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RMS Auto Installer (Centos)


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Version: 1.6.0

Added: 07.09.14

Updated: 14.01.19

Category: Other

Tags: rms, chat, media server, centos, auto installer, instant messenger

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Jeremy LeSarge (

Technical Checklist...

This auto-installer will allow you to install the Boonex RMS (Media Server) on CentOS in a matter of minutes. Answer a couple of simple questions and a few minutes later you'll have an RMS streaming media server up and running that will allow your members to enjoy Dolphin's audio / video capabilities in the Legacy Flash Apps like Chat for example.

If you have been struggling with the installation instructions, or if you just want to save yourself a lot of time this will do it for you.

It is designed to be fast, easy, and user-friendly.

Not to mention it includes some really nice features and options.

Installs RMS along with:
- CentOS 6 and CentOS 7x installs by means of rc.local RMS start up.
- Automatic or Manual IP detection
- Option to use default RMS ports (1935, 1936, 5080), or to select custom ports (make sure they are open and available).
- Enter up to 5 domains (Dolphin websites) to allow access to your RMS.
- Specify a location for RMS (up to 3 directories deep - example: /opt/media_server/rms).
- Option to create a system cron that will check and start RMS if it's not running or down.
- Installs OpenJDK JAVA if applicable.
- Generates an RMS Install report .txt file upon completion detailing the install choices you selected.
- Creates removal/uninstall instructions based on the choices you selected.
- And more all within just a few minutes.
- Simply upload a file, enter a line in SSH, answer a few questions, and you are done.

Compatable with:
- CentOS 6x, and 7x

- Awk, grep, sed, wget, etc. (It will check and optionally install these for you if necessary.)
- Root Access to the server.
- You should have a basic understanding of SSH.
* Installs RMS to your server IP address, and supports IPv4 Addresses only.
* Not for shared hosting accounts.

Demonstration video is available on YouTube here:
RMS Auto Installer For Boonex Dolphin

*Demo Video shows a non-editable executable file, which has since been updated to a viewable/editable format.

Be sure to check my other listings for a CentOS, Ubuntu/Debian, or both versions for a price break.

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This is absolutely GENIAL it left me jumping and smiling in my office. I cant be happier :) During install I was not able to sit still, for every yes I wrote to the simple questions I had to run and jump in happiness for a while before coming back to the computer and discover the next question, this made me ecstatic... I promise if I was filmed with hidden cam the video would go viral on youtube lol! This saved me a lot of headache's. I already used about 50 or more hours trying to install RED5 on see more my own but for some reason I get error messages when trying to start RED5. I got tired trying fix the RED5 problem but this is the solution to all RMS problems forever...

This little install script are just genial, loved it. 6 star rating out of 5 possible!

Thanks a lot for this, it was worth every penny :)

I kindly ask you to create a install script that install LIGHTTP with all finished attributes to serve videos on port 80 by what I think needs to be done by proxy or something. Kindly ask you to make it! IN such a way that when done Dolphin will automatically now serve videos from LIGHTTP server and not from Apache as default.

Thanks again for this great Linux install module :)
For RMS this installer worked perfectly, exactly as shown in the video tutorial, thank you for a great product and even better price.
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