Future is knocking at Dolphin's door (3D)

MichelSwiss posted 31st of January 2011 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Since a few weeks I am owning a Samsung 3D TV that can also be used as PC monitor... This TV software allows to display 2D contents in fake 3D and it's amazing to browse my Dolphin site in 3D :-)

This is now already possible to find 3D cameras and photo cameras in some shops :-)

The first 3D games consoles are now on the market too...


Is BoonEx (Andrew) thinking to use one of these 3D new technologies for some next Dolphin version ?

That could open quite a lot of amazing new possibilities! :-)

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Oh please - the basic functions of the software still don't work - don't give them any ideas.
Cool, you are blessed to experience something supernatural...
my opinion, boonex has to grow and out grow many natural social features before dreaming on 3d :)
as we saw a really great great changeover from D6 to D7
i trust boonex gona rock again with D8...

3G just launched in India, browsing a D7 website is pretty fast in mobiles...
still its just a regular website...
if at all we have a cool FB like mobile site, site stickiness will be the major "expectation"
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