialEngine has his privacy option build, thats the right way for a really social network.
Every aspect can be set off or on by the user. Included the wall
and by the way, shared photos or videos is mostley not used by members. So what they want is, that they can make their own albums, and profile photos with ofcourse the privacy settings to it.
as what i said before, boonex likes complexity i think.
this dolphin will be great if they simplify it.
Me too like complexity, no problem... but this complexity has to be transparent for the end users :-))
Complexity for the programmers (I know they all have high level knowledge) and simplicity for the end users (some are nearly as stupid as me) :-))
I agree with this; they cannot assume that everyone who accesses your site is familiar with avatars or 'old school.' The newer FB generation are likely to not understand and it makes the site entirely too confusing and/or complicated to use. If you cannot just upload pictures and then select one for a profile photo (FB style) than just have a simple place on the profile that says "Upload profile picture" rather than all these pages set aside for 'avatars.' It confuses the hell out of see more me (the whole package does, honestly, but it's the best for the 'price' i assume) and I am from the old school BBS days of Worldgroup/MajorBBS. I like Boonex, since it's reasonable versus the 40,000$ portal software I want and cannot afford.. and would love to be a paying member to get rid of the ads..but need a little help first and people are quick to flame newbies.
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