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MichelSwiss posted 13th of April 2009 in Community Voice. 29 comments.

My english is too basic... and I'm not sure that BoonEx understood that some of us are trying to say.

So... I made a picture :-)

I used the group theory for this schematic representation.


Privacy settings


What is right, what is wrong ???


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I don't undersatnd the bottom illustration.
The bottom picture is my understanding of the Privacy Settings options that BoonEx choosed...
You need to explain that bottom illustration. I can't make any sense of it........ however, that doesn't mean it's not an accurate representation : )

The top illustration makes perfect sense.
All - Friends - Contacts - Faves are the Privacy Settings options I found in Dolphin 7 alpha code source... These options are maybe temporary and my interpretation could be wrong...

- All means Public
- Friends means that "A" sent a Befriend request to "B" (if this request is accepted, "A" and "B" are Mutual Friends)
- Contacts means that "A" sent a message to "B" or received a message from "B"
- Faves means that "A" see more did put "B" on his Faves list

As I already said, I could be wrong. But this is how I understand until now...
None of that has anything to do with privacy settings.
well in short.. the dolphin 7 privacy it's a mess :)
and I must agree with that..
My shema is just an illustration of that I understand until now... I could be wrong ;-)
here, take a look here
is my last comment on this.. really.. i will no longer bother because i no longer care.. the boonex team should just continue their work and ignore us all..
This URL http://www.boonex.com/unity/blog/entry/#17089 return a 404 Page not found error... Could you maybe copy/paste your post ?
@ mastermindsro

I think that I found your post #17089 :-)
You mention a Privacy Settings option I forgot in my schema... This is the Group option (access limited to the members of a Group). Of course this option is needed as well ;-)
Andrew heard us ;-)
Better to let him to work on the script rather than to spend too much of his time on these blogs/forum :-)
Every time I look at this, the picture changes. The first one was just fine the way you had it. It was a good graphical representation of the effect of privacy settings on any given content. Now it's getting confusing. This isn't really something that lends itself well to a graphical representation. It's really a matrix.
One more thing that we are sharing :-)) Me too think that the top illustration (Requested Privacy Settings) is confusing now... I used group theory for this graphical representation.

In my previous schema (that was looking like a target) member "A" and member "B" had to be Mutual Friends before "A" to be able to grant "B" with Private access to some files and/or some pages...

As for Group, I did forget this Privacy Settings option.
Maybe not all the see more members of the same Group will be Mutual Friends...
> My english is too basic... and I'm not sure that BoonEx understood that some of us are trying to say.<

You mean that when some French guy speaking english to some developers, who's primary language is Kyrgyz, something might get misunderstood?

The only thing they really need to understand, is one simple question, and a few simple answers.

The Question:

Who may view this _______?

The Answers:

[ ] Everybody

[ ] Members Only

[ ] Friends

[ ] Some Friends ( list see more )

[ ] Private ( list )
You are right houstonlively :-)

Maybe I would just add

[ ] Members of this Group ( list )
The list can certainly grow, and there should be admin controls over which items appear on the list. Privacy controls will need to be used in a wide variety of ways, and should have a lot of flexibility
private settings sample :
Who can see profile
Who can comment
Who can send messages
Who can write in guestbook
Who can see my blog

All Members
Friends & friends of friends
Male only
Females only
Couples only

We should now that many members need an easy understanding of what to set where and for what it is.

Many members on a community site can register somewhere and write mails and then they need to ask to get further.
We should think for all :-)
Your idea about Privacy Settings options "Male only" "Female only" is very interesting to me ;-)
Why cant you guys just buy dolphinmods privacy mod rarther than always asking boonex to add this and that.
GMAFB. Maybe if you educated youself a little about social networking, you would undersatnd that we are talking about some basic CORE FUNCTIONALITIES.
Privacy Settings - one step further...

Admin can choose from two different Privacy Settings sets:

1) For a Social Network or Community Site (see houstonlively list of Privacy settings options)

2) For a Dating site

Privacy Settings options:

Who can see my profile, my blogs, etc...

- Male hetero only
- Male gay only
- Female hetero only
- Female lesbian only
Those of you that are using Dolphin for a dating site, definitly have a unique set of requirements. For non-dating sites, those options absolutely, positively, need a way to be turned off, else they make every site look like a dating site.

This is an area that I like to have some public input from Boonex.
I have a different point of view about Dolphin being so much Dating oriented... ;-)

Anyway, I share your fight for Privacy Settings (your list of options) and I'd like to be part of the firing-party that will shoot the Shared Photo/Video :-))
Both Privacy and Albums will greatly improve Dolphin... for all kind of sites !
If it were me running the show, Dolphin and dating would be modular. I'd have a standard Dolhin build and treat dating as an extension..... not a mod, but a set of features that add all the dating functionality to the core script. This would make it a lot easier for those building both social networking sites and dating sites.
Andrew told that Dolphin 8 wiil be a pure Social Network / Community script and that BoonEx will develop an other product for Dating site... Will see... Maybe in 2 years ???
It is reassuring to see that privacy settings will at least be considered.
I am new to Boonex, can anyone guide me to a roadmap,list of enhancements for Dolphin 7.
There are some elements which should be core to a social networking site which aren't present in Dolphine.
I was trying out the privacy settings today and found out that they're not working at all. I created a privacy group (no members in it) with extends "none" and groups "me only". Nevertheless, any other member can post comment, add photos and join any of my groups.

So what's the use of these privacy settings anyway ????
Oops ... I did find out what it's all about. I created just 1 test profile and was using the admin profile as the second member. That's why the privacy settings were overruled. My apologies for bothering you with a non error :-)
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