Calendar complication :-(

MichelSwiss posted 24th of August 2009 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

The calendar used in the join form is much too complicate to use, especially the selection of the month and even worse the selection of the year :-(

Is the week number column helpful and of any use ???

If the user is clever enough to correctly set his/her date of birth, He/she will have the great pleasure to see a date like 1970-05-04 even if his/her beloved site admin choosed a date format like DD MM YYYY :-(


Do we have to pay for another licence to get rid of this ad for this calendar maker ???


Join calendar


The Events calendar is the same ??? Not exactly... There is one more item to select the time. Great item that will force you to click like a beast to adjust hours then minutes or to buy some extra large scren to use the drag option :-(

Oh... I forgot to say that you will have to scroll up the screen to find this calendar as it opens quite far from the related field.


Event calendar


The "old" calendar used in 6.1 is much more easy to use ! Just add two more drop down list to select hours and minutes for the Events form...


Old calendar 


One more thing about dates... There are more than a dozen of date formats in D7...


Dates formats


Tickets was done...

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i agree with you MichelSwiss this formats of date and type of calendars are crazy
Wow Dolphin must hold the "most date formats in a web page" world record oO.. Good point! I also hate the new calendar.. Boonex adopted the new one just to change the design, but in this case oldie is goldie.. We want the old style calendar please..

P.S. What if someone is born in 1912??? How can such a old person click 97 times just to select the year? :)
Old calendar will be back in next beta version :-))

Anyway both calendar style and look still can be changed with a few script edition ;-)
A ticket was done about dates formats... Just wait and see ;-)
The creators of this calendar probably think they did a hell of a job with all the little clickable arrows, but all they've done is screw it up. Selecting from the old dropdown lists took a few seconds to enter the date..... now you have to click like hell all over the place to get a date out of this thing.

I complained about all the different date formats a while ago, but I don't think anybody at Boonex paid attention.

Boonex: We want to select one, and ONLY ONE, date format to use in admin, see more and have that date format used site-wide.
Hi Houston :-)

BoonEx agreed with my ticket and changed the calendar (join, event) for the "old" one with quick month/year selection in a drop list ;-)

I made a ticket about date formats a few days ago... Wait and see... :-)
..... or should I start working on a video tutorial for my site members about, "How to select the date in only 47 clicks"?
dont forget share this video :D :D :D :D :D
Inconsistencies and hard-to-follow UI :/ We'll find the way around this one way or another! It really should be a javascript change for this but for others it is even harder to fix :(
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