Members management Dol 6.1.1

MichelSwiss posted 6th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

In the Admin Panel, users management (admin/profiles.php), where are gone the sections Approval, Rejected, Suspended ???

These sections are essential !!! Or am I the only one to use them ???


The admin members management has a few quite serious bugs... 


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Hi, I agree about the Admin bugs... getting any answers let alone solutions is proving impossible.

As for how to post your 'New Page' (Builders) onto the menus is another problem for which no help is forthcoming. So what do you put in the 'url' section guy's?
In admin, go to users, click on the members ID that you want to change status for, this will take you to the page where you can edit that members profile, you can change the status from there.

I have found no bugs there
The 'bug' is that you have to do all of that just to see the status ... we should be able to simply tell at a glance by looking on the profiles page.

Can you imagine doing that for 54,623,456,788,565,353 members???
I agree with RumpyBumpy
We gotta group together on this and figure out the solution ...
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where do i find this files? profile_customize.php
got my plugin in the end great service
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