This is absolutely GENIAL it left me jumping and smiling in my office. I cant be happier :) During install I was not able to sit still, for every yes I wrote to the simple questions I had to run and jump in happiness for a while before coming back to the computer and discover the next question, this made me ecstatic... I promise if I was filmed with hidden cam the video would go viral on youtube lol! This saved me a lot of headache's. I already used about 50 or more hours trying to install RED5 on see more my own but for some reason I get error messages when trying to start RED5. I got tired trying fix the RED5 problem but this is the solution to all RMS problems forever...

This little install script are just genial, loved it. 6 star rating out of 5 possible!

Thanks a lot for this, it was worth every penny :)

I kindly ask you to create a install script that install LIGHTTP with all finished attributes to serve videos on port 80 by what I think needs to be done by proxy or something. Kindly ask you to make it! IN such a way that when done Dolphin will automatically now serve videos from LIGHTTP server and not from Apache as default.

Thanks again for this great Linux install module :)
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