gameutopia posted 29th of April 2008 in Community Voice. 1 comment.
Ok someone explain to me what a blog is? Please because I am confused as hell? I am over at answering questions and posting questions in the forumz, which is where questions should be asked and answered. I am totally confused and wondering why the heck a blog site has become a method of posting questions such as here?

This is ridiculous. No wonder everything is all messed up with this site and going to heck. Nobody now's where to post. Apparently a blog is a forum know I guess? How do I report your 6.1 new release tonight is all messed up? who know's should I go to the forums...this blog site, which is a forum for idiots, or email you directly that you don't answer.

Many of you have disagreed with and strayed away from this sammie gal on here...sorry if I didn't spell that right girl. But she is right on the money. I enjoy reading her stuff and whether you like it or not she is dead on. This whole place needs to get their shit together. It could really be a happening place, and you guys over there in russia or wherever your at could really be banking if you knew what you were doing.

Laters Everyone...
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I think we think exactly alike... the boonex "blog" is basically un-readable because it is FULL of "how do I upload a widget?" and "why is my homepage off center?"... for some reason people think a blog is for tech support, which it is NOT. They have the "trac" system for reporting bugs and the expertzzz forum for getting help from other users.. but people choose to ignore both and post everything here. So if you try and post your thoughts here it is burried see more 3 pages deep in error reports within 24 hours.

As of two days ago expertzzz has also become a free-for-all because the whole homepage of "downloadzzz" are now scams by "CodyT".. an no one seems to care?! He is now taunting the "expertzzz" and anyone who points out that all the accounts are the same guy and he is just trying to scam people?? How can both these sites continue to survive with NO moderation or quality control?!?
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