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MichelSwiss posted 2nd of November 2009 in Community Voice. 14 comments.

I already added lot of tickets about D7... Some of you are asking me to add some more, even are sending such request by email.

I'd really like to do more, but I cannot. Since some weeks I have to live with another big bug... The roof of the old farm (historical monument from year about 1290) where I am living gave up. Flood, electricity or ADSL break down are only a part of the reasons for me to break my pundit's tasks.

Thank you for your understanding ;-)





18 octobre 2009:



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Good luck with that MS! Looks like a daunting task.
Good grief.. Did it get hit by a train? WOW :)
C'est le gros chantier ! C’est quoi un ouragan qui à fait ça ?
En tout ca bon courage à toi Michel et merci

Salut Daniel :-)
Pas d'ouragan, juste les siècles, les souris et autres cirons :-))
You have quite a job ahead of you here, good luck :)
Hope everything goes well for you Michel and you can get yourself all fixed up.
Everything (except maybe ADSL) is going fine :-)
Anything is quite simple and easy compared to the polishing of D7... he he he :-))
Even if having to fight against centuries, mice and other mites, a Dolphin user never give up :-))
ummm, is that a beta or the RC in the photo???
That was the Final... A new version, Neptune, will be rebuilded from scratch :-)) Apartments will be fully modular. Lot of options will be available from other constructors as they are not included in the original version: doors, windows, hot water... :-))
Please tell me you got an estimate for the Neptune version...pleeeeeeeeeeeeease? :-)
(Modular as in "you gotta override 32 functions to make a template change"?)
looks like someone is bulding an expansion pack in that last photo
Michel, since this is a historical monument, are there specific guidelines for renovations, and the materials that are used that must be followed?
Yeah, you're right... but this is country side and nobody really mind... This is (was) just an old farm without any special interest except that it was the first house of my village :-)
Keep posting pictures of the progress. I like watching this sort of thing.
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